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Revolt of 1857 MCQs (in Hindi)
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Mcqs part - 2

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Aartee Mishra
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madam pls voicroy mcq
There is an option "cow slaughter was banned". Isn't this incorrect? Because the grease of the cartridge of new rifle was made up of cow and pig fat. If cow slaughter was banned then how could they produce these cartridges? By the way, your overall course is great, mam.
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  3. Find the incorrect match for the Centre of the revolt and leaders associated A) Delhi C) KanpurNana Saheb c) Lucknow -- D) Bareilly Kunwar Singh General Bakht Khan Begut Hazarat Mahal

  4. ANSWER: D) Bareilly Kunwar Singh At Bareilly, head was Khan Bahadur Kunwar Singh, was head in Bihar.

  5. Find the incorrect match for the centre of the revolt and associated british officer A) Delhi B) Kanpur Sir Hugh wheeler C) Lucknow D) Jhansi Sir Hugh Rose James Neill Henry Lawrence, Sir Collin Campbell

  6. ANSWER: A) Delhi J In Delhi, the officers were John Nicholson, Willoughby and Hudson James Neil was officer in Benaras. lh James Neill

  7. Which among the following is not true about the revolt? A) The revolt was marred by communal riots. B) There was complete cooperation between Hindus and Muslims at all levels people, soldiers and leaders. C) Cow slaughter was banned. D) Rebels acknowledged Bahadur Shah Zafar, as the emperor.

  8. ANSWER: A) The revolt was marred by communal riots. People and politics were not basically communal before 1858.

  9. Why did the revolt of 1857 fail? A) It was not joined by certain groups and classes. B) Modern educated Indians looked at it as backward looking. C) Indian soldiers were well equipped D) There was a coherent ideology during the revolt. i) All of the above ii) A, B and C i) Only D iv) A and B

  10. ANSWER: iv) A and E The soldier was a peasant in uniform, they were not well equipped and had no proper leadership. The people had individual interests and hence no coherent ideology existed