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8th July 2017 Part-3: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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Daily News Analysis- Yemen Cholera crisis; G-20 meeting; Israel-UNESCO Hebron city issue

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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Assam is the most famous state in India for tea.
10 months ago
Darjeeling Tea became 1st to get GI tag...
I think you should not read line by line factual info. But highlight how it is important from exam pt of view. Also, highlight exptional case like you mentioned about Indonesia in G20 info. Thanks.
Harshal Bharati
3 years ago
i also agree
Ankit sharma
3 years ago
I find it waste of time now . we have to read "The Hindu " by ourself and there is no shortcut for that.No disrespect for the teacher and the effort he puts is really amazing bt you can't expect everthing to be spoonfeed to you . I have been watching these videos for a long time now and what happened is I finished watching the video in 50 mins plus I have to read the newspaper again that takes another 45 mins . And I find everything in slide has been taken line by line from the newspaper expect for a few addition . it's better to struggle with the paper first and then watch the video if time permits
Sachin Aazad
3 years ago
correct..... Deepanshu was far better than jatin sir
Sir go ahead with details. No worry of part 1,2,3,4,5 nd length moreover, who finds it lengthy always hve an option to avoid it but for me nd to most of the people even minute details matter so its a request don't skip the details. Thnks a million for ur exemplary efforts nd benefitting millions underprivileged.
Thank you sir. You should not read every word ,only in important case.please keep short it and pib also,maximum 20 minute for which we could complete it in short time .Please give also art and culture,s point.thank you so much.
Sachin Aazad
3 years ago
good point....he is reading news point by point... Deepanshu was far better than jatin
Ravi Pathak
3 years ago
Kya bhaisahab.
please continue to Put the factual contents on slide like that of G20, but no need to read it out. We would pause and see the details. It would save time.
your analysis is too suggestion you should read it additional information...and give us some homework also and ask in are going to start a course on polity for this you should tell about a topic which you will upload next day.. so we can read will be easy for us..thank you..
  1. DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS from THE HINDU 8thJuly 2017 By JATIN VERMA Educator Unacademy For Daily The Hindu News & Editorial analysis- Visit my Unacademy profile-

  2. G-20 Summit: Merkel calls for compromise as talks kick of Nearly all G20 leaders agreed on the need for free and fair trade . U.S. President Donald Trump's protectionist instincts and opposition to the Paris Climate Agreement risked isolating him in a forum set up to improve global policy coordination after the 2007 financial crisis. . World leaders, meanwhile, acknowledged U.S. President Donald Trump's divergent stance on climate change, according to a draft communiqu seen by the AFP on Friday. Paris Climate Deallrreversible accord The draft underlines that the 2015 Paris climate accord is "irreversible" and affirms that other G20 nations are committed to the deal while taking note of Washington's decision to quit the agreement. . Ahead of the summit, a key concern among Western allies was whether they would be able to convince If the draft is confirmed in the final statement due to be published on Saturday afternoon, it would reflect . If the draft is confirmed in the final statement due to be published on Saturday afternoon, it would reflect nt on combating global warming. the 19-versus-the-U.S. split over the issue. British Prime Minister Theresa May said world leaders would redouble efforts to persuade Mr.Trump to rejoin the Paris deal. For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  3. What is G-20? The G20 (or G-20 or Group of Twenty) is an international forum for the Govts. and central bank governors from 20 major economies. Founded in 1999, the G20 aims to discuss policy issues pertaining to the promotion of international financial stabili ity. . It seeks to address issues that go beyond the responsibilities of any one organization. . The G20 Heads of Govts. have periodically conferred at summits since their initial meeting in 2008, and the group also hosts separate meetings of Finance Ministers and Foreign ministers due to the expansion of its agenda in recent years. . Membership of the G20 consists of 19 individual countries plus the European Union (EU).The EU is represented by the European Commission and by the European Central Bank. Economic weight: Collectively,the G20 economies account for around 85% of the gross world product (GWP), 80% of world trade (or, if excluding EU intra-trade, 75%), and two-thirds of the world population. For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  4. With the G20 growing in stature after its inaugural leaders summit in 2008, its leaders announced on 25 September 2009 that the group would replace the G-8 as the main economic council of wealthy nations. Indonesia Italy Argentina Australia Brazil Canada China European Union France Germany India Japan Republic of Korea Mexico Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa Turkey United Kingdonm United States of America For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  5. UNESCO puts Hebronindangerlist UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, infuriated Israel on Friday as it voted to list the biblical West Bank city of Hebron, with its holy shrine sacred to both Jews and Muslims, as a world heritage site in danger. Israeli officials complained that the agency described Hebron's Old City as a "Palestinian heritage site," prompting a walkout by Israel's ambassador to the organisation. . It was the latest chapter in Israel's rocky relations with UNESCO, which it accuses of making . The decision draws attention to the situation in Hebron and obliges the World Heritage . Background: On 14 October 1974, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was decisions out of political considerations committee to review its situation every year. recognized by the UN General Assembly as the representative of the Palestinian people and granted the right to participate in the deliberations of the General Assembly on the question of Palestine in plenary meetings For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  6. U.S. warplanes fly over disputed South China Sea CHINA TAIWAN Hanoi Hong Kong . Beijing claims nearly all of the South China Sea, ain parts of which are also claimed by Taiwan and Southeast Asian nations including the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. China has rapidly built reefs in the area into artificial islands capable of hosting military planes China also lays claim to tiny islands in the East China Sea between Japan and the Korean peninsula, and between Japan and Taiwan Paracel slands THAILAND Manila VIETNAM Sprati Islands CAMBODIA PHILIPPINES Ho Chi Minh Cit Kuala umpur BRUNEI . Both freedom of navigation and freedom of MALAYSIA flight over the East and South China Seas were "indisputable INGAPORE INDONESIA China M Malaysia Vietnam Brunei Philippines Taiwan For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  7. . Yemen: Cholera spreads as war,poverty batter Yemen . The war currently battering Yemen has damaged infrastructure and deepened poverty, allowing the disease to come roaring back. Cholera is also on the rise in the Horn of Africa because of long-simmering conflicts there. . Yemen's African neighbours: Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya, have had a total of about 96,000 cholera cases since 2014. . The crises in Africa, however, pale in comparison to the one in Yemen. . Since cholera has spread to a severe outbreak began in late April,according to UNICEF 21 of the country's 22 provinces, infecting at least 2,69,608 people and killing at least 1,614. In October, the govt. stopped paying civil servants, prompting strikes from sanitation workers and leading to garbage pileups and septic backups. That contaminated the wells that many Yemenis rely on for water, providing the ideal environment for cholera to spread.

