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Sunday Weekly DNA Review: Most Important News from 24 July To 29th July 2017
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A re-cap of Most Important News of the week 23rd July to 29th July

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  1. SUNDAY WEEKLY REVIEW of DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS 30th July 20 17 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  2. Page-l:Ordinances should be last resort: Pranab. [Polity & Governance]. 24 july 2017 Question- "Ordinance should not be ordinarily resorted to." Comment. [25 Marks, 200 words] Ordinance route should not be taken on matters which are being considered or have been introduced in the House or a committee of the House .If a matter is deemed urgent, the concerned committee should be made aware of the situation and should be mandated to present its report within the stipulated time . With the heightened complexity of administration, legislation must be preceded by scrutiny and adequate discussion Scrutiny in committee is no substitute to open discussion on the floor of the House. When the Parliament fails to discharge its law making role or enacts laws without discussion, it breaches the trust reposed in it by the people. Article 123 and Article 213 Statement of Objects & Reasons. . The Bihar State government: had approached the Supreme Court after the High Court of Patna declared that repeated re-promulgation of the ordinances was unconstitutional after relying on the D.C.Wadhwa judgment on the dos and don'ts of promulgation of ordinances by another Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in 1986

  3. January 3,2017:Supreme Court Observation: 24 july 2017 In a blow to Ordinance Raj, a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court widened the boundaries of judicial review to the extent that it can now examine whether the President or the Governor was spurred by an "oblique motive" to bypass the Legislature and promulgate an ordinance. In case the apex court concludes that the President or the Governor was influenced by ulterior motives to promulgate the ordinance, such an act by the two constitutional authorities would amount to a fraud on their powers, the apex court held on Monday. .The satisfaction of the President under Article 123 and of the Governor under Article 213 is not immune from judicial review," Justice wrote in a common judgment. The Scrutiny:Justice observed that the apex court would scrutinise whether the satisfaction of the President or the Governor to promulgate an ordinance was based on relevant material or whether it amounted to a fraud on power or was actuated by an oblique motive." The seminal question: The seminal question that came up in reference before the seven-judge Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice of India dealt with the constitutionality of seven successive re-promulgations of The Bihar Non-Government Sanskrit Schools (Taking Over of Management and Control) Ordinance of 1989

  4. Page-11: Forum concerned at 'secret' RCEP talks 24 july 2017 Technical-level talks of the proposed FTA, officially known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), are being held at the Hyderabad from July 18 to 28. . Liberalised norms: The RCEP aims to liberalise investment norms as well as boost trade by eliminating/ drastically reducing import duties on goods and bringing down 'barriers' in the services sector. After a daylong meeting, the People's Resistance Forum against FTAs and nean heorlsi BesistanceFTAs and umbrella body representing farmers, industrial workers and service sector employees, street vendors, HIV-positive persons, tribal people, environmental activists and women's organisations among others, said in a statement that the RCEP would have wide-ranging impact on agriculture, services, access to medicines, investment and e-commerce.

  5. . Page 12World News : Israel- Palestine Dispute24 july 2017 . Israel faces pressure over Jerusalem violence. . Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced mounting pressure over new security measures at a sensitive Jerusalem holy site after a weekend of violence left eight people dead, with fears more unrest could follow Palestinian Response: Palestinians reject the metal detectors because they view the move as Israel asserting further control over the site. They have re- fused to enter the compound in protest and have prayed in the streets outside. Enhanced Security mesures: [i] Metal Detectors: Israeli officials said they would not remove metal detectors whose installation outside the Haram al-Sharif mosque, known to Jews as Temple Mount, has triggered the bloodiest clashes with the Palestinians in years, but could eventually reduce their use. [i]Cameras too have also been mounted near at least one entrance to the compound in Jerusalem's Old City.

  6. Page-13: MPC members to get .5 lakh per meet, must disclose assets, 24 July 2017 The government appointees on the powerful Monetary Policy Committee will be paid 1.5 lakh per meeting along with air travel and other reimbursements, but will need to observe a "silent period" seven days before and after the rate decision for"utmost confidentiality" The silent period and confidentiality requirements will also apply to the three RBl members, including the Governor,on the panel that has been deciding on policy rates since October last year. 'Conflict of interest' Other Regulations related to MPC: [] The six-member MPC, constituted in September 2016, has three persons appointed by the central government while the rest,including the Governor, are from the RBl. [ij The members of the RBl Governor-chaired panel, which has to hold meetings at least four times in a lii] They are also required to be mindful of any conflict between their personal and public interest while [iv]The panel is required to meet at least four times in a year and the RBl has been convening a bi- year, interacting with profit making organisations and making personal financial transactions, monthly meeting of this committee.

