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IR- India Bangladesh Relations Part 2- Current State Of Relations (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson deals with dimensions of India-Bangladesh Relations - reasons for the perception of benign neglect, diversification of Bangladeshi foreign policy, outcomes of the July 2014 visit of EAM together with the weakness of IFP i.e. weak implementation of commitments made. This lesson is on the subject political science and international relation subject and will be beneficial for the student studying this subject for UPSC CSE GS portion, Mains optional, High school, Bachelor and Masters.

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  1. India Bangladesh

  2. What to read? India Bangladesh LAND BOUNDARY AGREEMENT .illegal migration, illegal trade, drugs and human trafficking . current state of relations and issues involved Teesta Water sharing agreement . Importance of Bangladesh for India. . Internal politics of Bangladesh- Battle of Begums and India. . Assessment of our foreign policy.

  3. AWAMI LEAGUE (SHEIKH HASINA) BANGL. NATIONALIST PARTY +JAMAT-e-Islami POWER CENTRE Post 2008 elections: Brute majority Post 2014 elections 232 /300 seats in Parliament because BNP boycotted the elections Because of Boycott by major political party this govt faces "crisis of legitimacy" Pre 2008 Boycotted the 2014 elections on the pretext that ruling govt would not allow free and fair elections Took to street protests and violence factionalism TERM Pro Indian policies: 1. Counter terrorism coop 2. No free hand to ISI 3. Control over fundamentalist Not particularly pro India 1. Coalition partner JAMAT- fundamentalist, extremist elements get free hand Policies fringe elements 2. Cosies up with China and 4. Help in curbing anti India Pak activities on the border front. 3. Less Counter terror coop 5. Coop in extradition

  4. AWAMI LEAGUE (SHEIKH HASINA) BANGL. NATIONALIST PARTY +JAMAT-e-Islami POWER CENTRE 1. Going ahead with war crime 1. Not particularly wanting trials and punishing criminals war crime trials 2. Many leaders of JAMAT also 2. Dependent on Jamat Stands on various Issues were hanged because of their roles in 1971 war crimes. cadres for its ground activities hence ground situation becomes out of control 3. Using China, Japan and India at the same time 1. Land Boundary agreement(done in 2015) 1. Not much as it is relying on anti India rhetoric for political mobilisation 2. Teesta water sharing What it expects from India agreement 3. faster implementation of our 2. Wants to play China card promises with India

  5. AWAMI LEAGUE (SHEIKH HASINA) BANGL. NATIONALIST PARTY + JAMAT-e-Islami POWER CENTRE 1. Faster ground implementation 1 1. Develop positive relations 2. A favourabl le Teesta water with BNP also as China 2. Develop across the party 3. Recent meeting of EAM sharing agreement has. What India needs 3 to do ? 3. Transit agreement for India. 4. Coop in energy exploration consensus front, environmental conservation, regulate illegal migration issue, better people to people cooperation. with Khalida Zia.

  6. Geography intertwines both countries India's North East is Bangladesh locked and Bangladesh is lndia locked asa Tarmar Ngam, ri n g 01 o Xigaze Rinbung Z tan9 TIBET Gyangz Pokhara C HIN A NEPAL autanwa O ARUNACHAL PRADESH (DISPUTED) Dibrugarh rth Lakhimpur Kathmandu KKI Thimphu Gorakh put Ga BHUTAN Duidam T zpur Jorh Magauwn g Htingnu Tsavol a AGALAND Namkagan Mogaung Darbhan Guwah ti Chhapra Patna R ngpur Myitkyin Varanasi Bhagalpur MEGHALAYA Gayra Imphal Hka-u ANIPU Minya Nantan Raish hio Pabna Bokaro Madangyang Dhaka Ranchi MYANMAR Asansol ANGLADESH Ambik Fa Tripura M ng Mit BIHAR Kolkata Khulna Zorarg nj Ye-u Hsip aw Monywao garh oRaurketa ataigarh BANGLA Chittagong Mandalay Baraonl Ukhiya Sambalpur ORIS SA Meiktila Taunggvi Chauk India-Bangladesh Borderna Yenangyaung Kyaukpanduywama Bhubaneshwar o Laukpale Sittwe Khamaung 2001 MicrosofttCCMPAG rights reserved Kya ukpyu D auwhku-li

  7. Relations Perception in Bangladesh that India has neglected them "benign neglect' 13 . we promise much but not deliver e.g. Dredgers for removing the silt- in process Rail link- Agartala and Akhaura 15 kms link from 2010 bot yet completed Rail modernisation is a part in LOC but not yet done. Land bridge over River Feni - promised in 2010 not yet done. Not given due importance to Bangladesh in our foreign policy. . Amb G Parthasarthi: Indian foreign policy is at times perceived to be too"Pak centric."

  8. Relations . Improvement after "Look east" policy focus on increasing the connectivity through Bangladesh. Boasoloy and come cut of Bangladesh had also diversified its foreign policy and come out of India's shadow . It is using its geo-strategic position, cheap labour, ports to promote economic developments. . 2nd largest textile exports, good social indicators, growing at around 7% per annum. . Diplomatically maintains good relations with China and Japan also. Plays China card with India n Japan and India Japan Card with China.

  9. India Bangladesh EAM's 1st standalone visit in July 2014 increasing the frequency of Moitree Express, selling additional 100 MW electricity from Iripura, reducing incidents of boarder killings Start a new bus service from Dhaka-Shillong- Guwahati and five year multi-entry visa to children under the age of 18 and people above the age of 65, open four more Border Haats in Meghalaya, extradite Bangladeshi criminals who use the porous border to take refuge in India after committing crime in Bangladesh

  10. India Bangladesh Sushma Swaraj also met Khalida Zia of BNP sign to India trying to build goodwill across the parties BNP also changing as earlier they have refused to meet President Pranab Mukherjee counter: Amb Pinak RanjanChakravarti -" BNP had dual policy- when not in power it comes close to lndia but when irn power it cosies with China and Pakistan.