  8. Saudi bombing:_ Yemen's conflict began when Shia rebels known as the Houthis took over the capital, Sanaa, in 2014, later toppling the government. In response, the Sunni kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries launched an air campaign against the rebels with support from the United States in March 2015. HORNOF AFRIC SAUDI ARAREA The campaign has so far failed to reinstall the internationally recognised president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, but the fightingand air-strikes have killed more than 8,000 people and displaced at least 3 million, the UN says. Fact: The Horn of Africa denotes the SOMALIA region containing the countries of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  9. Other Courses by me: Mediumm Timings 1. The Hindu News Analysis 2. The Hindu Editorial Analysis 3. Daily PIB Summary Live Now. 4. Daily MCQs on Current Affairs 5. Yojana/Kurukshetra Analysis Coming son. [Hindi & 6. Indian Polity Crash Course 7. Most Important Current Affairs. [Hindi & English] 9.00 am [Hindi & English] 9.00 am [Hindi & English] 5.00 pm [Hindi & English]7.30 pm English] Ist Sunday [Hindi for now] [Hindi & English]. Periodic Periodic SndpMeely Er ecap of o lmoertane e Sunday-weekly DNA Review: Sunday-weekly Editorial Review: A re-cap of Most Important News of the week A re-cap of Most useful Editorials of the week For Indian Polity Crash course, Visit my Unacademy profile-

  10. T (7) Jatin verma-Unacademy D The Hindu UPSC Secure Q jatin verma Searching for "jatin verma" EDUCATORS MORE EDUCATORS JS Jatin Verma Mahesh Verma Jatin Dewan Shruti Verma Jatin Sharma COURSES MORE COURSES LESSONS MORE LESSONS (Hindi) The Hindu-Daily Editorial Analysis for June 2017 UPSC CSE Prelims: Trend Analysis Jatin Verma How To Study For Civil Services Mai y For Civil Services Ma. The Hindu Daily News Analysis for June 2017 yJatin Vem udy For Civil Services Ma. 20th June 2017 Part-2: Daily News . 21st June 2017 Part-1: Daily News A.. How To Study For Civil Services Mai The Hindu Daily News Analysis July 2017 yJatin Vem The Hindu- Daily Editorial Analysis for June 2017 By Jatin Verma (Hindi) The Hindu- Daily News Analysis for June 2017 By atin Verma