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17th July 2017 Part-2: Daily News Analysis(in Hindi)
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Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme

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Till now not a single question is asked from governer (mechanical)
The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) is the apex body constituted in the Ministry of Environment and Forests under 'Rules for Manufacture, Use, Import, Export and Storage of Hazardous Microorganisms/Genetically Engineered Organisms or Cells 1989', under the Environment Protection Act, 1986. The Rules of 1989 also define five competent authorities i.e. the Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBSC), Review Committee of Genetic Manipulation (RCGM), Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), State Biotechnology Coordination Committee (SBCC) and District Level Committee (DLC) for handling of various aspects of the rules.
Sir, why are you wasting our and your time bcs you are all section are complete in part 1 and again repeat slide in part 2 . please see this problem and resolve it.
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Hello, dear i think you have so much time for preparing and you are not serious. Hence, you are stupid thing asking.
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Hello, dear i think you have so much time for preparing and you are not serious. Hence, you are stupid thing asking.
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it's up to you....if you don't want to listen then escape the slide.....but let other to gain the knowledge....
It is established under Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change It is the apex body for approval of activities involving large scale use of hazardous microorganisms and recom­binants It is also responsible for ap­proval of proposals relating to release of genetically engineered organisms and products including experimen­tal field trials
Sir please u only continue taking this course.... Its really helpful to understand the topic and connect with whatever related news was there in the past.... Thankuu
Hi Sir, isn't today news related to medicinal plants in Bengal is important ?
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU July 2017 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  2. Page 10: GM mustard release faces another hurdle.[GSM-3: Agriculture] . Dissent has crept in among agricultural scientists of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) over the possible release of genetically modified mustard. . The GEAC, India's apex regulator for genetically modified seeds, had cleared GM mustard for environmental release and use in farmer fields on May II this year However, the approval is contingent on a final nod from Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan. . In May, NAAS President Panjab Singh wrote to Prime Minister, endorsing DMH-11,a variety of mustard developed by Deepak Pental of Delhi University, a NAAS Fellow, that employs genes from soil bacterium. If approved, it would be the first transgenic edible crop to be grown in Indian fields. . The plant had gone through adequate tests and was declared "safe" and passed regulatory muster. The NAAS-a 625-member body of agricultural scientists -had about 200 scientists in its quorum when it passed a resolution endorsing the GEAC's decision to clear DMH-1 l for mercial field trials.

  3. Note: State governments' No Objection Certificates are required for GM food trails? GEAC had inserted mandatory condition of separate NOCs from states for such trials. So, states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have banned such research activities Page 10: Guardian UAV deal with U.S. still a work in progress Current Scenario: The Navy currently operates Israeli Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs. Navy is keen on acquiring High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) to augment its maritime surveillance capabilities . The other option is to go for Israeli HALE drones, which India is quite familiar with. . Last year, the Navy asked General Atomics for the details of the Guardian, following which company officials made presentations on its capabilities. Given the Sea Guardian's capabilities, such a U.S. response to the Indian Navy's request demonstrates a major change in U.S. policy as this type of aircraft capability is only exported to a very select few of America's closest defence partners. For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  4. Page 12 World News: . President Tayyip Erdogan defiantly stepped up his attacks on the Defiant Erdogan ups the ante European Union, saying Turkey had to go its own way and vowing to bring back the death penalty if Parliament passed it. . The stance of the European Union is clear to see...54 years have passed and they are still messing us about. [Turkey's accession process to the EU is in limbo: only 14 of the 33 chapters]. . Some 150,000 people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs and more than 50,000 detained on suspicion of links with the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for the attempted The coup's defeat has likely ended decades of military interference in Turkish politics. But the purges have sharpened the divide between Erdogan's supporters and Western-facing Turks who want closer ties with Europe. . Critics say Mr. Erdogan is using a state of emergency introduced after the coup to target Opposition figures, including rights activists, politicians

