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29th August 2017 Part-1: Daily news Analysis
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Telecom Spectrum auction; China-India Doklam deadlock ends

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Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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aman sir static part me crops of India and edible part in vegetables or fruits kra do please.
I don't know why i could not find your profile under the name Jatin Verma 0509 . it shows just three result - one from gurgaon , from indore and from sihore...... please help sir! And yes recently I came to know about the app and started following you through youtube then on the app....this is my 1st comment so could not stop my fingers on writing few words of appreciation for you and all the tutors on the all are doing such a great job..spending your time to save ours...nothing can paid in return to these great all already have been proved to be boon in our society in education sector....personally i believe all evils can be fought with this great weapon called knowledge...could not imagine miracles you will do after entering administrative sector..wish you all the best...and thanks a lott for such hard work ..have a great day!
Kia Roads
2 years ago
Which app? unacademy?
2 years ago
please use "jatinverma0509" in the search box ma'am. will surely be able to find him..hope it works ????
Monica Sharma
2 years ago
It does work....just the matter of space.....thanks!
2 years ago
it's ok..enjoy
2 years ago
it's ok..enjoy
India has allowed china to participate in Indian ocean naval symposium (IONS)'s first maritime and rescue exercise (IMMSAREX) in Indian ocean along with other littoral countries. China has been given observer status in IONS
Samadhan Tangde
2 years ago
China and Japan are the observer states
Yogi Anath
2 years ago
yes you are right
Bangladesh, the current chair is scheduling IMMSAREX to be attended by IONS members. This is where even china is participating along with India and other nations.
Srishti Tyagi
2 years ago
ya sab kya ha assa difficult comment karka aur dara datta ha sab.
Aashuman Singh
2 years ago
Correct, India n China will be attending those..........................btw nice comment Srishti Tyagi, Hehehe
Bhanu Joshi
2 years ago
china is observer state.
Hello Sir!....first of all thank you so much for making such awesome courses on unacademy...I need to ask u about the COMMERCE do we incorporate current examples in both paper 1 & 2 of commerce ? where can we get such info from?......for someone who hasn't joined any coaching for commerce optional where they might provide u with regular updates on current happening regarding organizations and business practices!
1.Can supreme court directly can review CBI court judgement or is there any hierarchy to review? 2.As per draft bill of National Telecom authority 2012(correct me if i'm wrong), which is related on making a single service all over India, how are the telecom services auctions differed??
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU 29th August 2017 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy

  2. News Article to be discussed Today News Editorials to be discussed Today 1. Doklam standoff ends as India, China.A right for the future- Privacy step back 2. Centre set to roll out new treatment2. Diary of an unusual year On RBl for encephalitis [Relevant for Banking, SSC] 3. Dera chief deserves no sympathy: court 4.TRAI starts process for next round of spectrum auction 5 'Reform abour laws to ease compliance NITI Aayog- Ease of Doing Business Report TIAayog- Ease of doing PIB Summary & Analysis Course will be started in September. Daily MCQs course

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  5. Page-l: Doklam standoff ends as India, China step back The agreement comes a week before Prime Minister's visit to China to attend the BRICS summit from September 3 to 5. It also paves the way for a one-on-one meeting between Mr. Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on September 4. . At the brief meeting between Mr. Modi and Mr. Xi at the Hamburg G-20 summit, the leaders had decided to give diplomacy a chance. . A Re-cap: Study all the passes in the Himalayas: Nathu La, Pir Panjal, Lipu Lekh, Karakoram, Jelep La etc. Routes of rivers like Brahmaputra-its tributaries Prelims] Sharing of River water data sharing was also a casualty to this quagmire In-efficacy of the age-old Special representative mechanism ofTalks was also visible [Mains] Panchsheel Agreement Border Lines-Mach Chan Line etc.

