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15th September 2017 Part-3:Daily News Analysis
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Input Tax credit explained

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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1.Hokkaido is situated near 55degree latitude .and it is near; sea of okhotsk'. 2.books written by swami vivekanand are-raja yoga(1896),karma yoga(1896),the complete work of swami vivekanand(1907),jnana yoga(1899),lectures from colombo to almora(1897). 3.Champaran, is a district in the state of Bihar. Under Colonial era laws, many tenant farmers were forced to grow some indigo on a portion of their land as a condition of their tenancy(possession of land or property as a tenant).
Sir Can you provide your pdf ,that would be great in making notes .Please if you can .
pranam guru ji... first presidential election me whip jari hota h... second Champaran movement ka reason- English traders chahte the ki Indian peasant 3/20 part jameen me indigo ki farming kre jbki us time Europe me Neel developed ho chuka tha jo cheap tha. ab peasant nhi mane to angrejo ne unpe tax lga Dala.. bs fir kya tha Gandhi ji pahunch Gye....
Joshna Rani
2 years ago
presidential election me party whip jari nhi hota and ye vote secret ballot system through single transferable vote system se count hota h.. I am so sorry if I hv disrupted..
sir mujhe upsc 2019 me appear hona hai, to abhi se DNA cover krna relevant hoga kya?? ya june 2018 se shuru krna theek rahega?? plz reply
Shivani singh
2 years ago
start doing from now so that you can train urself to thing in a way that will enhance ur preparation. Newspaper reading requires self analysis which we can learn from sir's videos . May be this would help you..
Nikhil Lodhi
2 years ago
thanks a lot.
raja yoga ,karm yoga,1898. my master 1901.bhartman bhart 1899.
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU 15th September 2017 By Jatin Verma Educator Unacademy

  2. News Articles to be discussed. I. N. Korea: Japan draws in India 2. HC bars floor test in T.N.Assembly till Sept. 20 3 'Fly on train from Mumbai by 2022. [Technology angle: Maglev]. 4. Japan calls for 'Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy'. 5. China endorses crackdown on Rohingya. 6. IPSOS Survey: Global Views on Immigration and the Refugee Crisis. 7. Suzuki to invest R3,900 crore in Gujarat for third car plant. 8. Govt. committee to review exporters, $10 bn.-problem News Editorials. I. At home and in the world- On Rohingya crisis 2. Creating corridors of certainty 3. Good and simple tax

  3. IPSOS Survey on Migration: Global Views on Immigration and the Refugee Crisis Three in four (75%) in 25 countries around the world believe that immigration has increased in their country over the last five years I. Perceptions about immigration are downbeat in many countries, with attitudes particularly negative in Turkey, Italy and Russia. Britain and the United States are the two countries which have had the largest positive change since 2011 In Britain, two in five (40%) now say immigration has had a positive impact (up from 19% in 2011) while 35% in the US say the same (up from 18% in 2011). Sweden has seen the largest movement of people becoming more negative, with a quarter (25%) now saying immigration has been positive compared with 37% in 2011 Half (48%) on average think that there are too many immigrants in their country. Turkey has the highest number of people thinking this (83%), followed by Italy (66%). South Africa (62%), and Russia (62%).

  4. On Refugee crisis and in-migration As the refugee crisis continues, the lpsos research shows that a narrow majority still believe they should keep their borders open to refugees, however many still have serious security concerns. Four in ten (39%) on average want to close their borders to refugees entirely (no change from 2016) while half (51%) disagree. Those in Turkey (63%) and Hungary (61%) are most likely to agree to such a move with those in Japan (21 %) and Mexico (22%) least likely. Three in five (59%) on average think terrorists are pretending to be refugees to get into their country.This belief is highest in Turkey and Russia (82% in both) while lowest in Spain (19%) and Serbia (36%). A majority of people (53%) world-wide believe most refugees coming to their country are not really refugees, but economic migrants. Only 43% on average are confident that refugees coming to their country will successfully integrate into their country, with Serbia (70%) and Peru (65%) being most confident.

  5. Most countries are concerned about immigration placing pressure on public services. In 17 of the 25 countries surveyed at least half said they agreed immigration is placing too much pressure on national public services The higher the proportion of immigrants, the better the natives' view about them Bigger the better The higher the proportion of immigrants, the better the natives' view about them. Some nations with a low opinion about migrants also have a meagre immigrant population 50 India U.K. 40 Saudi Arabia: Australia Mexico Canada 30 U.S Turkey taly Sweden India is an outlier. Though immigrants form a small component of the populace, natives' opinion of them is relatively high Germany Belgium Hungary Russia 0 10 15 20 25 30 35 % of foreign born population

  6. | s. Business Page-13: Suzuki to invest 3,900 crore in Gujarat for third car plant Car Production facility: Japanese auto giant Suzuki Motor Corp. announced fresh investments of about 3,900 crore in Gujarat to add a third car production plant at the Hansalpur facility. This will take the Japanese firm's total investment in the facility to about 3,400 crore An investment of 9,600 crore was committed earlier for setting up two plants besides an engine and transmission production unit. .Employment Potential: It expects to generate employment for 10,000 people, including suppliers, with the new investment. It will also construct a hospital and school near the Hansalpur facility. The Hansalpur-based plant is Suzuki Motor Corp's first wholly-owned car plant in India Lithium ion Battery unit for Hybrid vehicles: The company, along with its partners Toshiba and Denso, will also invest $180 million (about 1,150 crore) in a separate unit to manufacture lithium ion batteries. The lithium ion batteries plant is expected to go operational by 2020 The batteries will be used for "hybrid vehicles manufactured in India and the company would export these genuinely manufactured-in-India vehicles to international market.

  7. Business Page 14: Govt. committee to review exporters $10 bn-problem. A government panel headed by the Revenue Secretary will meet on September 19 to resolve a $10 billion-problem, troubling India's exporters and its potential adverse impact on jobs. 'Committee on Exports'- set up on September 12 to address exporters' concerns over the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime would, among other things, take up the issue of "inordinate delay in refund of GST to exporters" and the consequent blockage of working capital that is severely affecting exporters' liquidity and enhancing their tax burden. Tax credit refund: Exporters were expecting that the Integrated GST (IGST) refund or refund of input tax credit (ITC) would be available to them in August, 2017 for the exports made during July However, since the filing of (GST returns) GSTR-1,2 and 3 for July has been extended till October 10, October 31 and November 10, respectively, exporters will not be able to get the refund by November. Since exporters would have to wait till around December (considering 15 days for issuance of acknowledgement and another seven days for getting provisional refund of 90% of the total refund claim) for availing refund of the GST on exports, it would mean that they would have to arrange funds from their own sources to pay GST for the July-October period The blocked amount for the four months time is estimated to be about $10 billion.

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