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9th December 2018 The Hindu DNA
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

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Hats off to the dedication you're showing ! Keep working 🌻
  1. 9th December 2018 O Cloud over key Tibetan meet as Delhi stalls Karmapa's return Page 1 Prelims .17th Karmapa-Head of Karma Kagyupa or Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism( P.hd Not needed) .Tibetan Buddhism-or Lamaism is State religion of Bhutan 4 A)Nyingmapa B) Kagyupa (Karmapa is head)(Rumtek Monastery Sikkim is seat of Karmapa) C) Sakyapa D) Gelugpa(Dalai Lama is temporal head) Report on toxic, talc worries India GS2 issues relating to health and Prelims Canadian report indicates that talcum powder can cause respiratory ailments as well as cancer(when used in private parts).This finding once again highlights the issue of cosmetics posing grave threat to human health

  2. D CJl spotlights the law on death penalty GS 2 -Indian constitution- Features,Provisions, GS4 .Recent debate on Death Penalty, be it on its ethicality or propriety makes issue of death penalty very important for GS2 and GS4 in Mains 2019 Make notes on it- Argument for Death penalty-retributive + deterrent + only in rarest of rare case + point of no reform of the criminal Argument against- Right to life sacrosanct(art 21) No clear evidence that death penalty acts as effective deterrent +Against Human dignity + leaves out scope for reformation + Killing the criminal doesn't necessarily kills the crime And in the end write you own firm opinion, don't be diplomatic here, if the question asks do you think death penalty should be removed. O Kings, clowns and climate change Page 13 . The article isn't helpful for exam..leave it

  3. O Why are farmers all over India on the streets? Page 12 GS3 Agriculture, important data to quote in Mains .more than 3 lakh farmers have killed themselves in the last two decades. Almost 70% of agricultural households spend more than they earn and almost a quarter of all farmers live below the poverty line. Apart from these, the article is a good read, but for a well read aspirant, most of the issues with agriculture must have been known beforehand. Nevertheless if you find any new agriculture issue worthy of your notes, note it down O Banded Sea Krait Prelims IUCN-LC Venomous Eastern Indian ocean and weste

  4. Brick Temple of Bhitargaon(near Kanpur) Prelims Amazing as brick temples don't survive for so long(oldest remaining brick Hindu Shrine) Gupta Period . .5th-6th Century AD Nagara Style Cunningham first official to visit the temple Auroville shows the way to eco-friendly lifestyle part-2 page 2 GS 3 environmental pollutiorn The international township promotes use of alternatives to plastics and innovative recycling or up cycling of non-biodegradable material. Case study to quote in Mains GS3 plastic waste and solid waste questions