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Dandi March (in Hindi)
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Chapter-5 Part-L

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mam Why did Gandhi chose Nehru even though the majority wanted Patel?
13 hours ago
Majority wanted Gandhi himself to become the president of this session (not Patel). However, Gandhi refused it, saying younger leaders (and ideas) should come forward. Others were opposing Nehru and Subhash's 'radical' idea of Poorn Swaraj.
Thanks for these videos which are very easily understandable to us. Please,prepare Summary of Indiam Economy By Sanjeev Verma,Its very needy.
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  4. Lahore Congress and Purna Swaraj Jawaharlal Nehru, who had done more than anyone else to popularise the concept of purna swaraj, was nominated the president for the Lahore session of the Congress (December 1929) mainly due to Gandhi's backing, (15 out of 18 Provincial Congress Committees had opposed Nehru). Nehru was chosen The following major decisions were taken at the Lahore session- 1. The RTC to be boycotted 2. Complete independence declared as the aim of the Congress 3. CWC authorised to launch a programme of civil disobedience including non- payment of taxes and all members of legislatures asked to resign their seats 4. January 26, 1930 fixed as the first Independence Day, to be celebrated everywhere.

  5. Lahore Congress and Purna Swaraj December 31, 1929 At midnight on the banks of River Ravi, the newly adopted tricolour flag of freedom was hoisted amidst slogans of Inquilab Zindabad January 26, 1930 Public meetings were organised all over the country in villages and towns and the independence pledge was read out in local languages and the national flag was hoisted. Dandi March (March 12-April 6, 1930) On March 2, 1930, Gandhi informed the viceroy of his plan of action. According to this plan (few realised its significance when it was first announced), Gandhi, along with a band of seventy-eight members of Sabarmati Ashram, was to march from his headquarters in Ahmedabad through the villages of Gujarat for 240 miles. On reaching the coast at Dandi, the salt law was to be violated by collecting salt from the beach Even before the proposed march began, thousands thronged to the ashram. Gandhi gave the following directions for future action Wherever possible civil disobedience of the salt law should be started

  6. Dandi March Foreign liquor and cloth shops can be picketed We can refuse to pay taxes if we have the requisite strength Lawyers can give up practice Public can boycott law courts by refraining from litigation Government servants can resign from their posts All these should be subject to one condition-truth and non-violence as means to attain swaraj should be faithfully adhered to Local leaders should be obeyed after Gandhi's arrest.

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