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(Hindi)19th November 2018 The Hindu
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
Budget passing seq: discussion on budget-vote on account - finance bill-appropriation bill
HELLO SIR! Your newspaper analysis is very good above all the available plethora of daily news analysis . I would definitely like to write answers of your question so you can check, comment and suggest on my answers. Can I whatsapp you my answers ?
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
I am not o. WhatsApp bro
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
I am on telegram though..mahesh_agarwal
  1. MYSELF MAHESH KUMAR AGARWAL B.Tech From IIT ISM Dhanbad .99.9 Percentile in CAT e Cleared SIDBI grade A e Cleared SSC CGL 2016 as GST inspector e Cleared UPSC Prelims thrice in 3 attempts

  2. 19th November 2018 3 killed, 15 injured in attack on religious group in Punjab page 1 Prelims and mains GS1 Sikh reform movement Nirankari important for prelims. Nirankari movement began 19th century by Baba Dyal Singh-accepted authority of living guru ,unlike Sikhs(no living guru after 10th Guru Gobind singh ji) .Believed that god if FORMLESS .Later one sect bifurcted to form Sant Nirankari mission under Baba Buta Singh in 1929 Aim-Universal brotherhood Modi govt. divested twice as much as UPA page 1 GS3 ..important data on divestment GS3 mobilisation of resource-58% divestment since 1991 has been achieved in last 5 years-cite this data to highlight that divestment has improved in recent years In qn like- Evaluate the divestment policy of India. Do you think the recent improvement in Divestment scenario is a positive signal for the economy as a whole? Critically analyze. Tiger translocation may continue: NTCA important for Prelims First inter state tiger translocation in India from MP to Odisha-Satkosia tiger reserve in Odisha Satkosia Tiger reserve-Near Mahanadi-Eastern Ghats-Moist deciduos forest

  3. Further stressed by thermal power page 8 -Composite water management index by NITI Ayog 600 million face high to extreme water stress in India-Use this data to highlight issue of water stress in India for GS3-VVIP data It predicts that a persistent water crisis will lead to an eventual 6% loss in the country's Gross Domestic Product by 2030.Agagin VVIP data highlighting why we urgently need to address water stress However CWMI data doesn't include Water required in Thermal power plants..Thermal power plants consume significant chunk of freshwater Not so exam worthy-UPSC isnt expected to frame question on water stress relation to thermal power plant, none the less, important fodder for water stress issue as a whole India steps up agrodiplomacy with China GS3 economic issues- quote it as positive effect of trade war for India-Opens up Chinese market for India Soya Bean,Sugar, Tea GST, a game changer reform for logistics sector GS3 Economic issues topic 1 eliminated the need for warehouse hubs across States --eliminated check posts across the nation and thereby waiting time, leading to at least 12 15% reduction in the turnaround time of trucks Better utilisation of assets like vehicles and warehouses will lead to efficiency and increased productivity thus lowering overall cost Digitisation of logistic sector '