  7. Page-1: Speaker suspends six Cong. MPs for 5 days. 25 july 2017 DNA GSM-2: Polity & Governance- Parliamentary Proceedings] Question. Pandemonium in Parliament- Is there a lack of institutional devices for the opposition to play a constructive role in the Indian Parliament? Question Hour:The first hour of every sitting of Parliament is generally reserved for Zero Hour: The time immediately following the Question Hour has come to be known as Zero Hour. It starts at around 12 noon (hence the name) and members can, with prior notice to the asking and answering of questions. the Speaker,raise issues of importance during this time. Typically, discussions on important Bills, the Budget, and other issues of national importance take place from 2pm onwards.

  8. Zero Hour in the Indian Parliamentary System:25 july 2017 DNA What happens in Parliament Question Hour Lunch Government Business/ Legislative Business 12 pm 2 pm 4 pm Lok Sabha till 6 pm 11 am 1 6 pm 1 pm 3 prm 5 pm Zero Hour Rajya Sabha till 5 pm Keep the Govt. in Check /Represent People Represent people Make Laws/ Pass Budget For Daily PRESS INFORMATION BUREAU updates, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  9. Page-10: Soul of India is in tolerance: Pranab. 25 july 2017 DNA [Essay, Polity & Governance] . In his last address to the nation as the Head of State, President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday . He also made a strong pitch for freeing public discourse from violence, both "physical as well as . "Multiplicity in culture, faith and language is what makes India special.We derive our strength stressed the need for pluralism and tolerance, saying that the soul of India resides in these values. verbal" from tolerance." Plurality had become an essential part of the country after centuries of assimilation of ideas. The soul of India resided in pluralism and tolerance. Compassion and empathy were the "true foundation" of India's civilisation. "We may argue, we may agree or we may not agree. But we cannot deny the essential prevalence of multiplicity of opinion. Otherwise, a fundamental character of our thought process will wither away.

  10. Page-11: Admiralty Bill gets Rajya Sabha nod.IG.S. Mains Paper-2: Polity& Governance] 25 july The Bill consolidates the existing laws relating to admiralty proceedings on maritime cl jurisdiction of courts, arrest of vessels and related issues. It also repeals five obsolete British statues on admiralty jurisdiction in civil matters: (i) Admiralty Court Act, 1840 (ii) Admiralty Court Act, 1861, (iii) Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act, 1890, (iv) Colonial Courts of Admiralty (India) Act, 1891, and (v) Provisions of the Letters Patent, 1865, aims, admiralty Features of Admirability Bill,2016: -Confers admiralty jurisdiction on Hig urts located in coastal states of India, thus extending their upto territorial waters. The jurisdiction will be extendable by the Union Government notification upto exclusive y other maritime zone or islands constituting part of India. -It applies to every vessel irrespective of place of domicile or residence of owner It does not apply to naval auxiliary, warships and vessels used for non-commercial purposes -Inland vessels and vessels under construction are excluded from its application. jurisdiction for adjudicating on a set of maritime claims. A vessel can be arrested in certain circumstances in order to ensure security against a maritime claim **But it empowers Union Government to make it applicable to these vessels also by a notification. It lists the

  11. Page-l: In a first, Nifty breaches the 10,000-mark.26 JULY DNA . What is the Nifty and the Sensex? . Both Nifty & Sensex are Indices' Both Nifty & Sensex are Indices' They represent a group of top companies averaged out in a single number. If the Sensex is up, you can say that on average, most stocks are gaining and the opposite is true if the Index falls. There are two main exchanges in India - The National Stock Exchange (NSE) & The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The Nifty is an index from the NSE, it has 50 stocks in the index. The Sensex, short for the sensitivity Index is from the BSE and comprises of 30 stocks. . Nifty is weighted average of 50 top stocks from 24 sectors. . The central government may not sell Air India's domestic and international operations separately, . Government is not willing to go back to the days of Air India and [erstwhile] Indian Airlines as the . Page-I + 10: Govt may not split Air India for stake sale senior government officials have said. disinvestment process of the national carrier may become unattractive. This might come as a hurdle to low-cost airline IndiGo's plan to buy a stake in Al as it was keen on acquiring its international operations