  6. o Page-10: Doklams will recur, warn Army officials The Doklam imbroglio may have been resolved peacefully after 73 days, but military sources warn that the giant neighbours will witness such standoffs more frequently now, unless a more robust border management mechanism is put in place. Army sources indicated that they had minimal role in securing the bilateral understanding involving withdrawal of Indian troops and China stopping the road construction Pockets of dispute and contested claims to the territory continue to exist. These are due to differing perceptions on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) Way forward: Noting that the five border agreements have stood the test of time in maintaining peace and tranquillity, there is a need [I] for expanding the confidence-building measures [2] to add more border personal meeting points beyond the six. 3] to have the DGMO- level hotline in place. [4] more visits and tactical-level exchanges. . A senior Army officer said the dynamics along the border are changing and political establishment needs to to engage in a more intense bilateral exchange with China. It is time to brush up our treaties, and work towards more robust agreements.

  7. Page-7: Centre set to roll out new treatment for encephalitis . Centre is looking to introduce a new drug, traditionally used for acne, to deal with the seasonal outbreaks of acute encephalitis. Evidence in favour:In 2008, researchers at the National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), Manesar found that minocycline an antibiotic typically used to treat severe acne- surprisingly seemed to cure rats infected with the JE virus. Last year the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said the drug did not appear potent enough to merit being immediately rolled out as a standard treatment for treating patients afflicted with the Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus. .Independent teams of doctors and researchers between 2008 and 2013 have conducted trials on patients and have concluded, that minocycline worked well on patients with AES symptoms, who survived the first day of hospitalisation. According to the studies the drug did not measurably protect patients beyond three months

  8. Page-10: Dera chief deserves no sympathy: court Concurrent sentences:When sentences run concurrently, offender serves all the sentences at the same time. Consecutive sentences:When sentences run consecutively, offenders have to finish serving the sentence for one offense before they start serving the sentence for any other offense. CBl Court Vs. Normal Court:Just a court is designated to handle FIRs done byCBl only. Similarly, they have a Public Prosecutor/Asst. Public Prosecutor from CBl instead of state prosecution branch... Regular judges get posted to CBl courts just like they get posted as Judicial magistrate/MMs or ASJ in other trial courts. "Faith must be enforced by Reason.... When faith becomes blind, it dies" Mahatma Gandhi. Human Beings have been blessed with the power of reason.

  9. Business Page-13:TRAI starts process for next round of spectrum auction Waves move around us at different frequencies. Different frequencies are utilised for different purposes. The Radio FM stations air their channels around the 100 MHz frequencies. Likewise, government of India has selected two --900 MHz and 1800 MHz to be auctioned to telecom companies. India is divided into 22 telecom circles for the purpose of lelecom spectrum. As a general rule, Higher frequencies can carry more data per second Are auctions fool-proof? Auctions are only a way to Discover price. There are two reasons why an auction can fail. Firstly, buyers could collude in order to keep prices low. Given the recent entry of Reliance Jio, and its battles with the incumbent players, it is hard to believe that all telcos can collude to stay away from certain parts of the auction. That leaves us with the other reason for failure-that the reserve prices are set too high. Now, setting reserve prices for an auction is an art in itself. Set it too high, and it simply discourages buyers from engaging in a process of price discovery. . Set it too low, and it encourages collusion among buyers.

  10. . Business page-13: Reform labour laws to ease compliance,-NITI Aayo NITI Aayog's own Ease of Doing Business report. The report, based on an enterprise survey of 3,276 manufacturing firms, was prepared jointly by NITI Aayog and IDFC Institute Survey Findings: Firms in labour-intensive sectors find compliance with labour-related regulations particularly onerous. This fact translates into enterprises avoiding the labour-intensive sectors. [2] Hire & Fire Policy: More enterprises in labour-intensive sectors reported that finding skilled workers, hiring contract labour and terminating employees was a major or a severe obstacle. 3] Such sectors also reported a significantly higher average time taken for environmental approval and more days lost due to strikes and lockouts The report pointed out that there is a vast gap between what the enterprises know and what the government has done to improve procedures related to various permits and clearances Information dissemination on a larger scale is required so that enterprises are aware of ways to ease the compliance burden of regulation can yield substantial gains in productivity at relatively low costs

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