  5. . Turkey: A bridge between East & West More than a dozen members of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) including its two co-leadersare in jail 150 Kilometers tussia Georgia 150 Miles BAKU Azerbailan Erzurum YEREVAN Turkey Kurdish- Tabriz Van inhabited Gaziant Mosul Al Hasakah area Syria SileymaniyahIran As Iraa Kermanshah A number of Kurdish enclaves exist in areas of Turkey, Iran, and traq outside the traditional Kurdish-inhabited areda. BAGHDAD

  6. Page 13 Business News: Govt. clears three export infra plans under TIES The TIES, which is being implemented from 20 17-18 till 201 9-20, has a budgetary allocation of 7000 crore. The scheme's annual outlay is 3200 crore. Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme The scheme would provide assistance for setting up and up-gradation of infrastructure projects with overwhelming export linkages like: -Border Haats, Land customs stations -Quality testing and certification labs, -Cold chains, trade promotion centres, -Dry ports, export warehousing and packaging, SEZs and ports/airports cargo terminuses -Last and first mile connectivity projects related to export logistics. Eligible agencies: The Central and State Agencies, including Export Promotion Councils, Commodities Boards, SEZ Authorities and Apex Trade Bodies recognised under the EXIM policy of Government of India are eligible for financial support under this scheme.

  7. Funding Pattern: The Central Government funding will be in the form of grant-in-aid. normally not more than the equity being put in by the implementing agency or 50% of the total equity in the project. In case of projects located in North Eastern States and Himalayan States including J&K, this grant can be upto 80% of the total equity The grant in aid shall, normally, be subject to a ceiling of Rs 20 Cr for each infrastructure project. Accordingto a March 201 6 report on Export Infrastructure in India, by the Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce: Deficient infrastructure and the manner in which infrastructure is being operated (in India) are the major obstacles to ensure competitiveness in manufacturing of goods and exports thereof. Indian exports lose competitiveness on account of huge logistics costs . It noted that the logistic cost in India is about 14% of the GDP whereas in advanced economies like the U.S. and the European Union, it is 8% and 10% of the GDP respectively.

  8. IBBI notifies rules for bankruptcy probe IBBl (Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India) which is implementing the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), has notified the regulations for inspection and investigation of service providers registered with it . The IBBI has powers to start probe against service providers registered with it without intimating them, according to new regulations Insolvency professional agencies, professionals, entities and information utility are considered as service providers under the Code. . The Code, which provides for a market-determined and time-bound resolution of insolvency proceedings, became operational in December 2016 As per the regulations, the investigation authority has to serve a notice intimating the entity concerned about the probe at least ten days in advance. . However, the requirement could be done away with on grounds such as apprehensions that the records of the particular service provider might be destroyed before the probe starts.

  9. Page 13: RBl push to resolve 8 lakh cr. bad loans The government gave wide-ranging legislative powers to the Reserve Bank of India to issue directions to lenders to initiate insolvency proceedings for the recovery of bad loans that have reached unacceptably high levels . Soon after the notification of the ordinance amending the Banking Resolution Act 1949, the RBl eased the decision-making process in the Joint Lenders' Forum (JLF) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) under the 'Framework for Revitalising Distressed Assets in the Economy.' To begin with, the RBl, empowered by the ordinance initiated the process of resolution and identified l 2 accounts each having more than ,000 crore of out-standing loans and which accounting for 25% or nearly 32 lakh crore of total NPAs of banks for immedi-ate referral for reaching a conclusion under the IBC.

  10. Other Courses by me: Mediumm Timings 1. The Hindu News Analysis 2. The Hindu Editorial Analysis 3. Daily PIB Summary Live Now. 4. Daily MCQs on Current Affairs 5. Yojana/Kurukshetra Analysis Coming son. [Hindi & 6. Indian Polity Crash Course 7. Most Important Current Affairs. [Hindi & English] 9.00 am [Hindi & English] 9.00 am [Hindi & English] 5.00 pm [Hindi & English]7.30 pm English] Ist Sunday [Hindi for now] [Hindi & English]. Periodic Periodic SndpMeely Er ecap of o lmoertane e Sunday-weekly DNA Review: Sunday-weekly Editorial Review: A re-cap of Most Important News of the week A re-cap of Most useful Editorials of the week For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-