  12. Page-1l:Centre gives 35 names for High Court judges 26 JULY DNA The Law Ministry has forwarded the names of 35 candidates to the SC collegium for appointment as judges in five High Courts, as recommended by the HC collegiums of Madras, Kerala, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Gujarat. - The government has forwarded the names following a background check by the Intelligence Bureau. . It is learnt that most candidates are from the subordinate judiciary. The five HCs had a vacancy of 97 judges as on July I Background: Memorandum of Procedure Earlier clauses in the MoP, like the executive's prerogative to reject judicial candidates recommended by the Collegium on the ground of "national security," are no longer a roadblock. . Supreme Court collegium, initailly, wanted the government to specify the reasons for rejecting a name forwarded to it by the top court. . The MoP is procedure evolved in 1998 under which appointment/transfers of judges are done with mutually acceptable norms between the collegium comprising the five senior most SC judges led by the Cll and the Government

  13. Page-l l:India rejects OIC move on vigilantism 26 JULY DNA . India strongly rejected the resolutions of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that had expressed concern about the recent attacks on people by cow-vigilante groups.An official statement from the Ministry of External Affairs stated that the resolutions adopted at the Organisation's latest foreign ministers' meeting were"factually incorrect". what is Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)? The OIC is an international organization founded in 1969 Members: It consists of 57 member states including Iran and Pakistan. Headquarters: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Objectives; i] Raise the collective voice of the Muslim world. [i] Collectively work to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony. NOTE: OIC has permanent delegations to United Nations and the European Union. Issues with India in the Past: In this organisation, India is a blocked country, though it has about l 2% of the world's Muslim population.India has been blocked by Pakistan from joining the OIC over Kashmir issue. OIC regard parts of Kashmir as "occupied by India" mir as occupied by India

  14. . A 575-mile electrified rail line linking Tehran 26 JULY DNA and Mashhad, financed with a $1.6 billion loan from China. 50 UZB. Caspian Sea ARMAZER. 40- TURKMENISTAN . When completed and attached to the wider Tabriz network, the new line will enable Iran to export goods as far as northern Europe, Poland and Russia, at much less cost than today. Mashhad TEHRAN, , Kuh-e Kermanshah AFG. RAODezfal E fahan Birjand Yazd . When finished, the proposed rail link will Ahvaz stretch nearly 2,000 miles, from Urumqi, the capital of China's western region of Xinjiang, to Tehran. andar-e Emam Khomeyn dnhr z 30 30- Shir z Kerman Sat T B shehr Z hedan andar 'Abbas SAUDI ARABIA Persian Gulf If all goes according to plan, it will connect Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. PAK bahar TAR mr 0 100 200 km 0 0 Guf of Oman 100 200 mi UAE

  15. Business Page 13: Transfer unclaimed accruals to SCW fund: IRDA 26 JULY DNA Insurance companies can no longer retain unclaimed amounts of policyholders if those accruals are more than 10 years old. Such sums need to be, instead, transferred to the Senior Citizens' Welfare Fund (SCWF) of the Centre.The fund is administered by MoSJE All insurers having unclaimed amounts of policy-holders for a period of more than 10 years as on September 30, 2017 The corpus of the Senior Citizens Welfare Fund comprise of any credit balance in any of the accounts under the small savings like Post Office Saving Schemes, Banks, etc. remaining unclaimed for 10 years from date of declaration as an inoperative account, shall be transferred by the Institution holding such amounts to the Senior Citizens Welfare Fund. Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana, a 'Scheme for providing Physical Aids and Assisted-living Devices for Senior citizens belonging to BPL category'.

