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22nd September 2017 Part-1:Daily News Analysis
all three options are correct western ghats states are Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, karnatak, kerla and Tamilnadu others differences b/w western ghats and eastern ghats Western Ghats receive much more rainfall than Eastern Ghats • Because of this, one sees a greater diversity of flora and fauna in Western Ghats than Eastern Ghats • There is a greater variety in height along Western Ghats than Eastern Ghats • Western Ghats are more continuous than Eastern Ghats • Western Ghats face Arabian Sea and run along the Western plateau while Eastern Ghats face the Bay of Bengal and run along the eastern plateau • Anai Mudi is the highest peak in Western Ghats while the honor goes to Mahendragiri in Eastern Ghats
Girish Kumar
2 years ago
Heighest peak in eastern ghat is jindhagada OF AP correct me if i am wrong