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What is fourth dimension?
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In this Bytes video explore some mind boggling questions about the 4th dimension. Also try to understand how easy or difficult it is for our brains to comprehend the fourth dimension.

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multi universe theory
is it possible?
Ahr tion
a year ago
may be.if minor particles are infinity then major are..........
Ahr tion
a year ago
nothing will constant.i:e Stephen Hawking theory.
thanx for spreading this much knowledge...and journey through time...fabulous voice and clarity in your dictation . ...awesome mam
  1. The Fourth Dimension

  2. Does it exist? Can we see it?

  3. If time is an important factor in the the 4th dimension. can we travel back in time or into the future?

  4. Zeroth Dimension No length | No Width | No Height

  5. A point is zero dimensional when it has no length, width, or height.

  6. First Dimension A Line Segment

  7. They are one dimensional because they differ in size only by length. When the line is expanded the line infinitely, it covers only one-dimensional space.

  8. Second Dimension

  9. Squares differ in size measurements width and/ of two measurements, width and length. This makes them 2 dimensional.

  10. Third Dimension Contains Length Breadth and Height

  11. The Fourth Dimension

  12. This is length and is one dimensional. It can move forward and backward

  13. In the fourth dimension you can also travel in tim. e exist in the 3rg dimension this makes it impossible

  14. So can we see the fourth dimension?

  15. dF dw Bnet (1 + r)' P=S(1-nd) A= I +0 Jp Understanding this fourth dimension Is essential for mathematicians and physicists because it helps them understand the world around us P-LC IT (2x F D 1+r

  16. For someone who knows life only in two dimensions, where height doesn't exist, 3 dimensions would be impossible to comprehend. The same goes for the first dimension. According to researchers, this is the reason we can't see or experience the fourth dimension