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National Movement 1905 - 1918 (in Hindi)
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Chapter 4 part1

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Aartee Mishra
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  1. Daily Lecture Series Spectrum's A brief history of Modern India National Movement Part A Hindi By Aartee Mishra

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  3. National Movement Recognition of the True Nature of British Rule: Having seen that, the Government was not conceding any of their important demands, the more militant among those politically conscious got disillusioned and started looking for a more effective mode of political action Growth of Confidence and Self-Respect: With this grew the faith in self-effort. Tilak, Aurobindo and Bipin Chandra Pal repeatedly urged the nationalists to rely on the character and capacities of the Indian people Growth of Education: While, on the one hand, the spread of education led to an increased awareness among the masses, on the other hand, the rise in unemployment and underemployment among the educated drew attention to poverty and the underdeveloped state of the country's economy under colonial rule. This added to the already simmering discontent among the more radical nationalists

  4. National Movement International Influences: Remarkable progress made by Japan after 1868 and its emergence as an industrial power opened the eyes of Indians to the fact that economic progress was possible even by an Asian country without any external help. Also, the nationalists were inspired by the nationalist movements worldwide-in Ireland, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Persia and China. The Indians realised that a united people willing to make sacrifices could take on the mightiest of empires. Reaction to Increasing Westernisation: The new leadership felt the stranglehold of excessive westernisation and sensed colonial designs to submerge the Indian national identity in the British Empire Dissatisfaction with Achievements of Moderates: The younger elements within the Congress were dissatisfied with the achievements of the Moderates first 15-20 years

  5. National Movement Reactionary Policies of Curzon: A sharp reaction was created in the Indian mind by Curzon's seven-year rule in India which was full of missions, commissions and omissions. Administrative measures adopted during his rule- the Official Secrets Act, the Indian UniversitiesAct, the calcration Act and,, above all, the partition of Bengal-left no doubts . in Indian minds about the basically reactionary nature of British rule in India Existence of a Militant School of Thought By the dawn of the twentieth century, a band of nationalist thinkers had emerged who advocated a more militant approach to political work. The bask' tenets of this school of thought were: hatred for foreign rule; since no hope could be derived from it, Indians should work out their own salvation swaraj to be the goal of national movement; direct political action required " belief in capacity Of the masses to challenge the authority -personal sacrifices required and a true nationalist to be always ready for it

  6. THE SWADESHI AND BOYCOTT MOVEMENT The Swadeshi Movement had its genesis, in the anti- partition movement which was started to oppose the British decision to partition Bengal The real motive behind the partition plan was the British desire to weaken Bengal, the nerve centre of Indian nationalism This it sought to achieve by putting the Bengalis under two administrations by dividing them on the basis of language (thus reducing the Bengalis to a minority in Bengal itself as in the new proposal Bengal proper was to have 17 million Bengalis and 37 million Hindi and Oriya speakers) on the basis of religion, as the western half was to be a Hindu majority area (42 million out of a total 54 million) and the eastern half was to be a Muslim majority area (18 million out of a total of 31 million) Trying to woo the Muslims, Curzon, the viceroy at that time, argued that Dacca could become the capital of the new Muslim majority province, which would provide them with a unity not experienced by them since the days of old Muslim viceroys and kings

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