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The White Mutiny
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In this Bytes video learn about the white mutiny and the reason and circumstances under which it occurred.

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Brilliant narration and articulation. The best part was the inclusion of original thoughts by the narrator rather than reading out something from the slides. Besides I could use this topic in my answers for mains. thanks. :)
first of all I would like thank for yiur great effort to deliver such a important tooic in a lucid way meanwhile I would like to suggest please upload video on COLD war and liberalisation with respect to India..
Could you please make a video on effects of liquor and weed on human body
could you please make a video on Architecture of Jantar Mantar.
Hi. Thank you for your lessons. Could you please make a lesson on Accessible India Campaign. Thank you once again.
  1. The White Mutiny was the unrest that occurred at the dissolution of the British East India Company in India during the mid-19th century in the wake of the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

  2. POLITICAL DIVISIONS INDIAN EMPIRE But the transfer of power meant that the Soldiers of the three Presidency Armies would now require making over their loyalty to the Queen (British Crown) and the Royal Army. AGENGY P U A G Berar ABAD S EA BEN G A L Lacca REFERENCE NOTE NATIME STAT

  3. Lord Canning who was the First Viceroy of India, announced the abolishment of 250-year long rule of the East India Company and the transfer of power On 1st of November 1858 Lord Canning

  4. The Queen's Proclamation protlamation b the utrn ta Couneil TO THE PR NCES, CHIEFS.. AND PEOPLE OF INTEL ictor a,

  5. These two units consisted of C serving the tour of India and the Queen's Army hich was independent unit of EIC

  6. The section of EIC received 'Batta o cover the various expenditures relating to the operations outside their home territories while British Army did not get any extra payment.

  7. The rules and regulations regarding this transfer were unclear and all of this misunderstanding resulted in the biggest revolt faced by British Army by their own people.

  8. The White Mutiny of the "European Forces" was seen as a potential undermining of the already rocky British rule in India