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What is the Big Bang?
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In this Bytes video learn about one of the most interesting theories about the history of the existence of the universe - the Big Bang Theory.

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mam aapne standard deviation nai karwaya hai kya?
Parul Jain
a month ago
mam why light is bending in the black hole ????? every one says that it's because of infinity of gravity .......but How????
Priyank Namdev
a year ago
Photons doesn't have mass(rest mass), So it should not be affected by gravity, But the gravity can bend the space-time, and photon have to travel in a space-time , whether it is straight or a curved space-time, and if a photon is traveling in a straight line, and altogether it is a curved path, then photon can be seen as curve, ultimately the bend is present in space-time(by the force of gravity), not the photon. you can read this question, 😊
If we consider the Big Bang Theory to be accurate, there existed a singularity- all galaxies close together. In what medium did this singularity exist? Does Big Bang, hence, all indicate the existence of Dark Energy or Dark Matter?
gud one topic :subhash chandra bose when he meet hitler
I would be great if you could summarise... All the prominent discoveries or inventions held in history centuryvise... Like from fire.. Wheel.. Onwards to supercomputers.
mam kindly make a video to understand jet winds and coriolis force....plzzzz

  2. How did the search begin? In 1912, Astronomer Vestro Slipher started studying the "Spiral Nebulae" 25 of them were travelling out in space at very high speeds

  3. Georges Lema tra realised that the Universe is exp nding and-moving away from each other

  4. The Birth of Galaxies Alexander Friedmann concluded with the same theory

  5. Edward Hubble & Milton H mason observed variable stars in the Andromeda Galaxy that enabled them to study the approximate distance between galaxies. The further away the galaxy was, the faster it was moving away from. us.


  7. The Cosmic Egg

  8. All the galaxies would have been so close to each other - a giant mass of cosmos. Lema tra coined the "Primeval Atom" or "The Cosmic Egg".

  9. e cosmos was a giant ball of mass, when it burst the parts were thrown in various directions, thus the name The Big Bang

  10. What is Lookback time and how is it relevant? We are looking at the light that left the Sun 8 minutes ago

  11. The redshift of distant galaxies & the cosmic background stand proof to the accuracy of The Big Bang theory