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17th July 2017 Part-1: Daily News Analysis(in Hindi)
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Presidential election: Important facts

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Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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really appreciate you
The Bombay Natural History Society, founded on 15 September 1883, is one of the largest non-governmental organisations in India engaged in conservation and biodiversity research.[1] It supports many research efforts through grants and publishes the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. Many prominent naturalists, including the ornithologists Sálim Ali and S. Dillon Ripley, have been associated with it.[2] The society is commonly known by its initials, BNHS. BNHS is the partner of BirdLife International in India. It has been designated as a 'Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation' by the Department of Science and Technology.
Diclofenac (sold under a number of trade names)[1] is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) taken or applied to reduce inflammation and as an analgesicreducing pain in certain conditions. It is supplied as or contained in medications under a variety of trade names. Use of diclofenac in animals has been reported to have led to a sharp decline in the vulture population in the Indian subcontinent – a 95% decline by 2003[33] and a 99.9% decline by 2008. The mechanism is presumed to be renal failure,[34] however toxicity may be due to direct inhibition of uric acid secretion in vultures.[35] Vultures eat the carcasses of livestock that have been administered veterinary diclofenac, and are poisoned by the accumulated chemical,[36] as vultures do not have a particular enzyme to break down diclofenac. At a meeting of the National Wildlife Board in March 2005, the Government of India announced it intended to phase out the veterinary use of diclofenac.[37] Meloxicam is a safer candidate to replace use of diclofenac.[38] It is more expensive than diclofenac, but the price is coming down as more drug companies begin to manufacture it.[39]
Sir, what is the need for single transferable vote in presidential election? Why can't we simply use EVM and select prsident?
Sahib Kochhar
3 years ago
because single transferrable vote ensures that atleast one of the candidates standing in election wins.
Kannav Mittal
3 years ago
EVM does not ensure that?
Sahib Kochhar
3 years ago
kannav when we use ballot paper an MP writes his preference list for selection of candidates and if we use EVM preference list or single transferrable voting would not be possible.
Yash M
3 years ago
EVM is not programmed for preferential type of voting, you push for one candidate at a time only in EVM.
Kannav Mittal
3 years ago
My doubt is that why do we go with preferential type of voting?? Why not use EVM and select only one person. If each MP/MLA cast one vote using EVM, then a single person will get majority even then.
Yash M
3 years ago
In electoral college, total value of all the votes is 10,98,903. Each Parliamentarian has a vote value of 708. And vote weight of MLA is calculated on the population of the state he/she represents. Keeping in mind the above fact, if an EVM is used, every MLA will have different number of votes and each time an MLA votes, the EVM will have to be programmed again as per the number of votes an MLA carries. This makes the election of President of India more complex and time taking. And to make it more simpler its written in the constitution to have a single transferable vote, if you understood its mechanism then you will understand that EVM cannot do such algorithm.
Yash M
3 years ago
Basically every vote different weight-age na, depending upon the region represented by MPs and MLA, so vote value of Goa MP will be different from Rajasthan's MP and also understand that each person gives one vote only (like EVM) , in the preferences given by them, the first preference is the actual vote so its like EVM + preference
S.N. Common Name Scientific Name Conservation status 1.  Bearded vulture   Gypaetus barbatus Least Concern 2.  Cincerous vulture Aegypius manachus Near Threatened 3. Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus Endangered 4.  Griffon vulture Gyps Mvus Least concern 5. Himalayan vulture, Gyps Himaiayan Least concern 6. Indian vulture Gyps Indicus Critically Endangered 7. Indian white-rumped vulture Gyps Bengalensis Critically Endangered 8. Red-headed vulture Sarcogyps Calvus Critically Endangered 9. slender-billed vulture Gyps Ternuirostris Critically Endangered
BNHS comes under the Dept. of Sci & Technology..
Yash M
3 years ago
BNHS is a Non Govt organisation, it is just designated as a 'Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation' by the Department of Science and Technology but not a body under it :)
Alisha Kain
3 years ago
okay okay, thank you
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU July 2017 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  2. Page 1l: Parliament, Assemblies in poll fervour. [GSM- 2: Polity & Governance] The Election Commission has permitted 14 Rajya Sabha and 4l Lok Sabha members to vote in the Assemblies for the presidential election, while five MLAs will vote in Parliament. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Goa Chief Minister who are yet to resign from the Lok Sabha, will vote at the respective Assemblies. Some Salient Facts: - The President is elected through an electoral college that comprisess - Members of Parliament and - State and Union Territory MLAs There are 543 Lok Sabha members, 233 Rajya Sabha members, and 4,120 MLAs from 29 States and two Union Territories National Capital Territory of Delhi and the Union Territory of Puducherry The total number of votes is 10,98,903. Nominated members of Parliament or the Assemblies are not eligible to vote. Besides, members of the Legislative Councils are also not electors.

