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The French Revolution
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In this bytes video get to know what the French revolution was all about and the factors that led to the revolution.

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sir question number 4 ka answer bata dijiye sir plz (arrow ke baad wala question). TIA .
No offences. I like bytes but i hate this female narrator, the voice is damn high pitched and most of the times she doesn't speak clearly. High pitched and sharp voice really irritates me and want to skip the video. Please get someone else to narrate.
Plz make a video on international seed bank in savalbard norway...much needed topic
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a year ago
its already done i guess in previous parts.
No itz not there anywhere in previous 2 parts
No itz not there anywhere in previous 2 parts
you have a awesome narration skills.. kindly explain the topic of Aadhar- virtual id
some videos are not loading though the internet connections are all right
Thank you very much.These vedios made us understand the concepts very easily. can you make the videos on Aphelion and perihelon and Layers of atmosphere like(troposphere,inosphere...)
  1. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION from 1789 until 1799.

  2. In 1789, France found itself knee-deep in trouble with hardly any money left in the treasury due to their funding of The American Revolution.

  3. King Louis XVI money on living a lavish lifestyle while the remainder was being sent out to fund the federal debt was spending thee

  4. 1. The First Estate The Clergy 2. The Second Estate The Nobility 3. The Third Estate Everyone else

  5. THE TENNIS COURT OATH The third estate went on to form another assembly of their own ina Tennis Court where the famous "Tennis Court Oath" was taken. The peasants vowed to not give up until the establishment of a French Constitution.

  6. Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen from the Constitution of Year I of the matural rights of man are the sole cuses of the eries of the In consequence, it proclaims in the presence of the supreme being the following declaration of the rights of man and citizen. "The Declaration of Man" iehe prtpt 9 This led to the First fight for a revolution. But, since it was not planned well, it led to a lot of blood shed within the country 0 society to each of24 Itcannot exist if the linits of pablie functions re not , ne law to peoeeet public and penanal Sberty again" . The sovereignty mids in the people; it is one and indiiiNe. I. Any act done aaitman outide of the cases and without the l8 A people has always the right to review, to to, ensceute or case la the h hi 32. The right to present petitioes to the depositories of the pullie at his pleaure of bis goods,incomeand of the most sacred of rights and the most

  7. Leopold Il along with King William Frederick Il of Prussia issued the Declaration of Pillnitz with the hope to restore the French Monarchy KING LEOPOLD II

  8. Leopold Il along with King William Frederick Il of Prussia issued the Declaration of Pillnitz with the hope to restore the French Monarchy King Loius XVI along with his assembly had decided to invade Austria and plunder the wealth hoping it would ease the situation. KING LEOPOLD II

  9. This assembly decided to have a trial for Loius XVI which found him guilty by 1 vote which then sentenced him to death.

  10. France was at war with Britain and Austria

  11. The French Revolution was a landmark event in history not because it was very 'revolutionary' but because it questioned the authority of monarchy.