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Gandhi Irwin Pact (in Hindi)
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Chapter-5 Part-M

Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
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Unacademy user
agr general dyre ko fasi nhi hui after jaillianwala bagh massacre then why the greater fighter of freedom bhagat singh ji was hanged ....
Anamika Bansal
8 months ago
i also agree...
Satish Bhanwala
6 months ago
Government British ki thi, Gandhi ki nahi..
Anamika Bansal
6 months ago
mgr isme gandhi ne bhi kaha tha k unhe choda na jaye
Satish Bhanwala
6 months ago
:) Everyone has their own Principle. He tried to convert the death sentence into life imprisonment.
whenever I read indian history....only tears comes in my that scenario every freedom fighter was doing his best for country....but there were some person in the congress who ware taking credits of Gandhi,bgagat singh , Subhas chndra bos 's works
Vishal Rai
6 months ago
Bahot julm hue bhai
gandhiji should have agreed viceroy to not hang bhagat Singh at least..... anyway bhagatsingh zindabaad
mam,aap ka kahna hai ki bhahat Singh ek great freedom fighter they.please aap apna opinion dijiye ,ek great freedom fighter ke life ko safe karna jyada important nahi tha than ki dusre points par agree hone ke.he could decline to sign Delhi pact and continue his movement to save bhagat singh' life.please email kare.i want to know what do you think? thanks
bhagat singh zindabad
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  4. FIRST ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE (NOVEMBER 1930-JANUARY 1931) This was the first ever conference arranged between the British and the Indians as equals While the Congress and most business leaders boycotted the First RTC, the Muslim League, the Hindu Mahasabha, the Liberals and princes attended Virtually every delegate reiterated that a constitutional discussion to which the Congress was not a party was meaningless Also, at the conference, the British Prime Minister hinted at an olive branch to the Congress and expressed the hope that the Congress would attend the next RTC ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE

  5. GANDHI-IRWIN PACT On January 25, 1931 Gandhi and all other members of the CWC were released unconditionally. The CWC authorised Gandhi to initiate discussions with the viceroy As a result of these discussions ,a pact was signed between the viceroy, representing the British Indian Government, and Gandhi, representing the Indiarn people, in Delhi on February 14, 1931 This Delhi Pact, also known as the Gandhi-Irwin Pact, placed the Congress on an equal footing with the Government Irwin on behalf of the Government agreed on 1. Immediate release of all political prisoners not convicted of violence 2. Remission of all fines not yet collected 3. Return of all lands not yet sold to third parties 4. Lenient treatment to those government servants who had resigned 5. Right to make salt in coastal villages for personal consumption (not for sale) 6. right to peaceful and non-aggressive picketing; and

  6. GANDHI-IRWIN PACT Irwin on behalf of the Government agreed on Withdrawal of emergency ordinances. The viceroy, however, turned down two of Gandhi's demands a. Public inquiry into police excesses b. Commutation of Bhagat Singh and his comrades' death sentence to life sentence. Gandhi on behalf of the Congress agreed: a. To suspend the civil disobedience movement b. To participate in the next RTC on the constitutional question around the three Finch-pins of federation, Indian responsibility, and reservations-and safeguards that may be necessary in India's interests (covering such areas as defence, external affairs, position of minorities, financial credit of India and discharge of other obligations).

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