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(Hindi) 15th November 2018 The Hindu DNA part 1
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
few states have official anthems/songs in India. That’s Karnataka: Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate Tamil Nadu: Tamiḻ Tāy Vālttu Andhra Pradesh: Maa Telugu Talliki Telangana: Jaya Jaya Hey Telangana Janani Jayakethanam Assam: O Mur Apunar Desh Odisha: Bande Utkala Janani Gujarat: Jai Jai Garavi Gujarat Apart from these 5 states, many other states have unofficial anthems or popular songs have become like anthems for those states like Vanji Bhumi for Kerala, which was originally the anthem for the Kingdom of Travancore and Jaya Maharashtra Maza for Maharashtra.
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
Thanks for such a detailed info...My motive of getting aspirants empowered is slowly but steadily seeing the light of the day.:)
Sir should we prepare notes from newspaper?
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
Yes should ..okey..i would
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
I would upload a video on my own notes .how I made it
thanks bro. plz continue this till next main :)
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
would surely try to
sir please explain in english
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
I would try to...from today if possible
  1. MYSELF MAHESH KUMAR AGARWAL B.Tech From IIT ISM Dhanbad .99.9 Percentile in CAT e Cleared SIDBI grade A e Cleared SSC CGL 2016 as GST inspector e Cleared UPSC Prelims thrice in 3 attempts

  2. 15th November 2018 GSAT-29 has a perfect launch page 1 prelims and mains GS3 space science High throughput communication satellite weighing 3423 Kgs , GSLV Mklll launch vehicle For prelims prepare difference between Geostationary ,Geosynchronous, Sun synchronous, Polar orbits Geosynchronous Orbits Axis Geostationary Angle of Inclination Polar Geostationary Geosynchronous

  3. Ladakh autonomous Hill development council (amendment) act 2018 addvertisement Under Sixth Schedule-So know about sixth schedule- whats proposed in amendment is not needed Kolkata exhibition to focus on migration page 3 prelims Bhumisparsh Mudra of Buddha Qn Lord Buddha's image is sometimes shown with the hand 'Bhumisparsha Mudra'. It symbolizes [A]Buddha's calling of the Earth to watch over Mara and to preven from disturbing his meditation [B]Buddha's calling of the Earth to witness his purity and chastity temptations of Mara [C]Buddha's reminder to his followers that they all arise from the finally dissolve into the Earth, and thus this life is transitory [D]Both the statements (a) and (b) are correct in this context Answer is B Gautama Budhdha used the Bhumisparsha gesture to summon the earth goddess, Sthavara , as witness to his attainment of Buddhahood. This gesture signifies the state of enlightenment after meditating under the Bodhi tree for four weeks and withstanding all

  4. Rabab- a string instrument introduced around 15-16th Century ad Sabarimala all set for pilgrim season page 5 As told in previous lecture skip Sabarimala as a ball by ball commentary news.Rather cover it as an issue of Art14,19 vs Art 25,26 and have a balanced view aligning with SC verdict Shorten Karnataka anthem: Parishat page 5 prelims Naada Geethe' name of anthemof Karnataka Other States having own national anthem-TN-Andhra -Telangana-Assam-Bihar-Odisha-Gujarat -Madhya Pradesh(Doubtful) find out others- State Anthems are not covered under Fundamental duties under Art 51A,Prevention of insult to natioanl honours act 1971 Free smartphones for women self help groups GS2 Role of NGO,SHGs Quote in SHG related questions to cite positive steps for promoting SHGs in India Also can quote that SHG need more fundamental reforms , Free mobile not the right long term solution Turn the page page 8 editorial On Srilanka Crisis Not needed-political nitpicking-nothing important for mains point of view-don't waste time reading and noting down

  5. A question of writ page 8 sabaimala issue GS2 Indian constitution- Fundamental Rights .Women (10-50) age excluded in Sabarimala temple.The exclusion was given legal sanction by Rule 3(b) of the Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship(Authorisation of Entry) Rules. 1965.lmportant imformation..Gives your answer specificity. What the concurring SC judges had to say . right of women (in the age bracket in question) to enter Sabarimala was guaranteed under .barring menstruating women from entering the shrine is violative of Article 17 (the Article 25(1) constitutional provision prohibiting untouchability ) What the dissenting judge Indu Alhotra had to say Issues of deep religious sentiments should not be ordinarily be interfered by the court Sabarimala shrine and the deity is protected by Article 25 of the Constitution of India and the religious practices cannot be solely tested on the basis of Article 14

  6. Full Disclosure page 8 GS3 Economic issues and Prelims Credit Rating industry issue- Why credit rating?-Patch info asymmetry-help make investor right decisions Encourage companies to perform better-Streamline investments-Help protect minority investors interest Issues faced-IL& FS crisis-Rating agencies failed to include liquidity situation in their ratings(So SEBI came out recently with strict disclosure requirements for credit rating agencies) What are these disclosures- A) inform investors about the liquidity situation of the companies they rate B) disclose their own historical rating track record by informing clients about how often their rating of an entity has changed over a period of time Other Issues- A) Conflict of Interest as currently we have 'Issuer Pay' model where the entity that issues the instrument also pays the ratings agency for its services . This has tremedous potential for biases B)credit rating market in India has high barriers to entry, which prevent competition that is vital to protecting the interests of investors Thus .structural reform in Credit Rating industry needed to bring in long lasting reforms

  7. Setting a proper diet plan page 8 Issues related to poverty and Hunger VVIP article- .India ranks 103 in Global hunger index quote in Mains Acc. to NFHS-16 the proportion of stunted (low height for age) children under five is significantly higher (38.4%) than global (22.9%) averages. Quote in Mains ,don't overkill two data is sufficient. Though article has other data also but too much data means you will not be able to remember all, can backfire Other important point in article- More economically faster growing state doesn't mean lesser malnutrition and stunting eg Gujarat . Reason is- lower diversity of food-Monoculture eg MP improved wheat production significantly, still one of highest rate of malnutrition-while Odisha has low Way Forward - .An inclusive and holistic approach, including controlling/regulating food price, strengthening the public distribution system (PDS) and income support policies for making food cheaper are important steps Expanding ICDS schemes and strengthening it in high malnutrition areas

  8. Bittersweet judgment -Rights debate in Northern Ireland ,USA and UK..not so important for UPSC point of view Question MCQ Which of the following statements are incorrect about Indian ocean naval symposium A) It was launched by Australia in 2008 B) Inaugural edition of IONS was held at New Delhi C) 10th Edition of IONS will be commenced in Kochi with theme'IONS as catalyst for Indian Ocean D) Its members include all countries of Indian ocean region 1)A,C,D 2)B,C,D 3)A,C 4) A,D Answer -1 Explanation launched By India- Theme IONS as catalyst for SAGAR Not all members eg-Yemen

  9. Consider the following about GSLV Mk3 A)lt is the heaviest rocket ever made by isro B)lt is a 4 stage heavy lift rocket C)lt is designed to carry satelites to Geostationary orbits 1)All correct 2)only A,C correct 3)only A,B correct 4) only A correct Answer 4 3 stage heavy lift rocket Geosyncronous transfer orbit