  16. .Business Page 14: India's concerns slowing RCEP talks' 26 JULY DNA . India's reservations regarding the potential adverse impact of eliminating duties on its local manufacturing and job creation is understood to be slowing down the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations. The RCEP is a proposed mega Free Trade Agreement (FTA) involving 16 Asia Pacific nation:s including India and China, and aims, among other things, to liberalise investment norms in the region, besides boosting trade by dismantling most tariff and non-tariff barriers. . Widening trade gap-A matter of concern India's trade deficit with RCEP nations is about $100 billion, and half of this is with China alone even without an FTA with China. Post India's FTA with ASEAN,Japan and Korea [who are all RCEP members], our trade deficit with them have increased, and the government needs to take this into account during RCEP negotiations . Zero duty to hit Indian dairy industry: Amul The Indian dairy sector, providing livelihood to 15 crore farmers, would be severely hit if import duties on milk and milk products were eliminated under any Free Trade Agreement FTA) including the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), according to the local dairy cooperative Amul.

  17. Page l: Privacy is a fundamental but Issue befor the 5-Judge S.C.Bench: Is Aadhar Constitutional? holly qualified right: Centre The Centre told the Supreme Court that privacy was indeed a fundamental right, but a wholly qualified" one. This led a nine-judge Constitution Bench headed by Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar to sum up Attorney General K.K.Venugopal's submission thus: You are saying that right to Privacy is a fundamental right. But not every aspect of Matter referred to it [privacy] is a fundamental right. It depends on a case-to-case basis Because it infringes on Our Right to Privacy Right to Privacy not defined under Constitution Article 21 9-Judge Constitution Bench "After 9-Judge Decision, [27 JULY DNA] Hearing on Aadhar case will resume.

  18. . The Attorney General explained to the Bench that the government did not consider privacy to be a single, homogeneous right but rather a "sub-species of the fundamental right to personal liberty and consists of diverse aspects. Not every aspect of privacy is a fundamental right." Some aspects of privacy were expressly defined in the Constitution, while some were not. l right:" Some aspects of privacy were expressi I right to life under Mr.Venugopal argued that privacy was su Article 21. Aadhaar was a measure by the state to ensure the teeming millions of poor in the country were not reduced to lead an "animal existence." [27 JULY DNA] Right to Privacy. Prism of Qualified Right subject to Right to Life Article 21-will ensure survivability of AAdhar

  19. Page-13 Business Page: CAC adopts Codex norms for three spices [27 JULY DNA] Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) adopted three Codex standards for black, white and green pepper, cumin and thyme paving the way for an universal agreement on identifying quality spices in various countries. The CAC cleared these standards at its session held in Geneva recently. The adoption of Codex standards for the three spices will help evolve a common standardisation process for their global trade and availability Codex standard will bring harmony to the global spice trade and en- sure availability of high quality, clean and safe spices to the world With this, spices have made a definitive entry into the league of commodities having Codex standards, and India played. 'Food code' :The Codex Alimentarius or "Food Code" is a collection of standards, guidelines and codes of practice adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. . 'Food code' The Codex Alimentarius or "Food Code" is a collection of standards, guidelines and . The Commission is the central part of the joint FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the . With the adoption of Codex standards, member-nations would now have reference points and United Nations)/WHO (World Health Organisation) Food Standards Programme. benchmarks to align their national standards for spices with Codex.

  20. Page 14: India must free procurement': RCEP Talks. [27 JULY DNA] e Pressure is mounting on India to open up its more than $300 billion-worth public procurement market under the proposed mega Free Trade Agreement (FTA) called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Government procurement(GP) broadly refers to the process by which government (at the Central, State and local levels), its agencies/ departments and State- owned enterprises procure goods and/or services only for their own use, and not for sale/resale c Insistence on Binding commitments: An increasing number of countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand as well as a few from the 10-member ASEAN bloc including Singapore and Malaysia, were pushing for binding commitments to mutually liberalise government procurement markets in the 16 Asia Pacific nations, including themselves and India involved in the mega-FTA talks. 16 countries agreed to constitute a Working Group on GP to take forward negotiations on the topic and include it as a separate chapter in the final agreement of RCEP. India would not give in to the demands from these countries for "market access and National Treatment (equal treatment of foreign and local firms) pertaining to government procurement in the RCEP agreement, and not even undertake any commitment on a "best endeavour basis"

