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7th September 2017 Part-3: Daily News Analysis
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New NITI Aaayog Committee to suggest on Job creation

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Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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mujhe Bihar police so ka taiyari karna h aur mai kya karu sir
Every one is asking him for the MCQ and editorials but try to understand and if we are not getting full time to study and analysis how he will get that much time to make and record all this stuff for us so I am suggesting to all the commentator who is posting here .....TRY TO DEVELOP ONE MCQ BY ITS OWN AND POST IN THE COMMENT BOX IT WILL ENHANCE OUR SKILL AND ALSO BY READING ALL THE COMMENT(MCQ BASED COMMENT) GIVEN BY US HELPS TO EVERY ONE. If you like the comment do rate,review and recommend this.....):
Mohini sharma
2 years ago
great though
Thanks. day before yesterday's news..there was a news of 'top babus given secure mobiles'- how can these mobiles be secure when they are using jio sims....and we know that jio data is being breached... plz ans this ques sir...
Sunny S Banerjee
2 years ago
good observation....i think in this case union govt must given special instructions to JIO as these issues are directly relating with national security.
Divyanshu Nigam
2 years ago
This very question was asked to the Government also on why using Private network for secure lines. Government did not give a satisfying response.
Priya Sidhu
2 years ago
sir it would be very kind of you if you ans this ques plzz sir
Divyanshu Nigam
2 years ago
I guess our govenment itself doesnt trust BSNL and we all know who is a good friend of Modiji... ;)
editorial karva do sir??? nahi to ghar pe aana padega sgikhne ke lie?
ap kuch de rhe ho Kya unhe...itna rudly...vo jitna kar rhe Hai time nikal ke utna bhtt h ...or itni jrurt h to khud pad lo
ohh..sorry muje lga ..sikhane ke liye...lekin sayad vo sikhne ke liye h
Mehul Salat
2 years ago
respected miss, me Compny me 12 hour bitata hu,time nahi milta Gujrat sent hu Jane koi baat nahi hair,wo next time ke IAS officer hai unko converse statement and funny statement samaj aata yoga, thankyou
Divyanshu Nigam
2 years ago
English is still qualifying. Take a note!
Mehul Salat
2 years ago
yes bro,
sir please editorials...please sir its a humble request....
sir what is the need to deploy troops in Afghanistan as already they r not able to wipe them out completely .secondly,y is America indulging in the internal matters of Afghanistan.third ,who created Taliban and who r talibanies?plz sir explain it is getting complicated to understand.
Ish rakh
2 years ago
Taliban is a tool for US to cause unrest in central asian countries bordering does nt want ki taliban khatam ho in actual
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU 7TH September 2017 By Jatin Verma Educator Unacademy

  2. News Article to be discussed Today. I. PM gives call to respect Myanmar's integrity [GSM -2: Bilateral Rel.] 2. Fatalities on Indian roads hit all time high.[GSM-3] 3. Rajasthan clears PPP model in govt. schools 4. India, China rebooting ties post-Doklam 5. Probe assets of politicians: SC 6. What data do you share, court asks WhatsApp, FB. 7. Suu Kyi slams 'misinformation' 8. Military action against N. Korea not the fi rst choice, 9. District-wise plan to help boost manufacturing' 10. Centre sets up panel to suggest on new jobs

  3. Page-12: Suu Kyi slams 'misinformation' Myanmar was counting on China and Russia, both permanent members of the Security Council, to block a UN resolution on the crisis. Hasina calls for UN intervention Bangladesh Foreign Office, for the fourth time since August 25, summoned the Myanmar envoy in Dhaka and handed a protest note expressing deep concern over the fresh influx of the Rohingya people. . The UN's migration agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) appealed for an immediate relief assistance of $18 million. Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland Director General: William Lacy Swing Official languages: English, French and Spanish Founded: 1951

  4. Established in 195I, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners . With 166 member states, a further 8 states holding observer status and offices in over 100 countries, IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants. The IOM Constitution recognizes the link between migration and economic, social and cultural development, as well as to the right of freedom of movement. IOM works in the four broad areas of migration management: Migration and development Facilitating migration -Regulating migration -Forced migration.

  5. Page-12:'Military action against N. Korea not the fiOrst choice' U.S. President Donald Trump said that military action against North Korea was not the first choice" of his administration, edging away from his most bellicose threats against the regime Sanctions alone useless"- Putin. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis is impossible with sanctions and pressure alone Mr. Putin met South Korea's Moon Jae-in on the sidelines of an economic summit in Vladivostok amid mounting international concern that their neighbour plans more weapons tests, possibly a long-range missile launch U.S. to send 3,500 troops toAfghanistan The U.S. will send about3,500 additional troops to Afghanistan

  6. Business Page 13:'District-wise plan to help boost manufacturing' Make In India' to be re-evaluated. The new commerce and industry minister outlined his priorities. They include: [i]firming up a district-wise industrial investment plan to help boost the share of manufacturing in the country's GDP, [ii]improving India's economic diplomacy to spur exports and investments [ii]addressing challenges being faced by exporters owing to GST, [iv]integrating India's exports into the global supply chain, improving logistics to reduce transaction costs of exporters and bringing out an agricultural export policy 'Basis of decisions' After a meeting with 'Invest India' (the government's investment promotion and facilitation arm), a conclusion emerged that Ultimately every investor makes their investments in districts, and base their decisions on factors including the district's human resources, natural resources and the law and order situation. Noting that each district had core competencies, Commerce Ministry would work with state governments to bring out a District wise plan.

  7. Business Centre sets up panel-to suggest on newjobs The government has constituted a new task force led by NITI Aayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar to recommend measures to increase employment by promoting labour-intensive exports. .While the Indian workforce has high aspirations, a majority of the workers are still employed in low-productivity, low-wage jobs in small, micro and own-account enterprises . An urgent and sustained expansion of the organized sector is essential to address India's unemployment and under-employment issue. Key strategy: An important strategy is to enable a shift towards more labour-intensive goods and services that are destined for exports. . Given the importance of exports in generating jobs, India needs to create an environment in which globally competitive exporters can emerge and flourish . The committee has been asked to submit its report by November 2017.

  8. . The terms of reference for the task force which has been asked to help create 'well paid, formal sector jobs' include: -sector-specific policy interventions, measures to enhance services trade where there is high employment potential and identifying macro-economic factors holding back exports. -propose a comprehensive action plan to generate jobs and fix 'under-employment', - -ascertain the effectiveness of existing export p trade facilitation issues.