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(In Hindi) 10th November The Hindu detalied daily analysis part 1
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

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Pooja Rani
a year ago
:) Namaste
  1. MYSELF MAHESH KUMAR AGARWAL B.Tech From IIT ISM Dhanbad .99.9 Percentile in CAT e Cleared SIDBI grade A e Cleared SSC CGL 2016 as GST inspector e Cleared UPSC Prelims thrice in 3 attempts

  2. 10th November 2018 NHM confirms control of Zika Virus in Rajasthan ZIKA: Aedes agypti Mosquito Dengue and Chikungunya Also) First Identified in Uganda's Zika Forest Impact: MicroEncephaly and Guillian Barre Syndrome No Commercial Vaccine as of Yet M777 ultra light Howitzer page 5 Towed Artillery gun+25-30 Km range+USA made K9 Vajra T-Gun page 5 Self propelled Artillery Gun Max range 40 Km+ S.Korea-India partnership CBI eyes synergy with Art of Living' workshop GS4 page 5 Improve work culture+ motivate employees posiitve outlook + synergise energy India to export sugar to China page 5 India is the world's largest sugar producer

  3. No double jeopardy bar if there was no trial SC page 5 Prelims ,GS2 judiciary Article 20 (2) of the Constitution mandates that a person cannot be prosecuted or punished twice for the same offence. A fundamental right However, it does not extend to autrefois acquit, and so if a person is acquitted of a crime he can be retried. SC said that if an accused has not been tried at all and convicted or acquitted, the principles of double jeopardy cannot be invoked at all In Whose Name? Prelims(History of Karnavati) and Mains GS1 History,Society GS2 (Renaming Cities issue) A)Historically,area around Ahmedabad region called as Ashaval(11th Century) B)Chaulukya ruler Karna of Anhilwara (modern Patan) had waged a successful war against the Bhil king of Ashaval and established a city called Karnavati on the banks of the Sabarmati river. C)Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1411 A.D. Had laid the foundation of a new walled city near Karnavati and named it Ahmedabad after the four saints in the area by the name Ahmed. Renaming Cities issue Why renaming? Political benefit Historical assemblage anti colonial sentiments(Cawnpore to kanpur) +Establishing Cultural specificity Positive-Promote Cultural specificity Sense of pride and belongingness among residents Educates young's about historical perspectives(deep cultural roots)+Reduce political tensions Negative- Material cost of Renaming(Replacing official letterheads +Signages etc) Confusion Global place made after long time and hard work gets eroded + Divisive (if name change caters to a history and culture of particular community ignoring other's)

  4. Easing cabotage has not led to cut in coastal shipping rates NITI Aayog 3 year Action Agenda also recommended to ease cabotage to promote shipping in India FCCs(Foreign Cargo Carriers) have not passed even a part of the profit to Indian Customers. ota Cabotage is the transport of goods or passengers between two places in the same country by a transport operator from another country Credit growth at 5-year high Year on year credit growth was 14.6% as on October 26, the highest in five years Indicates improved business sentiment+Expect in growth Foundry industry expects growth to double in two years GS1 factors responsible for the location of primary, secondary, and tertiary sector industries in various parts of the world (including India) Indian foundry industry manufacturers metal cast components for applications in Auto, Tractor, Railways, Machine tools etc Major Foundry Clusters- Jamshedpur, Jalandhar, Chennai, Howrah,Pune,Batala,etc Locational factor-Closeness to Auto cluster or forward linkage industries +Electricity +Manpower +Raw material like scrap iron or sponge iron

  5. Questions- 1) Foundry industry in India are mostly located near auto clusters. Examine the reasons Also discuss what other factors determine the location of foundry industries 2) What do you understand by Cabotage? Easing Cabotage in Coastal Shipping hasn't been able to meet the objective of cheaper and efficient shipping,Examine. Also recommend some measures to develop coastal shipping in India 3) Renaming of cities in India has seen a splurge recently. Do you think such exercise are waste of taxpayer's money? Examine in light of the communal overtone some of such renaming casts