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3rd August 2017 Part-3: Daily News Analysis
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hello sir ..i started referring unacademy('=jatin verma') since June ..followed Ur DNA and editorial analysis..for the Buzz I went to othr educators also for news analysis ..I have to say I need your courses now more than ever ..plz carry on in upcoming months as well ..u r a great help ..God bless you :)
hello sir ..i started referring unacademy('=jatin verma') since June ..followed Ur DNA and editorial analysis..for the Buzz I went to othr educators also for news analysis ..I have to say I need your courses now more than ever ..plz carry on in upcoming months as well ..u r a great help ..God bless you :)
Thankyou very much sir....for your sincerity that even if u have to make more than 2 lessons and devote more of ur valuable time but you don't compromise with the quality of your analysis and u do cover all the important news...pls continue doing so as i totally rely on DNA for daily news
sir, plzz do write the related topics of mains that these news are associated with, as at this early stage it is difficult to make out which news belongs to which topics of mains or gs paper. and thank you for such great effort.
sir big fan of your DNA !! ....just one question that whether there is any shortcut key for changing playback speed on the unacademy video player ?? For e.g. on youtube i can change playback speed using "shift + <" & "shift + >"
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS fromTHE HINDU, LIVEMINT, INDIAN EXPRESS 3rd August 2017 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  2. Page 12 World News: Ready to talk to N. Korea: U.S. Secretary Tillerson The U.S. is willing to talk to North Korea, provided it agrees to the condition that such talks will move towards its de-nuclearisation, reiterating the U.S. position that has so far been unacceptable to Pyongyang. U.S. says: we do not seek a regime change; we do not seek the collapse of the regime,we do not seek an accelerated reunification of the peninsula, we do not seek an excuse to send our military north of the 38th parallel (border between North and South Koreas) And we're trying to convey to the North Koreans we are not your enemy, we are not your threat, but you are presenting an unacceptable threat to us, and we have to respond North Korea has conducted two ICBM tests last month and its leader Kim Jong-un has claimed the "whole U.S. mainland" is now within range.The U.S. has taken the threat seriously. The U.S. and its allies flew bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a show of strength on Sunday, after the second ICBM test. . As tensions rose, South Korean President Moon Jae-in has agreed to deploy more missile interceptor systems_American-made Terminal High Altitude Area Defense or THAADin response, indicating a turnaround in his position.

  3. Around 30,000 American troops are located in South Korea, which will be the first target of any North Korean retaliation Military option: Military option to destroy North Korea's (missile) programme is also on table China's Role: Mr. Tillerson also made overtures to China, citing its "unique" relationship with North Korea and seeking its help to turn the situation. President Donald Trump has been expressing his disappointment with China in hostile terms in recent weeks, as North Korea continued with its missile testing. NOR T H Russia China KORE A Military Demarca Line Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) North Koree Sea of Japan (East Sea) Tunnel South Korea Yellow Sea SOUT H KORE A Japan

  4. . Page-12World: Sino-Pak. highway, a one-way street? . The China-Pakistan Friendship Highway runs over 1,300 km from the far western Chinese city of Kashgar through the world's highest mountain pass and across the border. For China, the two-lane thoroughfare symbolises a blossoming partnership, nourished with tens of billions of dollars of infrastructure investment. But for many Pakistani businessmen living and working on the Chinese side of the border, the road is a one-way street. . . There is no benefit for Pakistan. It's all about expanding China's growth The remote town of around 9,000 is at the geographic heart of Beijing's plans to build a major trade artery the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) connecting Kashgar to the Arabian Sea port of Gwadar The project is a crown jewel of China's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, a massive global infrastructure programme to revive the ancient Silk Road and connect Chinese companies to new markets around the world. In 2013, Beijing and Islamabad signed agreements worth $46 billion to build transport and energy infrastructure along the corridor,and China has upgraded the treacherous mountain road better known as the Karakoram Highway.

