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3rd July 2017 Part-3:Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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Import scrips explained

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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You make our lives easier.Owe you a lot.We can continue with the series with as much parts we the. end of the day..we have to understand the concepts. thanking again for your efforts . :)
3 DNAs a day depicts nothing but your true intention to provide us with complete knowledge and not missing any key points.Deeply thankful for making such amazing series for all the aspirants! One of the best teachers I have come across.????
Ali Muhammad
3 years ago
awesome sir..i m really getting addicted to ur all analyses...thanks for giving the better directions...keep these analyses in this way...dnt change it...thanks sir
sir we adore your efforts... so many parts of DNAs are not only showing your deication towards this education revolution but it's also making our life simpler.. thanks a lot sir... thank you unacademy :)
sir i felt that ki part 3 justice nahi karaha hei kyun ki jo bhi apne ab bataya kaise bhi karke vo this or other week editorial mei ana hi tha...mein editorial ke liye wait karne ke bare mein nahi bol raha hun.....jis tym editorials atha hei thab thak tho hum gst se thoda aur flexxible ho jate aur samajne me aur site karne me aurassan ho jata...small concern by me thank u ....
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU 3RD July 20 17 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  2. Entries in the UNION LIST 43. Incorporation, regulation and winding up of trading Corporations, including banking, insurance and financial d 44. Incorporation, regulation and winding up of corporations, whether trading or not, with objects not confined to one State, but not including universities. 45. Banking. 46 Bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notesand other like instruments 47. Insurance. 48. Stock exchanges and futures markets. For Daily Multiple Choice Questions, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  3. Page 1l: Turnkey homes to lose allure The consumers will have to shell out more for the ready-to-occupy flats under the GST system as developers with large unsold inventories are planning to pass on the higher tax burden to homebuyers. However, new flats will cost less, giving some breather to the developers of upcoming projects. . Under GST, the effective tax on under-construction projects has gone up to 12%. The actual GST rate is 18% on realty, but allows one-third of the tax to be deducted from the land value, from the total cost charged by the developer. The GST gives an option of getting full input set-off credit, which is not applicable to ready-to move-in flats and as a result, developers will have to bear the burden of higher tax or pass on to the end-consumers or increase the overall prices to match the new tax burdern

  4. Page 12:WORLD NEWS: Deadline to resolve Qatar rift nears Qatar faces possible further sanctions by Arab states that have severed ties with Doha over allegations of links to terrorism, as a deadline to accept their demands is expected to expire on Sunday night. . Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said the demands were made to be rejected, adding that the Arab ultimatum was aimed not at tackling terrorism but at curtailing his country's sovereignty. Doha ready to discuss: Doha remained ready to sit down and discuss the grievances raised by its Arab neighbours."This list of demands is made to be rejected. It's not meant to be accepted or to be negotiated. Doha ready to discuss: Doha remained ready to sit down and discuss the grievances For Daily Multiple Choice Questions, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  5. List of demands :The countries have threatened further sanctions against Qatar if it does not comply with their list of 13 demands presented to Doha by Kuwaiti mediators 10 days ago [i] Closing a Turkish military base in Qatar and [ilshutting the Al Jazeera pan-Arab television network, which Doha also rejected. Qatar's Gulf critics accuse Al Jazeera of being a platform for extremists and an agent of interference in their affairs. . The network has rejected the accusations and said it will maintain its editorial independence. Gulf states could ask their trading partners to choose between working with them or with Doha. For Daily Multiple Choice Questions, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  6. Business Page 13: GST positive for India's credit profile: Moody's Moody's expect that over the medium term, GST will contribute to productivity gains and higher GDP growth by improving the ease of doing business, unifying the national market and enhancing India's attractiveness as a foreign investment d . Government revenue generation through improved tax compliance and administration, Both would be positive for India's credit profile, which is constrained by a relatively low revenue base. Moody's expect improved tax compliance to be driven by:[Advantages] [i] incentivization of tax credits in a GST system; (i ] greater ease of compliance through usage of a common, shared IT infrastructure to be driven by. [Advantages] between the central government and the states; and a reduction in the overall cost of compliance from simplified tax rates

  7. 2. Steel sector bullish on GST, exporters worry . With India moving towards its biggest tax reform, here's how various sectors in India have reacted to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and how it will impact business. o Teething issues' . Following the implementation of the GST, the hospitality and travel sectors expect teething issues in the first few months but are not un- duly worried, expecting support from government. OYO Rooms CEO Ritesh Agarwal said:"There may be challenges in compliancea implementation but over time, there will be more clarity and familiarity, enabling all stakeholders to adjust, adapt and adhere." implementation but over time, there wil b and familiarity,.enabling al For Daily Multiple Choice Questions, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  8. Hotel Industry: Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India said: the 28% GST for hotel rooms with a tariff of 27,500 per night and above is very steep. It asked the government to keep that rate only for rooms with tariff of 0,000 per night and above. For the travel sector, GST rate for tour packages has increased marginally from 45% to 5% Exporters worry The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) has approached the government to reduce the restrictions on using duty credit scrips- a pass that allows holders to import goods by not paying a certain amount in import duties . But with the implementation of GST, these scrips can now be utilised only for payment of basic customs dury and not Integrated Goods and Services Tax customs duty and not Integrated Goods and Services Tax e Earlier, manufacturing exporters who imported raw material for export purposes were allowed to utilise these scrips for payment of customs, excise duty and service tax. For Daily Multiple Choice Questions, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  9. It said exporters were worried as they have to arrange funds for payment of GST, which will be refunded to them upon exports. This may lead to a blocking of funds for over six months in many cases, thus affecting competitiveness of exports. The steel sector is feeling bullish after the GST rollout. Players in the sector said that with GST, unorganised players will have to move to the organised form of doing business. Steel Users Federation of India has said GST has abolished the special additional duty on imported goods which was a very cumbersome procedure. Indian Stainless Steel Development Association said GST will give the unorganised sector no other choice but to be tech-compliant. The cotton textile industry is also feeling positive. Southern India Mills Association has welcomed the move to bring the entire cotton textile value chain at the lowest slab rate of 5% GST. For Daily Multiple Choice Questions, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  10. For Daily Multiple Choice Questions, Visit my Unacademy profile-