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How to make amazing revision notes for UPSC-CSE with the help of India - Central Asia Relations
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This lesson deals with art of notes making and in the process covers the region of Central Asia. If you have notes of this sort for all the major topics your revision becomes more productive

Aaditya Mishra
You should follow my courses to get knowledge and not marks. I am no sir/teacher, just your friend.

Unacademy user
yours teaching reducing my preparation and saving time
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
these lessons are very comprehensive, covers all dimensions and immensely helpful for mains....pls complete the series before mains..thank u :)
Thank you so much Aditya Sir for sharing such awesome lessons in unacademy and issuu.
sirrr its request to uuuuu plz also make videos in hindi its request from all hindi students nd thnkuuuu for this wonderful work
Aaditya Mishra
3 years ago
I can understand your concern, but the fact is I don't know many terminologies of IR in Hindi, hence I would not be able to come up with precise content. I would request you to please download the pdf from ISSUU and then go through the slides and watch video again. This would take some time but trust me you will have much better retention than any other person who is just watching the video. Still I will try my best to say things as slowly as possible so that it helps you. Thanks for the interest and kind words, hope you would benefit from the lessons. All the best for your preparation.
thnku very much..
Sirisha Siri
3 years ago
sir, when are you going to start polity series? literally waiting for it.
3 years ago
Dost i heartly thank you for this series and i also want to know total kitne videos ayenge is series that i may manage the whole schedule.
Shazil Khan
2 years ago
Sir, That wont be an issue, terms are okay whether they are in english or hindi, the whole concept can be understood better if lectures comes in Hindi
Saurabh Kumar
2 years ago
Congratulations sir for making into the coveted list....
Best Lessons Ever seen on International Relations. Aaditya Sir its a request please complete the series asap.

  2. COLLECTION: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS About me: Graduation from NIT, Bhopal- 2015 Wrote Mains Pdf of this lesson is available at ISSUU.COM (link in le at ISSUU.COM (link in the description below) Follow me: RATE, REVIEW & RECOMMEND Contribute if this helps you. Mishra

  3. HISTORY HISTORICAL CONNECT- Uttarapatha in Mahabharata to place of origin of Babur Great silk road crossroads of religion, philosophy, commerce etc. British played "GREAT GAME" in 19th but PARTITION PHYSICALLY cut off n death knell on our northern outreach .SOVIET GAVE US ACCESS Today also-level of POLITICAL Uncertainty because most are dynastic regimes egines

  4. NEW "GREAT GAME"- HENCE THE URGENCY o Moscow- traditional player, Coll sec treaty org(CSTO), EEU China main contestant for multiple motives - hence creating infrastructure+ OBOR( 40bnS fund)+ SCo "energy"+ "Xinjiang" -say "thickest piece of cake given by the heavens"already invested 50bn $ US and allies- >Afghanistan, ripple of Ukraine, worried of uncertainty of succession, may take "Arab spring" route and have proposed- "New Silk Road" succesion, may take Arab spring" route and have proposed New Silk Road' EuropUkraine, energy directly from source like NABUCCO pipeline 3000kms- to reduce European dependency on Russian energy, Southern Gas Corridor- to take gas from Caspian sea to Europe

  5. WHAT STOPS INDIA TO BE IN THE GREAT GAME 1990- not had the instruments of economic n financial leverage; GEOPOLITICAL CONSTRAINS - Pak hostility, Afghan instability, lack of physical connectivity; lack of scholarly understanding:-> so we actually LACKED STRATEGIC CLARITY INDIA'S APPROACH - economic diplomacy, developmental assistance, Capacity Building n HR development ; IT; Pharma n health care and MSME

  6. CONNECT CA POLICY-2012 COROLLARY TO LEP- CONNECT Central Asia POLICY 2012- lost traction, not gained currency due to bureaucratic lethargy, lack of understanding of region, lack of cultural n P2P exchange. CAP 2012 wanted greater connectivity, but largely not explored; presently we don't have any easy trasnsit passage; land link or imp transit services. e we gained legitimac we gained legitimacy but not enough depth

  7. WHY CAR ?? KAZAKHSTAN-relationship thru BUDDHISM N SUFI, largest, middle income country, 4th largest nuke-12% MATERIAL, Open market growth of 6-7%; 12th largest oil; 5trn cu mtrs gas, 2nd largests Hydrocarbon reserve; largest Cu reserve diversifying argi, pharma, IT, petrochemical, biotech, MSME - India can help. Past record of India bad esp in case of bidding of oil fields,75% of our trade from this in CAR; e terrorism convergence Sovereign wealth fund of 100bn$ huge cultivable area barren; land leasing easy, soil good for soya based products- which have demand in Japan, Taiwan etc and leasing easy, so I good for soya based products, which have t

  8. WHY CAR ?? o Kyrgystan - hydro-1800 Mw; 100 micro projects planned; Chu valley for agriculture. Uzbekistan - 9th of gold; 6th of cotton; need JV in mining, hydro-power food processing Turkmenistan - 4th largest Natural gas reserves, TAPI pipeline Security concerns in regions - MAY BECOME NEW ARC OF INSTABILITY from Chechnya to Ferghana; Isalamic movement of Uzbekistan in Af-pak region; ISIS influence ; GOLDEN CRESCENT

  9. INDIA'S ATTRACTION India's attraction >tourism; o ayurveda, naturopathy and other alternative therapy, spirituality to Tea, pharmaceutical to silk n textile; IT to construction; agro industry

  10. INDIA SHOULD DO?? Connectivity - talks of Iran, India Turk transit even in 1995; Chabahar from 2003 n then upgraded Chabahar-Zaranj Delaram road; .INSTC 2014- INDIA RUSSIA SUMIT said work to connect Nhava Shava to Astrakan; o India Russia oil gas pipeline 40bn $ can have regional artilleries; RIC can coop for LADAKH-XINJIANG N KAZAKH connectivity