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Weakness of Legislative Council after 1857 Revolt (in Hindi)
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Weakness of Legislative Council after 1857 Revolt (in Hindi) part 2

Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
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Great lesson sir, best way to revise all the environment concepts before prelims.
agr yee sbb important hai to aage isko study kru.. yaa jitna Important personalities tak hi Shi rahega padhna? plzz reply
Maim.. Yee Chapter important hai prelims ke perspective se?
thanks a lot ma'm .. plz continue the course for the post independence of India as per new edition of spectrum pl
  1. Daily Lecture Series Spectrum's A brief history of unacadeny Modern India By Aartee Mishra Administrative Changes after 1857 Part B Hindi

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  4. Administrative Changes After 1857 Weaknesses of legislative council The legislative council so constituted possessed no real powers and was merely advisory in nature. Its weaknesses were as follows It could not discuss important matters, and no financial matters at all without previous approval of the Government It had no control over the budget Even if approved by the viceroy, the secretary of state could disallowa legislation Indians associated as non-officials were members of elite sections only- princes, landlords, diwans, etc.-and were not representative of the Indian opinion The viceroy could issue ordinances (of 6 months validity) in case of emergency. The only important function of the legislative council was to endorse official measures

  5. ADMINISTRATION: CENTRAL, PROVINCIAL, LOCAL The three presidencies of Bombay, Madras and Calcutta enjoyed more rights and powers compared to other provinces The presidencies were administrated by a governor and his executive council of three who were appointed by the Crown, while other provinces were administered by lieutenant governors and chief commissioners appointed by the governor general The granting of fixed sums out of central revenues for administration of certain services like police, jails, education, medical services and roads to provincial governments signified the first step in the direction towards bifurcating central and provincial finances in 1870 by Lord Mayo Certain other heads of expenditure like land revenue, excise, general administration and law and justice were transferred to provinces in 1877 by Lord Lytton

  6. ADMINISTRATION: CENTRAL, PROVINCIAL, LOCAL Besides this, a provincial government was to receive a fixed share of the income realised within that province from sources like stamps, excise and income tax > In 1882, all sources of revenue were divided into three groups-general (going entirely to centre), provincial (going entirely to the provinces) and those to be divided between the centre and the provinces. Nevertheless, the central government remained supreme and retained detailed control over provinces Local Bodies: It was decided to decentralise administration by promoting local government through municipalities and district boards which would administer local services like education, health, sanitation, water supply, road andother basies fnanced through bocal tanes.

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