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Daily MCQs Series - 54 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Talvir Singh
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????good job niki
Xin Psybernet
a year ago
thank you student
sir ek din ma itne sàare mcq dal rhe ho time khan hota hai itna
9/10 thank u sir for these mcq

  2. MCQ SERIES 54

  3. 90. Working capital management involves all of the following except . . A. short term financing decisions * B. short-term investment decisions C. fixed assets D. interest rates . E. selection of loan currencies

  4. . 91. Which of the following is not a document involved in foreign trade? . A. bill of lading B. commercial paper . C. letter of credit . D. draft * E. insurance document

  5. 92. A draft or a bill of exchange in international trade financing is an order to pay written by__. A. an importer. . B. am importer's bank .C. an exporter's bank D. an exporter E. an importer's insurance company

  6. 93. Internal sources of funds available for foreign investment do not include . A. the parent equity contributions . B. the parent direct loans C. funds provided by operations from retained earnings D. intersubsidiary fund transfers . E. commercial bank loans

  7. 94. When a foreign subsidiary has difficulty in borrowing money, a parent may provide its subsidiary a loan guarantee through the following form(s) A. the parent may sign a purchase agreement to buy its subsidiary's promissory note . from the lender . B. the parent may guarantee a specific loan agreement . C. the parent may guarantee all loans to the subsidiary . D. all of the above .E. none of the above

  8. 95. Loans from sister subsidiaries are considered to be A. an internal source of funding .B. an external source of funding . C. an external source of borrowing D. a form of cash dividends E. none of the above

  9. 96. A correlation coefficient in portfolio management measures . A. the degree of correlation between two or more securitie:s B. the degree of variance C. the degree of past relationship D. the degree of certainty E. all of the above . .

  10. 97. Which of the following is not an oligopoly- created advantage of foreign direct investment for investing companies? . A. proprietary technology . B. management know-how . C. access to scarce raw materials . D. political advantage . E. financial economies of scale

  11. 99. Modes of foreign direct investments do not include the following. . A. construction of new plants abroad . B. exports . C. mergers and acquisitions of foreign firms . D. international joint ventures E. international equity alliances