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Will China dominate global trade?
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In this Bytes video get to know about how China's economic strength comes from trade and also find out if China will dominate global trade in the recent future.

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mene pehle D ko set kiya toh me fass gaya :(
so informative vdo mam ; thanks alot for this & truly China will be the 'largest economy' of the world very soon overtaking the US
There is a mistake in the map.. it shows Kolkata as a part of BRI. it is Myanmar port (kyaukpyu)
sir, calcutta is also a part of BRI, because India is the main country in south asia so if china's project is not connected with india, it will effect the trade with india as per China terms
What ur implying is BCIM project. It will happen only if India endorse it.As China has hyphenated BCIM with BRI I dont think India will accept it. See Kolkata will be part of BRI only if India endorses it.
sir, BCIM is different project . i'm talking about BRI, in which kolkata is also a part of one belt one road , as u know this project is based on the ancient silk route of china where kolkata played a major role in trade. this shows the ambition of the china where india has the choice to discord , bt this route is only based on the ancient maritime silk route.
"hygiene of women in rural India" could the next topic of the video.
please make a video on how branded products are costlier than the non branded ones
  1. Will China dominate global trade? CHINA

  2. How did China become the second largest economy irn the world? .

  3. K LINE CHINA SHIPPING China primarily derives its economic strength from trade.

  4. The world's factory

  5. 840,00 1835,00 1830,00 1825,00 1820,00 1815,00 When China ascended to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, its exports accounted for approximately 20 percent of China's GDP. 1795,00 22:00

  6. Africa South America Asia The numbers kept increasing in 2006 and 2007, when exports 0 peaked at roughl 35% MADE IN CHINA of China's GDP North America Europe Australia

  7. Global Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) Stock from Emerging Economies (in US$ billion)* 600 South Africa India Brazil China 500 400 300 200 100 1980 1990 2000 2005 2010 2013 Adjusted for inflation Source:http:/bitlyl'1Jvef5J WORLD RESOURC E S INSTITUTE

  8. Economic Belt China's trillion dollar project Belt Road Initiative Maritime Road

  9. ONE BELT, ONE ROAD Silk Road Economic Belt Maritime Silk Road Initiative The Chinese government call:s the initiative "a bid to enhance regional Moscow Rotterdam Duisburg Almaty Bishkek Huoerguosi Venice Istanbul Samarkand Urumqi Lanzhou Athens Dushanbe Tehran Xian Beihal Fuzhouconnectivity and Kolkata Beihaiuanzhou Guangzhou Hanoi Zhanjiang embrace a Haikou brighter future" Colombo Kuala Lumpur Nairobi Jakarta

  10. Sal ammomac oco ARALDragon horses Slaves SEA Almonds Karashar Kucha Lap dogs Tashkent CASPIAN Ch'ans a Glasstoare Woven goods SEA Lapis lazuti Epsom salts n-cho Antioch ARIM BASI Kashg SYRIA Samarkand Rock crystal Niya Khotan Jade Borax Yak tails Cantels Kohlrabi cabbage TIBET Hamadatn Hecatompylos Bactra Pedch trees PERSIA Wool rugs Taxila Tasmine Tapestry Date palms L A MP Basra Cattigara ANNAM Siraf The Ancient Silk Route loory Sitier Gold PERSIAN BURM ARABIA GULP Tamralipti Amber Peacock feathers Rhinoces Elephan Cotton Jasmine Baryg)Za Sandahoood INDIA GUL SIA Ele BAY OF BENGAL CHINA'S FOREIGN IMPORTS AND TRADE ROUTES Incense Sla EMME] China proper in the T'ang Dynasty, Eighth Century A.D Pepper NICOBAR IS. Cocannts Silk route CEYLON

  11. Looks like the BRI is China's way of leveraging power to become a global leader by taking control over global trade