  3. No Party Whip: As per the election rules, political parties cannot issue any whip to their MPs and MLAs for the presidential election Who is the Returning officer? In consultation with the Union government, the Election Commission appoints the Secretary-General of the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha,by rotation, as the Returning Officer M hoksthe A wtur nie Uinson gevernment the Election Commision appoints the Serial-numbered pens for voting; so as to avoid Haryana type controversy here: Electors have to mark the ballot only with this particular pen and not with any other pen.Voting by using any other pen may lead to invalidation of the vote at the time of counting, under Rule 31 (1) (d) of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Rules, 1974. Article 55 (3) of the Constitution provides that the election shall be held in accordance with the System of Proportional Representation by means of single transferable vote and the voting at such election shall be by secret ballot. In this system, the elector has to mark preferences against the names of the candidates The elector can mark as many preference as the number of candidates.While the marking of the first preference is compulsory for the ballot paper to be valid, other preferences are optional.

  4. Page 3: Safe haven for endangered Egyptian Xuihabitat at the Punjabi Page 3: Safe haven for endangered Egyptian vultures. [GSM-3: ENVIRONMENT] . Breeding of the rare and threatened Egyptian vultures in a human habitat at the Punjabi University campus in Patiala has come as a pleasant surprise for birding enthusiasts. Egyptian vulture is successfully breeding within a human habitation in Punjab and, more importantly, has become a resident species. Egyptian vultures that breed in the temperate regions migrate south in winter while tropical populations are relatively sedentary The Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), one among the globally threatened vulture species found in India, is classified under the 'Endangered' (EN) red list of the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN). The species is popularly known as sofed giddh (white vulture) in Hindi According to BirdLife International, a global partnership of organisations working for the conservation of birds, the present global . [Diclofenac,BNHS]

  5. India has nine species of vultures in the wild These are I. Oriental White-backed Vulture (Gyps bengalensis), 2. Slender billed Vulture 3. (Gyps tenuirostris), (Gyps indicus), Long billed Vulture 4. Egyptian Vulture 5. Red Headed Vulture 6, Indian Griffon Vulture 7. Himalayan Griffon 8. Cinereous Vulture 9. Bearded Vulture or Lammergeier (Neophronpercnopterus), (Sarcogypscalvus), (Gyps fulvus) (Gyps himalayensis), (Aegypiusmonachus) (Gypaetus barbatus) For Daily PRESS INFORMATION BUREAU updates, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  6. Page 10: GM mustard release faces another hurdle.[GSM-3: Agriculture] . Dissent has crept in among agricultural scientists of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) over the possible release of genetically modified mustard. . The GEAC, India's apex regulator for genetically modified seeds, had cleared GM mustard for environmental release and use in farmer fields on May II this year However, the approval is contingent on a final nod from Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan. . In May, NAAS President Panjab Singh wrote to Prime Minister, endorsing DMH-11,a variety of mustard developed by Deepak Pental of Delhi University, a NAAS Fellow, that employs genes from soil bacterium. If approved, it would be the first transgenic edible crop to be grown in Indian fields. . The plant had gone through adequate tests and was declared "safe" and passed regulatory muster. The NAAS-a 625-member body of agricultural scientists -had about 200 scientists in its quorum when it passed a resolution endorsing the GEAC's decision to clear DMH-1 l for mercial field trials.

