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(Hindi) Crash Course: Spectrum's A Brief History Of Modern India


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Aartee Mishra

In this course Aartee Mishra covers A Brief History of Modern India chapter wise with detailed explaination.


84 lessons • 15 h 44 m
Overview (in Hindi)

1m 03s

The Revolt of 1857 - 1 (in Hindi)

11m 38s

The Revolt of 1857 - 2 (in Hindi)

11m 38s

The Revolt of 1857 - 3 (in Hindi)

14m 43s

Religious and Social Reform Movements - 1 (in Hindi)

14m 19s

Religious and Social Reform Movements - 2 (in Hindi)

14m 07s

Religious and Social Reform Movements - 3 (in Hindi)

14m 18s

Young Bengal, Ramakrishna , Arya Samaj movements (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Summary of Religious and Social reform movement (in Hindi)

15m 00s

The Struggle Begins - 1 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

The Struggle Begins - 2 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

National Movement 1905 - 1918 (in Hindi)

14m 43s

National Movement part-2 (in Hindi)

11m 58s

Revolutionary terrorism (in Hindi)

14m 12s

Morley Minto reform (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Lucknow session of the INC (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Montagu Chelmsford Reform (in Hindi)

14m 30s

Rowlatt Act and Emergence of Gandhi (in Hindi)

14m 48s

Champaran , Ahmedabad and Kheda Satyagrah (in Hindi)

14m 04s

Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement (in Hindi)

11m 49s

Nagpur Session of INC , Chauri chaura incident (in Hindi)

12m 52s

Swarajist and No Changers (in Hindi)

14m 24s

Elections and constructive work of No changers (in Hindi)

11m 10s

Indian Communalism (in Hindi)

14m 39s

Simon Commission (in Hindi)

13m 29s

Nehru Report (in Hindi)

15m 00s

14 Points of Jinnah (in Hindi)

12m 43s

Dandi March (in Hindi)

11m 02s

Gandhi Irwin Pact (in Hindi)

12m 54s

Poona Pact (in Hindi)

13m 13s

Government of India Act of 1935 (in Hindi)

11m 48s

28 months of Congress Rule in Provinces (in Hindi)

11m 58s

August Offer (in Hindi)

13m 25s

Cripps Mission (in Hindi)

14m 09s

Subhash Chandra Bose and INA (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Cabinet Mission (in Hindi)

14m 44s

Mountbatten Plan (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Indepence (in Hindi)

10m 53s

Warren Hastings and other G.G (in Hindi)

12m 12s

Governor general Part 2 (in Hindi)

5m 58s

Lord Dalhousie and Doctrine of lapse (in Hindi)

12m 53s

List of Viceroys and Governor-Generals: Lord Canning- (in Hindi)

11m 22s

List of Viceroys and Governor-Generals-2 (in Hindi)

9m 21s

Lord Curzon and other viceroys (in Hindi)

8m 37s

Lord Reading and Irwin (in Hindi)

9m 04s

Lord Willingdone and Linlithgow (in Hindi)

8m 02s

Mountbatten Plan (in Hindi)

8m 24s

Famous Personalities and movements (in Hindi)

13m 26s

Non Cooperation Movement and Porsnalities (in Hindi)

8m 06s

Non-Cooperation movement -2 (in Hindi)

11m 47s

Quit India Movement (in Hindi)

12m 50s

Introduction about Indian Paintings (in Hindi)

11m 21s

Administrative changes after 1857 (in Hindi)

13m 29s

Most important MCQs Chapter wise (in Hindi)

14m 53s

Revolt of 1857 MCQs (in Hindi)

9m 02s

MCQs part -3 (in Hindi)

9m 52s

Previous Year Questions with explanation (in Hindi)

13m 06s

Important PYQs Prelims (in Hindi)

11m 45s

National Movement: Prelims PYQ (in Hindi)

10m 09s

PYQs - Swadeshi Movement

14m 12s

Freedom Struggle PYQs (in Hindi)

14m 38s

Previous year questions (in Hindi)

9m 05s

National leaders PYQ (in Hindi)

10m 31s

Weakness of Legislative Council after 1857 Revolt (in Hindi)

9m 25s

Establishment of local bodies (in Hindi)

9m 05s

Royal Commission Recommendation (in Hindi)

14m 37s

Attitude towards princely states (in Hindi)

8m 26s

The Indian factory act (in Hindi)

9m 23s

Foreign policy - Nepal and Burma (in Hindi)

10m 37s

Difference between Permanent settlement, Ryotwari system and Mahalwari system (in Hindi)

10m 07s

Impoverishment of Peasantry in British India (in Hindi)

8m 04s

Development of modern industries in 19th and 20th century and commercialization of agriculture

9m 48s

Nationalist critical analysis of British economy, The theory of Economic Drain (in Hindi)

8m 42s

Development of Indian press, related Acts and regulations passed by British government

8m 09s

Struggles by early Nationalists to secure Press Freedom

8m 26s

Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak achievements (in Hindi)

9m 34s

Chapter 10 - Development of Education System (in Hindi)

9m 15s

Wood's Despatch and Hunter's Commission about education in India. chapter 10 Part-2 (in Hindi)

8m 11s

Evaluation of British policy in education. Chapter 10 part 3 (in Hindi)

8m 37s

British social and cultural policy in India till 1813 (in Hindi)

13m 10s

Subsidiary Alliance And Announcement about IGNOU Courses (in Hindi)

6m 20s

Drain of Wealth by Europeans in India

6m 35s

List of magazines to be read on monthly basis for UPSC CSE

6m 05s

How To Complete NCERT Fast & Make Notes. Complete Strategy

5m 12s



247 reviews

Raghu Pabby

reviewed on Mar 19, 2018

assum course mam most awaited course for pt 18 thanks mam n will w8 for completion of course before pt

Swapnil Raj

reviewed on Mar 20, 2018

Mam Ncert Se Notes Kaise Bnau Ispe Video Bnaiye Please Mujhe Kuch Samjh Nhi Aa Raha Hai Kya Karu

Archana Sharma

reviewed on Mar 19, 2018

Awesome course to revise modern history. The explanation of every topic has been done wholistically in an interesting manner. Must watch for all UPSC aspirants. Thank you Aarti ma'am.

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