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4th December 2018 The Hindu DNA
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

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  1. 4th December 2018 Qatar to quit OPEC next month mostly important for prelims- The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a group of oil-producing nations that was first established in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1960. OPEC is one of the most powerful international organizations in the world and was a major player in the shift towards state control over natural resources. 15 Member currently- Algeria + Angola + Congo Nigeria + Libya Gabon+ Equatorial Guinea Ecuador Venezuela Iraq Qatar( Will beremoved from 2019) Saudi Arabia +UAE +Kuwait Iran Rail services disrupted during vstir for HC Bench in Balangir page 1 GS2 structure, functioning andd org of judiciary Recently other areas in different states also agitated for a bench in their region(western UP) .These issue raise the question as to can increasing bench no. can solve the fundamental problems faced by judiciary? Questions like- abysmal functioning of subordinate judiciary in India has created demand for High court benches in some regions. Do you agree?Does

  2. Woman Maoist surrenders page 1 GS3 Security and GS4 These news seem trivial, but raises very deep questions that has ethical dimensions- Should a Naxalite that has been suspected of being involved in murders in past be given a lenient treatment in surrender and rehab policy?? Ethical issues in surrender and rehab policy- Unequal treatment-Doesn't change the attitude that made him/her naxalite in first place-means end dilemma(means might not be justified)- . Think deeply on these issues as a common man Sex-sorted semen to control stray bulls GS 3 Agriculture and livestock . Sorted semen- high chances that female calf will be born-serves two purpose 1) Increase milch cow population, so milk productivity increases 2) tackles stray bull population But raises ethical issues also-sex selective conception(in humans its sex selective abortion) Think a bit on these lines Uneasy fields GS 3 agriculture . agriculture sector clocked a growth of just 3.8% (on a gross value added basis) in the second quarter of this fiscal, compared to the 5.3% recorded in the preceding quarter.

  3. Tariff truce GS 3 Economic issues and GS2 effect of policies of developed countries on india Xi and Trump agrees for 90 day truce-significant event- but on a whole you need to cover trade war on these dimensons- Why tradewar like situation arouse( failure of WTO-v.imp as UPSC has some affinity for WTO) Effect of trade war on world and importantly India( +, both). What should India do- What should world do On-Rising threat of trade war is a consequence of failure of multilateral trading regime like WTO. Critically comment Make planning fashionable again GS3 planning, industrial policy The author argues for planning in post globalised Indian economy to achieve labour intensive growth.. Except these,l don't think the author has written anything new that an average UPSC aspirant doesn't knows On.Planning has lost its importance post NITI aayog. Comment The boundaries of ethics GS4 ethics of gene editing However the artice doesn't have good fodder points for the above topics 1) Interference with God's creation or evolutionary process 2) Justice and equity issue- Expensive so only rich can access-widening gulf 3) Risk of Frankenstein monster 4) Issue of informed consent not being taken -as embryos cant be consented before deciding what traits they imbibe through gene editing Gene editing risks the fate of our future generations- is it ethically justified that we determine their fate?? 5)