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31st August Part-2: Daily News Analysis
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GST cess on Luxury cars

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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titration question 9 is not clear sir why KMnO4 not react with H2SO4
sir , is there any other course on Daily 10 MCQ based on Current Affairs? because it has been stopped after 19th august . will u cotinue the course or someone from unacademy will continue the course ? please clarify because it was a very usefu course .l
sir u hv been telling us to cover up june analysis nd editorials side by side so i wantd to ask that we should do either editorials or we should also watch dna of june nd july..
Jatin Verma
2 years ago
watch DNA atleast
2 years ago
Sir, Economic Survey Volume II is to be studied by students attempting Mains 2017 alone or by the ones attempting Prelims 2018 alike?
Jatin Verma
2 years ago
alike.....coz its Volume -2. Everything that happens after June 2017 is important
2 years ago
Thank you, Sir.
Prabhu rajhan
2 years ago
Sir ,DNA is so helpful and very perfect ... Is it necessary to read the newspaper too after watching it orelse is it more than enough ?
it depends upon u
E-complaint is already there... i have even filed a case against amazon and got my payment through it
India is over-tolerant... needs to be more intolerant
*esprit de corps: taking the hide of this very famous quote why defense ministry is not willing to improve status of our army personnel. *how a person employed for guarding and serving the country and even leaving their fundamental rights can be deployed in domestic service of an officer like boot polish,washing cloths etc (SAHAYAK SYSTEM-a colonial system). is valid. *one more recent case in which an air force personnel applied for higher education was denied by air force authorities later Apex Court ordered to allow him for persuing higher education as it was discriminatory under article right to equality article 14. * Tej bahadur yadav is also a victim of this negligence. *High Moral is first and foremost thing thing that acts a key role in winning war,rest arms and other supplies comes secondary.
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU 3 1st August 2017 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy

  2. o Page-10: Bloomberg-aided NGOs lose licence Background: In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the former New York mayor announced a joint initiative to build Smart cities in India that would be aided by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Mr. Modi also called Mr. Bloomberg a "friend" Issue: The Home Ministry declined to renew the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) licence of two NGOs, which received funds from Bloomberg Philanthropies, founded by U.S.- based billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Reason assigned: 'Economic concerns NGOs funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies fund various anti-tobacco NGOs in India to further its international agenda. MHA confirmed that the licences were not renewed as they were involved in anti-tobacco lobbying, which was not in compliance with FCRA norms . Foreign corporate interests making foreign contributions to FCRA-registered NGOs for purposes of lobbying against an established economic activity raises multiple economic and social concerns.

  3. o Indulging in 'lobbying for good or bad purposes was a violation of FCRA norms and since it was a commercial activity, it should be carried out by companies registered under the Companies Act and not by FCRA-registered NGOs, which are exempted from tax. This year, another powerful U.S.-based Christian donor Compassion International was forced to shut shop in India as it was found to be funding NGOs in India, which encouraged religious conversions Hope India learns from Doklam-Chinese Foreign Minister . China said Beijing and New Delhi could open a new chapter in their ties, by finding a long-term solution to border friction as seen in Doklam, to help spur the collective rise of Asia. . Chinese Foreign Minister hoped the two countries "will join hands and work together for the rejuvenation of,for the development of our region and contribute our share to the greater development". . There is huge potential and space for greater cooperation between China and India.And such cooperation serves the interests of the two countries and peoples Analysts say that Mr.Wang's reference to a new preventive mechanism, dovetails with calls for establishing a new "strategic dialogue" between the two countries, which is in tune with the current aspirations of the two rising powers, especially in the Asia Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

  4. . Page-l l:Consumer is king if new law gets nod. The new Consumer Protection Bill 2016 seeks to replace CPA, 1986. . The new law has provisions for Product Liability, which was unheard in India i.e. provisions to sue a manufacturer for not giving adequate instructions of correct usage to prevent any harm or any warning regarding improper or incorrect usage. Under the new draft: A flyer can sue an airline seeking not just reimbursementfor a missed flight but also compensation for any important event or meeting he or she missed because the flight was cancelled at last minute. The consumer can lodge a complaint from anywhere unlike the existing law under which a consumer had to register the complaint at the same place from where she purchased the product. Further, unlike the 1986 law, the complainant need not be accompanied by a lawyer. At any point, if the manufacturer and the complainant arrive at compromise through mediation process, the latter can withdraw the complaint. An investigative body, the Central Consumer Protection Authority, will be set up on the lines of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

  5. Govt. approves plan to deploy more troops on the frontline Lieutenant General (Retd.) D.B. Shekatkar committee recommendations deal with enhancing combat capability and rebalancing defence expenditure of the Armed Forces to increase the teeth-to-tail ratio.[An army's tooth-to-tail ratio is often inversely related to its technological capabilities] The number of soldiers available for active combat with the Indian Army is set to dramatically go up by over 57,000 in the wake of the Union cabinet accepting a slew of military reforms. . Restructuring by the Indian Army is aimed at enhancing combat capability in a manner that personnel will be used for improving operational preparedness and civilians will be redeployed in different wings of the Armed Forces for improving efficiency. The committee had suggested that, if implemented over the next five years, the recommendations can result in savings of up to 25,000 crore in defence expenditure. This committee had given about 99 recommendations. The Government, in consultation with the Indian Army, has been going through them, and the first batch of 65 recommendations have been accepted

