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5th July 2017 Part-3: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
Emotional governance- As we know that the foundation of Indian governance and is based on the consitution which is itself flexible on those matter which are related deeply or even softly with the public matters to make society run easily with peace and security and maintain a humanine condition for the people. Governance does not means rigid laws to be follwed for the benefit of the society becuase Indian term of Governance is based on the welfare of the people. so emotional governance must exist In the countries like India where people have different conditions to deal with as we are not developed yet completely and our society dont have that much resources to fullfill there requirements, but this does not means to overrule the Rule of law. Emotional governance can be initiaed in the matters such as recently in the news where a women named ms.Ghate a pregnant lady whose Foetus of more than 21 weeks old is suffering form Arnol Chiari type 2 syndrome which is a diesese causing damage to brain and spine. as this lady belongs to low income family where her husband merly earns 21000 per month and she to has left job due to pregnance and in past she had a brother who was mentaly disable so its difficult her to surivie again in the situation like this, she went to court and Supreme court allows her to abort which is a good example of Emotional governance.
Sachin Aazad
2 years ago
nice bro
sachin Aazab friend imporvememnt k lie kuch batae mujhe...