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What was Dazzle camouflage?
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In this Bytes video find out everything about the interesting concept of dazzle camouflage that was used sitting the world wars for making ships invisible.

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  2. Dazzle camouflage is basically a family of ship camouflage that was used extensively in World war I, and to a lesser extent in World War II and even afterwards.

  3. Norman Wilkinson is credited for coming up with the conce

  4. Norman Wilkinson is credited for coming up with the conce John Graham Kerr

  5. It consisted of complex patterns of geometric shapes in contrasting colours on ships, interrupting and intersecting each other.

  6. INTENSION: Not to conceal, but to make it difficult to estimate a target's range, speed, and heading

  7. Dazzle was adopted by the Admiralty in the UK,

  8. Dazzle was adopted by the Admiralty in the UK, and then by the United States Navy

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  10. Disruptive Camouflage

  11. Kerr proposed that the vertical lines of ships masts be disrupted with irregular white bands. Hiding these would make ships less conspicuous, and would "greatly increase the difficulty of accurate range finding

  12. Of the ships that were struck by torpedoes 43% of the dazzle ships sank, compared to 54% of the uncamouflaged 41% of the dazzle ships were struck amidships, compared to 52% of the uncamouflaged.