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The hindu 20th December 2018 DNA
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
Siddhant Jain
2 years ago
Thank you
thank you sir. keep guiding us😊
  1. 20th December 2018 9% growth by 2022 must to generate jobs: NITI Aayog NITI ayog released New India document yesterday .Very Very important document for Mains Gold Mine of fodder points I will try to complete a lecture series for this whole document(230 Pages doc) Give me a week,s time.. In the meanwhile, Do read the document and make notes O Manipur scribe arrested under NSA for one year gs2 Manipur journalist arrested for using foul language against Chief Minister in social Media. Freedom of expression vs Right to reputation( art 21 right to life) Misuse of Sedition laws..use this example to quote

  2. A river running dry GS3 environmental pollution . The article is critical of Hydropower projects in Ganga Negative effects- Deforestation, Displacement loss of agriculture damage Drying water ecosystenm Muck is generated during construction- Unplanned disposition of these mucks caused Srinagar floods 2013 Overestimating hydropower potential-Manen Dam working at 40% of Potential. .Restricts sediment deposits downstream. .the compromised eflows are maintained. The result of such a relentless push for hydropower Solution .Scientific ecological analysis before granting new hydel projects projects is that only 80 km of a 2,500 kmlong river now remains in the AviralNirmal state. Increasing the requirement of maintaining flows from current 20% of monthly average to 50%.