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The Hindu DNA 24th January 2019
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
Einstein got noble prize in1921 for photoelectric effect.
  1. 24th January 2019 O Doing away with oral mention for urgent cases- reduce delay pendency India conducts largest coastal security drill, Exercise sea vigil An electoral intervention that has clicked GS2 election Pros and cons of EVM Pros- Ease of election procedure , leading to improved voter turnout as well as faster results +abeted election frauds like booth capturing + resolved invalid votes issue Cons- Doubts over hacking compromises transparency( Voter doesnt have avenue to verify his choice) +Compromises secrecy( booth wise voting pattern can be deciphered) + frequent malfunctioning The gap within GS2 federalism Increasing divergence among rich and poor states-only two of the eight low income States in 2013 had growth rates above the national average over the next five years Why such a case- Strong institutions uplholding rule of law and competitive marketplace in richer state Quality of public spending

  2. O Moving away from 1 percent GS2 health issues health financing transition - As countries become richer, their spending on healh increases and share of out of pocket expenditure decreases .social solidarity for redistribution of resources to the less advantaged is the key element in pushing for public policies that expand pooled funding to provide health care NHM-0.2 % GDP spending + Budgetry spending for 2018-19 reduced by 2% than previous year Total govt expenditure(Centre+state) is 1% only Actual health expenditure is less than targetted expenditure South Africa's new Indian migrants GS2 IR . Durban area +colonial indentured labours cntemporary traders +positive social and economic impact on + Johannesburg economy driven by migrants But concerns like- Xenophobia + Gupta brothers scandal + Perception that migrants are taking away jobs

  3. Assamese scholar Hiren Gohain and Manipur journalist Kishorchandra Wangkhem are prominent among those booked in recent days. Wangkhem has also been detained under the National Security Act. Use this as example as isues of sec124A of IPC(Sedition act) .