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How do tides occur?
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In this Bytes video find out how and why tides occur and the different types of tides.

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It's interesting! But I have a question. If there is no moon, there would be no tides? Then, If some more facts are included like, Take any place without tides like (Rameshwaram or Thirichendur) and explain why no tides occur in these places? Thank you.
thanku mam plz make a viedo on time zone America have 7 time zone and india have 1 . if india needed more zone and why
Please make a video on Cyclones...its occurence in various latitudes of geaographic locations and seasonal variations
Please make a lesson on Stem cell and related science. This was an enjoyable lesson. Thank you.
explain about solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. plzzzzzzzzz much needed mam.
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