  7. Note: State governments' No Objection Certificates are required for GM food trails? GEAC had inserted mandatory condition of separate NOCs from states for such trials. So, states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have banned such research activities Page 10: Guardian UAV deal with U.S. still a work in progress Current Scenario: The Navy currently operates Israeli Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs. Navy is keen on acquiring High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) to augment its maritime surveillance capabilities . The other option is to go for Israeli HALE drones, which India is quite familiar with. . Last year, the Navy asked General Atomics for the details of the Guardian, following which company officials made presentations on its capabilities. Given the Sea Guardian's capabilities, such a U.S. response to the Indian Navy's request demonstrates a major change in U.S. policy as this type of aircraft capability is only exported to a very select few of America's closest defence partners. For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  8. Page 12 World News: . President Tayyip Erdogan defiantly stepped up his attacks on the Defiant Erdogan ups the ante European Union, saying Turkey had to go its own way and vowing to bring back the death penalty if Parliament passed it. . The stance of the European Union is clear to see...54 years have passed and they are still messing us about. [Turkey's accession process to the EU is in limbo: only 14 of the 33 chapters]. . Some 150,000 people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs and more than 50,000 detained on suspicion of links with the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for the attempted The coup's defeat has likely ended decades of military interference in Turkish politics. But the purges have sharpened the divide between Erdogan's supporters and Western-facing Turks who want closer ties with Europe. . Critics say Mr. Erdogan is using a state of emergency introduced after the coup to target Opposition figures, including rights activists, politicians

  9. . Turkey: A bridge between East & West More than a dozen members of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) including its two co-leadersare in jail 150 Kilometers tussia Georgia 150 Miles BAKU Azerbailan Erzurum YEREVAN Turkey Kurdish- Tabriz Van inhabited Gaziant Mosul Al Hasakah area Syria SileymaniyahIran As Iraa Kermanshah A number of Kurdish enclaves exist in areas of Turkey, Iran, and traq outside the traditional Kurdish-inhabited areda. BAGHDAD

  10. Page 13 Business News: Govt. clears three export infra plans under TIES The TIES, which is being implemented from 20 17-18 till 201 9-20, has a budgetary allocation of 7000 crore. The scheme's annual outlay is 3200 crore. Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme The scheme would provide assistance for setting up and up-gradation of infrastructure projects with overwhelming export linkages like: -Border Haats, Land customs stations -Quality testing and certification labs, -Cold chains, trade promotion centres, -Dry ports, export warehousing and packaging, SEZs and ports/airports cargo terminuses -Last and first mile connectivity projects related to export logistics. Eligible agencies: The Central and State Agencies, including Export Promotion Councils, Commodities Boards, SEZ Authorities and Apex Trade Bodies recognised under the EXIM policy of Government of India are eligible for financial support under this scheme.

  11. Other Courses by me: Mediumm Timings 1. The Hindu News Analysis 2. The Hindu Editorial Analysis 3. Daily PIB Summary Live Now. 4. Daily MCQs on Current Affairs 5. Yojana/Kurukshetra Analysis Coming son. [Hindi & 6. Indian Polity Crash Course 7. Most Important Current Affairs. [Hindi & English] 9.00 am [Hindi & English] 9.00 am [Hindi & English] 5.00 pm [Hindi & English]7.30 pm English] Ist Sunday [Hindi for now] [Hindi & English]. Periodic Periodic SndpMeely Er ecap of o lmoertane e Sunday-weekly DNA Review: Sunday-weekly Editorial Review: A re-cap of Most Important News of the week A re-cap of Most useful Editorials of the week For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-