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What is deja vu?
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In this Bytes lesson find out more about deja vu and why it occurs or how common is it.

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It happens to me several times. It feels that the thing going on now has been done in the same way sometime before and also regarding some places which i feel have visited before. I had talked about it with my siblings but never paid much attention to it. Now after watching this video i came to know about this term. Felt very happy to know that i am not the only one who experience it. Thank you very much for the information.
me too felt the same, many times
Ankit Anil Dere
a year ago
yes I requested them to upload this video...if u find a comment in Taj Mahal video it's been posted by me!
Deja vu has also occurred to me sometimes I will be in a place where I have already experienced the same situation. I thought it might be my dream or something faulty.
This is nothing to do with past experience Why? cos Deja Vu means it's Already seen.So it gonna be in future experience and Who believes in Universal Energy Fequency and Vibration will Understnad that Everything is planned long back we just need to OBSERVE ACCEPT and ACT ACCORDINGLY.Thats My experience and That's what even Indian Religions talk about or even Nikola Tesla Talks about.So make sure you keep your Mind free from unrelated and unwanted thoughts and this will come by Practise at early mornings and late evenings.Koshish kar lo yaaro
as we know image formation in the brain occurs with the help of both the eyes sometimes one eye sends the image earlier than the second eye and the brain interprets the half image the second eye send image a lil later finally leading to a delay in the image formation thus deja vu
great! You decoded it...
Tarang mishra
a year ago
but how that one eye is able to see things before it happens nd not the other eye 🤔
Ankur Jyoti Das
a year ago
a better explanation than the video haha
it feels like the same experience experiencing by you you are already know of the situation may be it was a time flash that happened to us and due to some natural or technical reasons we feel the flash of our's. we don't have a scientific proof like we don't have a scientific proof for the theory that we can go back in time if wecan travel at a speed of light.
  1. What is D j vu?

  2. 14c: C. d j vu /dei3a exper tually ex French term me Already seen'

  3. Have I been here before?

  4. For people with temporal-lobe epilepsy deja vu is a sure occurrence

  5. Since d j vu occurs even in individuals with' and without a medical condition, there is quite a lot of curiosity as and why this phenomenon happens. to how t.

  6. Attentional Memory Dual-processing Neurological

  7. Attentional Memory Dual-processing Neurological

  8. Attentional Memory Dual-processing Neurological

  9. Attentional Memory Dual-processing Neurological

  10. Attentional Memory Dual-processing Neurological

  11. D j vu mix-up' between sensory input and memory-recalling output

  12. We are completely conscious that they are occurring, meaning that the participation of the entire brain is not necessary to produce the phenomenon.