  5. CHINA While both countries say the project is mutually beneficial, data shows a different story. Pakistan's exports to China fell by almost 8% in the second half of 2016, while Imports jumped by almost 29% In May, Pakistan accused China of flooding its market with cut rate steel and threatened to res Pakistan Chinese Border Gilgit Eatistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PESHAWARISLAMABA Azad Jammu & Kashmr abad Capital Te Federally Administered Trbal Areas AFGANISTAN LAHORE pond with high tariffs . Pakistani businessmen in Xinjiang see few benefits from CPEC, complaining of intrusive security and capricious customs arrangements Over the last year, Beijing has flooded Xinjiang, which has a large population, with tens of thousands of security personnel and imposed draconian rules to eliminate "extremism". IRAN INDIA Leg Muslim Pkistani Tertor Pistan Terrtory (Dspured) Foreign Terrory Foreign Tentory opted) Contict Zone Gwadar Provincii Tertorial Boundry

  6. Page-I 2 World: U.S. to prepare trade case against China . The investigation will focus on alleged Chinese violations of U.S. intellectual property. . China's policy to become a leading manufacturer by 2025 in the fields of driverless cars, medical devices, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, robotics has caught the attention of U.S. administration The U.S. move signals a shift by the U.S. administration away from its emphasis on greater cooperation between Washington and Beijing, in part because U.S. has become frustrated by China's reluctance to confront North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. . The policy, Made in China 2025, sets goals for China to be a global leader in 10 fields with the help of huge infusions of state money and the protection of those industries from U.S. competitors . Chinese government has demanded that U.S. companies cut the licensing fees that they charge for key patents and has insisted that companies set up joint ventures to do business in China. Citing cybersecurity concerns, China has asked international technology companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft must set up China-based data centres if they want to do business there.

  7. Business Page 13: Revised semiconductor policy on anvil . The Union Cabinet had authorised the Empowered Committee to take all the decisions to implement fab projects. Empowered Committee has decided to meet major electronics industry associations and apex chambers to seek their views on the way forward to set up semiconductor fabs in the country . In February 2014,the Union Cabinet had approved two proposals for setting up of semiconductor wafer brication units, or fabs, in the country. I.Jaiprakash Associates-led consortium, including IBM and Israel's Tower Semiconductor, had pulled out in March last year, 2. HSMC Technologies: Things were not moving ahead for the consortium led by HSMC Technologies, ac- cording to sources. The two projects are worth more than 63,000 crore. HSMC consortium was finding it difficult to raise funds for the facility and has hence approached the government to schedule"an investors' meet wherein Ministry officers can participate and respond to the queries of the investors. . With its earlier policies failing to attract electronic chip makers to invest in India, the government is now looking to rework policy to incentivise technology firms and investors to set up semiconductor wafer manufacturing units in the country.

  8. . Why having Semi-conductor industry in India is important? [Make in India] Semiconductors form about 30% of the cost of all electronic products, includ-ing mobiles. The setting up of a Semi- conductor Wafer Fabrication unit is a critical pillar required to promote Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) in India. As per industry estimates, the Indian ESDM market is expected to grow from $31.6 billion in 2015 to $400 billion by 2020. What are Semi-conductors? Materials that have the resistance levels between those of a conductor and an insulator are referred to as semiconductorS. They are quite common, found in almost all electronic devices. Good examples of semiconductor materials aregermanium, selenium, and silicon. . Semiconductors can be pure elements, such as silicon or germanium, or compounds such as gallium arsenide or cadmium selenide.

  9. Centre considering 'One-Nation, One Licence Policy, forTelecom sector The Centre will consider including a one-nation one-licence' regime in the new telecom policy that is set to come out next year. The move, if implemented, is likely to remove the distinction between local and STD calls, as service providers will not need separate licences for operations in various parts of the country.A single licence would suffice. Creation of 'one-nation one-licence' policy across services and service areas, was also the one of the objectives of the National Telecom Policy 2012.

  10. Business Page:World Customs Organisation to unveil norms for e-commerce trade WCO's 'Study Report on Cross-Border E-Commerce' :The continuous increase in online trading has raised questions regarding regulation, consumer protection, revenue collection and national security' The WCO has a Working Group on e-Commerce and four sub-groups. To develop guidelines on cross-border e-commerce, the work packages identified are: [il'trade facilitation and simplification of procedures, [ii]'safety and security, [ii]'revenue collection and [N] measurement and analysis". WCO is developing guidelines on e-commerce to see how best Customs can facilitate legitimate trade through that route. Guidelines will address issues related to digital divide by looking into what is blocking e-commerce trade, and what kind of enabling environment is needed to support developing countries so that they benefit more from e-commerce. Thew said more sophisticated equipment was needed to combat illicit trading through low-value shipments in the postal, express and cargo streams.