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(hindi) 20th November 2018 The Hindu DNA
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
Thank you Roman sir... thanks to unacademy......... Plz make lessons like this for remaining ncerts for geography......... {Entire Geography Class 6 NCERT explained through MCQs (UPSC and SSC exams)}........... this will be very helpful for us....
thanks sir, Wt is ur optional
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
public administration brother
  1. 20th November 2018 NSA, Minister hampered Asthana probe: CBI officer page 1 Although Seems important, but since its just an allegation , we cant use this as an instance of undermining CBI,s autonomy. Govt., RBI call truce after a marathon board meeting page 1 GS3 indian economy and issues, GS 2 regulatory bodies Covering this RBl vs Govt standoff from Independence of RBI vs accountability debate is enough-we already did that Cover from dimensions like-Why RBl independence important? .Why complete independence isn't feasible? Mechanism for RBl,s independence ,is it undermined in recent times? Example from central bank of other country A new bank scam using Google Maps loophole page 1 GS3 challenges of Cyber security Fraudulently uploading contact details in Google maps,to social engineer victims into beiliving the contact to be genuine.Who ultimately divulge bank details Cite this as example of new form of cyber security challenge .

  2. innovative crop drying technology to boost harvest page 1 GS3 e-technology in aid of farmers Solar Bubble Dryer in Odisha-to dry out crops in post harvest stage-to reduce moisture content, alternative to sundrying SC to direct States on draft witness protection scheme GS2 important aspects of transparency andaccountability In article no concrete info on what are the provisions of the scheme-you have to do witness protection from a more holistic point of view Why witness protection important-SC in Neelam Katara case -'witness are eyes and ears of justice system-if witnesses are intimidated or allured the foundation of edifice of justice gets weakened' In india, no witness protection law as of now(Malimath committee recommended for a law) Witness protection bill 2015 was presented in parliament but still not passed, Features of the bil formulation of witness protection program-National witness protection council and state witness protection councils to ensure implementation--stringent punishment in case of contravention--Stringent actions against false testimonies .But police state subject-witness protection responsibilty of the state-so reluctance by state-also huge cost of the program-so states don't want to incur cost On 'Witness are eves and ears of iustice system' critically analvze the need of witness

  3. Literacy levels in rural India suffer from migration of families About 28% of youth aged 15 to 19 in these households were illiterate or had not completed primary school, compared to 18% of the cohort overall,"-use this data in GS2 issues relating to social sector like education. But some steps have been taken-RTE mandated local authorities to take in migrant children The report shows there is only one urban planner for every 1,00,000 people in India, while there are 38 for every 1, 00,000 in the United Kingdom. Important for GS1 urbanization . . Maldivian reprieve page 8 GS2 IR india and neighbourhood relations India Maldive relations-Cold uptill now why? Former president yameen seen to be pro China and acted against India's interest(GMR contract renegation, Visa strictness for Indians, provocative speeches against India) Now,New president Solih, More accoodative to India's interest,closer to pro India former President Nasheed, Bonhomie evident in swearing ceremony where Modi got special treatment However chinese influence unlikely to be reduced drastically Conclusion- Inda-maldive relation looking positive in near future,India need to be receptive of it so as to build a collective, prosper-ous and peaceful

  4. Criteria for the courts page 8 GS2 judicial appointment issue The article is tough to comprehend, but mostly focuses on reforming the current collegium system of appointment to higher judiciary-Not so exam worthy as collegium system issues already must have been done as part of judicial appointment issues(1st judges case, 2nd,3rd judges case, NJAC) .One important aspect focused in article is- Should constitutional philosophy of the judge be a yardstick for judges selection?? Think about it-try to link it with USA where such a consideration is taken Quota math page 8-Not so important- GS1 Society, GS2 Vulnerable sections of society but you need to analyse the issue of demand of quota by jats,patels,Marathas on a whole-why such demand-are they justified?? Doesn't it erodes the very purpose of reservation in India?? A 21st century revolution- Big article- whats important??just one satement- Standalone faeces processing toilet can be key to India's sanitation woes..Baaki was bol bachchan Science outside labs GS 3 Science topic Outreach programmes do a lot to break the notion that research can be understood only by people within the lab. They do, however, suffer from a couple of drawbacks suchas of scalability and of reaching beyond urban borders