  21. Page-&: Corbon dating onfim s N.side isro aa Page-6: Carbon dating confirms is from Sangam era 28 July 2017 . For several years, experts had surmised that the archaeological site at Keezhadi in Sivaganga district of tent Keeziadi i Svagangs distric f Tamil Nadu dates back to the Sangam era Now, carbon dating has confirmed that two samples sent from the site are indeed nearly 2,200 years old . The Keezhadi dig that started in 2013 provides archaeological evidence of ancient Tamil life that has so far been known largely from texts like Sangam literature. Radio Carbon dating suggests that the samples go back to 2,160+30 years and 2,200+30 years. . Archaeologists found deposits up to 4.5 metres deep and the samples (of carbon elements) sent for carbon dating were from the middle part - i.e. 2 metres, says ASl's Superintending Archaeologist K. Amarnath Ramakrishna in Guwahati who led the excavations in Keezhadi earlier. . We can now say for sure that the samples were from 3rd century BC .Unlike many other archaeological sites excavated in Tamil Nadu, Keezhadi is a major habitation site. The last time habitation sites were excavated in Tamil Nadu was at Arikamedu.We zeroed in on Keezhadi after studying both banks of Vaigai river through its entire stretch from Western Ghats till the point it reaches the Bay of Bengal. . A total of 72 potsherds with Tamil Brahmi script were found at Keezhadi which had several Tamil names.

  22. .Page 7NATION: SC for panels to examine dowry cases, 28 July 2017 Page 7NATION : SC for panels to examine dowry cases. 28 July 217 G.S. Mains Paper-l & 2: Polity- Gender Equality] Supreme Court ordered the setting up of 'family welfare committees' in all districts under the aegis of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA). . A Bench of Justices said Section 498A (dowry harassment) of the IPC had come under much abuse. Dowry complaints were being filed in the heat of the moment over trivial issues. Committees of social workers, homemakers, retired persons and other upstanding citizens will form the vanguard against frivolous complaints of dowry harassment in their localities. They will sift the genuine cases from the trivial ones. No suspect shall be arrested in a dowry case immediately after a complaint is registered. . Police and the courts will have to wait for the committee's inquiry report. . The three-member family welfare committees will be set up by the district legal services authorities. Members can be appointed from para legal volunteers, social workers, retired persons,"wives of working officers" and other citizens.

  23. . Every complaint received by the police and the Magistrate will be passed on to the local ittee, which will enquire into the genuineness of the complaint and file a report with the ice official or Magistrate concerned within a month. The committee can directly get in touch with the parties involved, but the members will not be called as witnesses in case there is a trial. . Till the report of the committee is received, no arrest should normally be effected, the court said. Trial judges should close Section 498A cases based on matrimonial disputes once parties reached a settlement. In fact, bail should be given the same day, the court directed. The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) has been constituted under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 to provide free Legal Services to the weaker sections of the society and to organize Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes. Actually, Article 39A of the Constitution of India provides for free legal aid to the poor and weaker sections of the society and ensures justice for all. Articles 14 and 22(1) of the Constitution also make it obligatory for the State to ensure equality before law and a legal system which promotes justice on the basis of equal opportunity to all. CONTD 28 July 2017

  24. Business Pase )- 2anelseks details. n Al vestment Business Page 13: Panel seeks details on Al divestment 28 July 2017 . A Parliamentary Standing Committee has sought details from the government on its strategic sinvestment plans for national carrier Air India. The department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture, chaired by Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Mukul Roy, is set to meet the Central government officials to hear the views of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, De- partment of Investment and Public Asset Management (Ministry of Finance) and Air India on Disinvestment of Air India. Centre may cut import duty on gold . The Centre may reduce the import duty on gold to 2% from 10% to make Indian Jewellery competitive in the international market, said a top official. . The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has re- commended to the finance ministry to drastically reduce the import duty We have urged the Finance Ministry to reduce import duty on gold. . The CAD position has substantially improved and now there is a case to look at it. We have recommended 2% duty.

  25. Showdown looms in crisis-hit Venezuela [GS. MAINS Paper-1&2: International Relations] NAM & Anti-Government Protests 30 July 2017 7 SOUTH AMERICA la careened towards a showdown on North Friday between anti-government protesters and security forces, as the death toll from months of demonstrations against embattled President Nicolas Maduro mounted - as did international concern about the spiralling violence. BRAZIL Fears of open civil conflict have prompted thousands of Venezuelans to join an exodus into neighbouring Colombia. International concern has mounted, with the United States, European Union, United Nations and major Latin American nations urging Mr. Maduro to halt his plan. South Pacific CHI A tlantic ARGENTINA Oce rt For Detailed Analysis- Upholding Chavismo

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