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(In Hindi) 11 th November 2018 The Hindu DNA part 2
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

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  1. Cyclone alert sounded for Odisha fishermen (page 6) GS1 Physical geography of india and world Tropical cyclone +Bay of Bengal Very intense low pressure coriolis force guided by trade winds rotate anti clockwise 2.23 The formation of a tropical cyclone Eye-calm, clear sky 15000 m Eye wall Up to 250 km from centre Up to 250 k from centre aurface tentre ot Blend tradition with science to sustain fisheries pa GS3 Technological mission(Blue revolution) Scope-20 % agri export of India + India 2nd largest in world in fish production+10% world fish diversity Challenges-Shortage of quality fish seed Obsolete fishing vessel & net Lack of extension services and training + underdeveloped Supply chain+ Inadequate enviro attention Fishermen dispute(Sri Lanka) +Underdeveloped processing and canning Committees- Meena kumari(Deep water) Dileep Kumar(Inland) Govt steps- Mission Fingerling +Integrated development and management of fisheries(A CSS) National body set up to study rare form of diabetes (Prelims) National Monogenic Diabetes Study Group formed to identify cases of monogenic diabetes across the country.In monogenic diabetes ,mutation of single gene cause diabetes

  2. ISRO invites foreign riders, to Venus Would be 3rd interplanetary dash(ChandraYaan ,Mars) Track the news to get finer details in future when ISRO come out with more details and concrete plans. Asia Bibi, blasphemy victim page 12 Not so important, but a question in mains comparing religious communalism in India with rising orthodoxy elsewhere can be asked(GS1 communalism) Blasphemy laws in India-Indian Penal Code (IPC) does have a provision, that can be reasonably approximated to an anti-blasphemy law: Section 295A(MS Dhoni) of the IPC penalizes insulting the religion or religious beliefs of any class of citizens, if such insult is offered with the deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of that class. origins of Section 295A lie in the colonial period 295A vs Art 19 SC cases-In Ramji Lal Modi vs State of UP, 1957 SC uphled validity of Sec 295 A In Shreya Singhal vs Union of India, the Supreme Court held that only "incitement" to violence could be prohibited under the public order ground(Gradual erosion of public order ground) In Assam, another language flashpoint Tinsukia massacre - citizenship amendment bill 2016 related

  3. Orangutans Page 14 S & T prelims 3 Species in world-Sumatran Orangutan , Bornean Orangutan, Tapanuli Orangutan- Great Apes-Arboreal-All are Critically Endangered-Native to Malaysia and Indonesia-Only Orangutan in India is at Nandankanan Zoological Park AlIMS led team develops sensitive tests for pulmonary, pleural TB page 14 S & T prelims and Mains(GS2 Health) TB-Bacterial disease-Mycobacterium Tuberclosis +Communicble(air+water) For Mains.Focus on Why Tuberclosis a Health Emergency?(Data+Some facts about deadly nature of tuberclosis) + What has govt done?Are the steps adequate? If not what needs to be done?-Make notes on these aspects Some pointer- Govt eradication 2025 Doubling of govt budget +risk of MDR TB(Multi drug resistant)+ SDG 3 Is Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary safe for migratory birds? Point calimere wildlife sanctuary: Tamil Nadu Nagapattinam district along Palk Strait+Ramsar Site+ sandy coastal,saline swamps and thorn scrub forest+ Blackbuck+Greater Flamingos+an lBA(Important Bird Area)

  4. anglad India bans Reserved Forest Bhitarkanika Mangroves Chilike Lake tya nmar (Burma) fhailand Calimere Wildilife and Bird Sanctuary Ashtamudi Wetiand Annalwilundawa Tanks Sanctuary Pang Nga Bay Magine National Park S Lanka Krabi Estuary Had Chao Mai Marine National Park Maduganga Maldives

  5. Russia steps into Afghan Peace Efforts GS2 IR effect of policies of developed and developing countries on india+GS3 Internal Security Taliban met with member of Afghanistan's High Peace Council On Friday in a conference organised by Russian government in Moscow India also sent Non Official Representatives-Important as India previously had denied any talks with Taliban Only this much info important from mains point of views, so that if any question regarding Afghanistan stability comes we can quote this recent development +also highlights India's role in the same 1)Questions-India is an important stakeholder in Afghanistan Peace process. Discuss Do you think India sharing table with Taliban is a compromise of our principles? 2)Rising air pollution not only affects our health,but also has social ramifications.Examine 3) Define blue revolution, explain the problems and strategies for pisciculture development in India. GS1 UPSC 2018 (Ideally should be in GS3)