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27th January 2019 the hindu DNA
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
hello bhaia my teacher at my coaching told me that diel alder rxn has been removed from syllabus
Sachin Rana
2 years ago
A paragraph type question can always be asked.
Vishesh gupta
2 years ago
ok anyway it's a small and easy topic i have done it. there's a request that please upload the videos soon as many have to give boards
  1. 27th January 2019 O Winning battle with a wounded knee GS4 Former Chennai mayor M subramaniam knee gt shattered in accident in 2004, doctors advised him not to walk briskly, but today he will be participating in his 100th Marathorn .Use this as example in GS4 shows determination Never die atitude Idomitable spirit Courage Love for life Life without limits Gita Mehta(naveen patnaik sister) declines to accept Padma Shri GS4 avoiding conflict of interest ( election year, can be misunderstood) GS4 O"judges should be "keepers of law" and should not create laws"-SC justice Khanna(newly appointed, controversy) He also underscored three issues plaguing the judiciary: delays in the disposal of cases; high cost of litigation; and the "impression" among the public that to win cases falsehood is needed .

  2. O The lowdown on zearalenone in cereals Prelims Zearalenone A fungal toxin found in cereals Develop when cereals are grown or not dried fully after harvesting Effect on human health not so clear_+ But can cause endocrine imbalance potential crcinogenic Another dangerous fungal toxin- Aflatoxin Manual scavangers death in Delhi-Rampant despite law private contractors or residents' welfareassociations continue to hire labourersto clean drains and septic tanks as they fiOnd it cheaper and more convenien than renting machines, which are not readily available. Some solution -Technological solution for drainage cleaning(Septic tank cleaning) + Skill development of manual scavengers for other jobs Mechanised cleaning

  3. The Municipal model is broken GS1 urbanization Offidcially, about a third of India's population is urban but most contemporary estimates put the filgure at closer to half. But the combined expenditure of all urban local bodies in India, according to NITI Aayog, is Just 1% of the GDP Worse,these city administrations generate only 44% of their fi nances from their ownreven ue sources like properytax and user charges. The bulk of municipal expenditure (over 60%) goes towards paying wag es and salaries shortage of money is only part of the reason. Even where money is available, they have been unable to absorb it and execute plans. For instance, (AMRUT) funds infrastructure projects, but with one year left for the progra m me to meet its target, it has completed just 20% of th e projects utilising only 3% of the allocated funds doing away with guaranteed employment in municipal service, and having various civic service chiefs run directly for offi lce, as is the case in the U.S., might be a start levying marketrelated charges for things like water, road usage and parking is a start Above all, it needs a more aware citizenry, with a greater say in deciding how exactly its tax monies should be spent.

  4. O The Alwar Mewat Institute of Education and Development (AMIED) a CSO efforts improved basic facilities in govt schools in Alwar area model for other areas, smartclass approach India questions rush to declare climate change a security issue GS2 international institutions and GS3 environment .Relationship between climate risk and conflict is complex and potentially dangerous- So UNSC declared it as a security issue .But India,s stand: Unrepresentative UNSC, UNFCCC multilatralism undermined(Paris commitment more inclusive) The Sarus crane takes flight with people's help IUCN- Vu tallest flying bird in world + Red neck +India's only resident breeding crane +Omnivorous habitat is outside protected areas, in natural wetlands with low water depth