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IR_India Nepal Current Relations (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson deals with dimensions of India-Nepal Relations - the uniqueness of our relations, the current state of relations- Amb Rakesh Sood’s assessment of “new low” in relations. This lesson is on the subject political science and international relation subject and will be beneficial for the student studying this subject for UPSC CSE GS portion, Mains optional, High school, Bachelor and Masters.

Aaditya Mishra
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s krishna i agree that much emphasis is being given to answer writing but that is what I feel was lacking while I was preparing. Because the examiner wont judge us on what we know but on what we write. Still thanks for the feedback
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Yes srajan that was a mistake it was janakpur of Sita ma. Thanks for pointing out.
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A very well structured and insightful course.. Thank you..
  1. IR-INDIA NEPAL RELATIONS Presented by: Aaditya Mishra

  2. Titles: 1 World order Already covered - WO part 1, 2 & 3 2. Foreign policy Already covered- IFP part 1, 2 & 3. India and it's neighbour- Nepal 4. India and it's neighbour- Pakistan, Afghanistan 5. India and it's neighbour- Bhutan, Bangladesh 6. India and it's neighbour- Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Seychelles 7. India and it's neighbour- Myanmar, Great Game of East. 8. ACT East policy 9. India and China 10. Changing Economic Order- BRICS, AlIB. 11. India- Russia 12. India and CAR( central Asian republic) 13. India and West Asia- IRAN, Syria, Yemen 14. Israel-Palestine issue 15. India- USA

  3. Few Misc things PPT's=> Follow me on issuu to get all the recent ppts. here is the link to 1st PPT . ir world order . Or at => .Due credits to my teachers Mrs. Shubhra Ranjan and Dr. Khan . Feedback is as important as watching the video. Plz let us know what can be the improvements. What should be death with more comprehensively etc.

  4. INDIA-NEPAL - WHAT TO PREPARE? Most imp is "current status and issues" . 1950 Treaty of Peace and Friendship Disputes- border( Kalapani and Susta) India's involvement in Nepal's domestic policy . India's policy towards Nepal- continuity, changes and weaknesses

  5. "Roti-Beti ka Sambandh" . Unique relations common culture, bound by language, religion, civilisation and mythology (Ramayana and Shakuni mama) Civilisational links run through Lumbini to Bodh Gaya, Pashupati nath to Kashi Vishwanath. * Hardly any e.g. in world where People2People contacts are so intimate.

  6. "Roti-Beti ka Sambandh" P Nehru had done earliest experiment in economic dependence" permitted "open border", "national treatment" to Nepali citizens (today out of 28 million, 20% live in India) . But in Nepal, India is projected as bullying big brother According to Amb. Rakesh Sood: "India Nepal relations are too close and this closeness brings complexities too and hence needed to be handled with extra care."

  7. Current Status of Relations Rakesh Sood: India Nepal relations have hit a "new low Why he says "new low" India recently took Nepal to Human Rights Council for alleged HR violation, extra judicial killings etc. Timing: This has come at a phase when Nepal is becoming a republic- has been used by Nepali politicians to create negative propaganda Blockade of the "essential supplies Follow up: Plz follow up on this issue for mains 2016 as new developments take place

  8. Current Status of Relations KP Oli said "blockade by India of essential commodities is more inhumane than during wars" . This has led to warming up of relations btw Nepal and China (promising 100 metric tonnes of oil) India has not welcomed the constitution passed by the Nepal's constituent assembly Nepali politicians claim that India tacitly supports Madhesis and are responsible for political turmoil.

  9. HR council issue . India has asked for 4 things: . Nepal should consolidate constitution building and democratise the process by accommodating all sections of the Nepal(we will see in future parts of the lesson which groups are have what issues). . make Truth and Reconcnmm including prosecution make Truth and Reconciliation comm and full implementation of its recomm including prosecution independence and financial autonomy of NHRC set up independent comm for Children and Womern

  10. 2014-relations with PM Modi's Neighbourhood 1st policy Nepal is in a phase of transition since 2006 Hence their has been a stage of "stagnation" in our relations. 13 EAM's visit to Nepal- India Nepal Joint Commission after 23 years PM Modi started on a very high note and tried to "reset the relations" and to a large extent was successful in uplifting from the current state of stagnations - e.g. visit Aug 2014, Power Trading Agreement btw India n Nepal