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(Hindi)13 November 2018 The Hindu DNA part 2
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
Nice session Sir
Nikhil Sharma
9 months ago
Thanku manoj
Hi! Was just revising last month current affairs with your great videos. Your source is very helpful for my revision. Can you tell me about your 260 page overall notes?
Mahesh Agarwal
10 months ago
Haan I have those
Mahesh Agarwal
10 months ago
wait...I will provide you the link for the same
Mahesh Agarwal
10 months ago
Arun Singh
10 months ago
Thanks man. These will help me organize my prep better. You doing a great work with the videos.
  1. Deny MSP to stubble burners:NGT page 7 GS3 Environment pollution Use as a suggestion to reduce stubble burning Stubble burning for mains dimension- Shat is stubble - why farmers burn it-effect of stubble burning on air pollution and land-also any positives of it- What needs to be done-govt efforts so far Dangerous tactics page 8 editorial GS3 linkages between development and spread of extremism Recent attacks suggest that Maoists are focussing on greater militarisatiorn Article doesn't have exam worthy content. Naxalism needs to be covered in a more structured manner .History of Naxalism(short as not that imp)-Linkage of development with naxalism-Naxal motive(Red corridor + overthrow of state+Jal jangal jameen)- .Reason for continuation of Naxalism(Development deficit+Enroachment of forest land+Tardy implementation of land reform +Seeing it only as a Law and Order issue+ Lack of coordination among states as well as among sevurity agencies + globalisation etc write yourslef) Govt steps(Samadhan + Greyhound surrender scheme +CRPF etc) What needed? Carrot and stick policy- Quote Modi- 'Trust emanating from development can end violence of any kind' Assignment- Source of Fundig for Naxalites Question-LWE is showing a downward trend,but still affects many parts of the country.Briefly explain Govt of India's approach to counter the challenge posed by LWE. UPSC GS3 2018

  2. Saudi whodunnit The global community must force Riyadh to shed more light on Khashoggi's murder page 8 Not so important, skip The usurpation of free speech page 8 Not important, Article focuses on rise of Far right in Britain One can prepare on general terms-'Rise of Right wing philosophy in the world' but UPSC isnt expected to ask on such divisive issues. Rather protectionism is important The reason for renaming places page 9 Already covered by me in previous lecture in a more rational manner..The article in question only gives a one side view demonising renaming as erasing muslim cultural identity( Apoorvanand tends to be left inclining,so be careful when reading his articles) A history we must confront page 9 More of an author's personal experience ,not needed

  3. Rafale deal not done in a hurry, says Centre page 10 More of Ball by ball commentary-not exam worthy- Rather make a note on Defence procurement policies in India-Are they good? How to curb corruption in Defence procurements? Idegenisation of defence equipments etc for GS 3 Internal security section Whistle-blowers' party in Mizoram fray page 11 GS 2 transparency and GS 4 transparency in governance Quote as an exmple of rising Whistleblowers activism in India Top election official, parties challenge Sirisena's move page 12 world section Ball by ball commentary IIP growth falters as inflation cools Prelims important page 13 Trend and basics about inflation and IIP components IIP-Index of Industrial Production-Help understand growth of different industrial sectors-Current base year for IIP-2011-12- Base year given value of 100-CSO releases-Published monthly-Core industries constitute 38 % in 11P-8 core industries: Coal + Crude Oil + Natural Gas + Electricty + Fertiliser + Refinery products Cement Steel IIP trend-Haphazard-sometimes decline-sometimes increase