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Warren Hastings and other G.G (in Hindi)
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Governor General part 1

Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduation in History YouTube & Telegram Channel - Rank secure. Successfully Taught 40 GS Batches/ Motivator

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??? upsc ?? ?? ???? ?? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ???? PO ?? ?????? ?? SSC CGL ?? ????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ?????????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????????? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ???? PO ?? ssc CGL ?? ???? ????? ????? ?? ?????? guidences ??????
mam plz reply waren hesting indias 1st governor general of india or bengal...because in some where I read lord william bentinck is the 1st governor general of india .. plz clear my doubt
Anjor Ganvir
9 months ago
1st governor general of bengal
Full disection of spectrum.. Kuch nahi choda thanks arti... Unacademy need such educator
nice content ...but...voice is very irritating...
please ma'm do in English language also.... reply me
Monika mona
3 months ago
have you cleared upsc ???
Very very helpful lesson mam.. Thank you so much
  1. Daily Lecture Series Spectrum's A brief history of Modern India n unacadeny By Aartee Mishra GOVERNORS-GENERAL AND Part 1 Hindi VICEROYS OF INDIA

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  3. Warren Hastings 1773-178 Regulating Act of 1773 Act of 1781, under which the powers of jurisdiction between the governor-general in council and the Supreme Court at Calcutta, were clearly divided Pitt's India Act of 1784. (iv) The Rohilla War of 1774 The First Maratha War in 1775-82 and the Treaty of Salbai in 1782 Second Mysore War in 1780-84 Strained relationships with Chait Singh, the Maharaja of Benaras, which led to Hastings' subsequent impeachment in England Foundation of the Asiatic Society of Bengal (1784).

  4. Lord Cornwallis 1786-1793 Third Mysore War (1790-92) and Treaty of Seringa-patam (1792) Cornwallis Code (1793) incorporating several judicial reforms, and separation of revenue administration and civil jurisdiction Permanent Settlement of Bengal, 1793 Eropeanisation of adminisraive machinedon of civi services

  5. Sir John Shore 1793-1798 > Policy of Non-intervention Charter Act of 1793 Battle of Kharda between the Nizam and the Marathas (1795). Lord Wellesley 1798-1805 Introduction of the Subsidiary Alliance System (1798) , first alliance with Nizam of Hyderabad Fourth Mysore War (1799) Second Maratha War (1803-05) Took over the administration of Tanjore (1799), Surat (1800) and Carnatic (1801) Treaty of Bassein. (1802). Lord Wellesley

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