  6. . Page-12 World News: UN censures N. Korea's'outrageous' act The United Nations condemned North Korea's"outrageous" firing of a ballistic missile over Japan, demanding that the isolated country halts its weapons programme but holding back on any threat of new sanctions. North Korea said the launch of an intermediate- range ballistic missile (IRBM) on was to counter U.S.and South Korean military drills and was a first step in military action in the Pacific to "contain" the U.S. territory of Guam. . The 15-member Security Council said it was of "vital importance" that North Korea take immediate, concrete actions to reduce tension and called on all states to implement UN sanctions. However, the U.S.-drafted statement, which was agreed by consensus, does not threaten new sanctions on North Korea. Veto-wielding council members China and Russia typically only view a test of a long-range missile or a nuclear weapon as a trigger for further possible sanctions. China and Russia said they opposed any unilateral sanctions on North Korea and reiterated calls to halt deployment of a U.S. missile defence system in South Korea.

  7. Page-13 Business: Higher GST cess on luxury cars, SUVs gets Cabinet nod Issue: After the implementation of GST, prices of vehicles had substantially come down, whereas smaller vehicles remained untouched . Now, as a remedial step Luxury cars and SUVs would become more expensive with the Union Cabinet approving an ordinance to raise the maximum compensation cess that can be levied over and above the 28% GST on such cars, from 15 % to 25%. . The Cabinet has approved an amendment to the CGST (Compensation) law in pursuance of the GST Council's last meeting . However, these changes will not come into effect immediately. The final decision of whether the ces should be raised, and by how much, will be taken by the GST Council, whose next meeting is on September 9 Reason: Progressive Taxation structure The object of any taxation policy can't be that its impact is that luxury becomes cheaper and an essential item becomes more expensive. If at all relief has to be given, it is to be given to a common man's item rather than a luxury item.A person who can afford Rs. I crore for a car can also afford additional 15%.

  8. The Hindu-Daily Editorial Analysis for August 2017 Enroll4.9k 16 lessons, 3h 47m unacademy prev next The order of the Securities and Exchange Board of India imposing trading restrictions on 331 companies suspected of being shell entities is an example of rash regulatory action The Securities Appellate Tribunal has since rightly ordered the lifting of the trading restrictions imposed on two of the companies that approached it, namely J Kumar Infraprojects and Prakash Industries. n fact, the tribunal stated in its order that it is apparent that SEBI passed the impugned order without any investigation curb invisible money (Electoral. 6 4th August 2017 Editorial-1: Restoring Parliament's Primacy Interestingly, the regulatory body had acted on a list of suspect companies that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs had forwarded after consultation with the Serious Fraud Investigation Office and the Income Tax department. 7. 5th August 2017 Editorial-1: Punishing the Victim ( On Dowry Law Instead of conducting an independent investigation into these suspect companies, SEBI passed the buck to the exchanges and asked them to impose immediate trading restrictions on the companies Before a proper investigation by SEBI or the exchanges, the companies were put under stage four of the Graded Surveillance Measure, whereby trading is limited to one day a month, the trading price is capped, and buyers are required to deposit money. It is suspected that trading on the shares of these "shell" companies was used as a way to launder black money n fact. 169 out of the total list of 331 companies had already been suspended from trading before the order. But on the list were also companies with huge market capitalisations, and it is reasonable to assume 8 8th August 2017 Editorial-1: A gathering crisis (On groundwater depletion) 8th August 2017 Editorial-2: Raging Rupee (Fundamental Economics explained) 9. that the predominant share of trading on any given day is legitimate. 10. 9th August 2017 Editorial-1: Food for Action (on NFSA) 1:34/14:59 11 9th August 2017 Editorial-2: Rouhani's 15th August 2017 Editorial-1: A Hasty Order-On Sebi's Trade Restrictions A 52 challenge 12. 10th August 2017 Editorial-1: Working on the App based model. 809 plays

  9. .dl 82% 1 1 :44 .dl 81% 11:57 Jatin Verma Worked at Citi Bank. Books, movies, travelling. share trading Have appeared in UPSC CSE twice Preparing again Daily Current Affairs MCQs for August 2017 421 Ratings WhatsApp Follow 155.6k Followers 5 Following Facebook Copy to Clipboard courses More Jatin Verma 3w ago Targeted For All G.K. based G Objective August 2017: Online Summary and Analysis of PIB (Press Information Burea... (215) 3.7k LIf portant Jatin Verma w ago 5.4k Enrollments Enroll

  10. ,41 81% 11:56 ..d 81 % 11 :46 Jatin Verma Follow To Categorise newsarticles UPSC Mains Syltabus To practice Prerlou Csarrent Affairs based uestion throughs DNA 155k Followers llke S5C Ratings & Reviews 0:09 / 3:20 Course (Hindi) The Hindu Daily News Analysi.. Roman Saini A great course by Jatin Verma where he has literally covered all the important news from The Hindu, Must watch 61 Lessons 14h 59m Mohit Rai 1 Course Overview (in Hindi) Now Playing If i achieve my aim, my first salary will go to this great individual making this great informative and well-researched videos I should take this opportunity to thank and congratulate him for the wonderful work he is doing for all the aspirants. He is meticulous and almost perfect in his approach and understanding. Please keep making such videos as a singgle 2. 1st August 2017: Daily News Analysis Part 1 (in Hindi) 4m 59s 3. 1st August 2017: Daily News Analysis Part 2 (in Hindi) 14m 59s 26k Enrollments Enroll