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Poona Pact (in Hindi)
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Chapter 5 part- N

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Aartee Mishra
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Sir , it would be helpful if these live sessions are in english.If that is not possible atleast provide subtitles
unko disobedience continue rkhna to zarur gov maan jati
baat baat pe to gandhi disobedience kar dete the par unhe to hero ban na tha bhagat singh se kya matlab tha usko
Thank q mam... Plz uploaded new lessons
thanks madam for crash course 😣
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  3. Art and Culture Plus Course Student Feedback 17 APR AT 516 PM Isha Arora Singhania. stl I appreciate your Member of Complete Course on Art and Culture of india (Starts 16th April) Studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICA) -Delhi Chapter Thank you ma'am effort u r doing a lot mam... today's session was too good thank you 7 APR AT 1124 PM You added Ishe onO7 Apr-2018 Today's class was awesome- even better than Jatin Vermas plus course Just a request to maintain this pace as the syllabus needs to be covered. You have to take care of the ranker and the banker at the same time 6APR AT Hello Mam, I just see your demo lecture of art and culture, 15 day My pleasure It's my responsibility Demo was good But i wann to ask one thing. in 1 hr, is it possible to cover all topics in one day which is shown in slides? Don't worry every time you will listen a next lecture you will find it better than the previous. Best of luck Hi ma am I am Aditya from Bhubaneswar, a student of your art and culture plus course. Currently I am working as assistant manager in NTPC in Electronics section Thanks for simplifying the art and culture of india. Can I skip reading Nitin Singhania and follow only your PPT? encouraging words. Means a lot Maam what is Medhi in context of Mauriyan Stupas? A airoular terrace (medhD: The terraGe-aurrounded by a simlar three-bar ralling-Bupports the stupa and raises itoff the ground:it lWkely served as a platform for ritual airaumambulation Thank you You acecepted Aditya's request Yes Ok thank you mmaam thank you

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  5. KARACHI CONGRESS SESSION 1931 In March 1931, a special session of the Congress was held at Karachi to endorse the Gandhi-lrwin or Delhi Pact. Six days before the session (which was held on March 29) Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru had been executed. Throughout Gandhi's route to Karachi, he was greeted with black flag demonstrations by the Punjab Naujawan Bharat Sabha, in protest against his failure to secure commutation of the death sentence for Bhagat and his comrades SECOND RTC AND SECOND CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE MOVEMENT The Second Round Table Conference, which the Congress had agreed to attend under the Delhi Pact, was held in London The session ended with MacDonald's announcement of: Two Muslim majority provinces-NWFP and Sindh The setting up of Indian Consultative Committee Three expert committees-finance, franchise and states The prospect of a unilateral British Communal Award if Indians failed to agree. The Government failed to concede the basic Indian demand of freedom. Gandhi returned to India on December 28, 1931. On December 29, the CWC decided to resume the civil disobedience movement

  6. COMMUNAL AWARD AND POONA PACT The Communal Award was announced by the British Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald, in August 1932. This was yet another expression of British policy of divide and rule. The Muslims, Sikhs and Christians had already been recognised as minorities. The Communal Award declared the depressed classes also to be minorities, and entitled them to separate electorates'. Poona Pact Poona Pact was Signed by B.R. Ambedkar on behalf of the depressed classes in September 1932, the Pact abandoned separate electorates for the depressed classes. But the seats reserved for the depressed classes were increased from 71 to 147 in provincial legislatures and 18 per cent of the total in the central legislature. The Poona Pact was accepted by the Government as an amendment to the Communal Award

  7. GANDHI'S HARIJAN CAMPAIGN Determined to undo the divisive intentions of the Government's divide and rule policy, Gandhi gave up all his other preoccupations and launched a whirlwind campaign against untouchability- first from jail and after his release in August 1933 from the outside. While in jail, he had set up the All India Anti Untouchability League in September 1932 and had started the weekly Harijan in January 1933 Gandhi's Thoughts on Caste His entire campaign was based on principles of humanism and reason He said that the shastras do not sanction untouchability, and if they did, they should be ignored as it was against human dignity

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