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(Hindi)16 th November 2018 The Hindu DNA part 2
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
thank you Ma'am...
Amita yadav
a year ago
if it's useful for you rate & review the course👍
Vikram Kumar
a year ago
ofcourse Ma'am very useful
All Correct
Mahesh Agarwal
a year ago
if your answer is for the bharat net MCQ.Then I am sorry,it's incorrect..Apart from BBNL ,BSNL is also implementing it.. other two statements are correct. If talking about Matua community MCQ.. it's only A correct for GSLV MCQ it's only A correct thanks for attempting
So Jao
a year ago
Thanks for the explanation :)
  1. On Separation Of power in India has slowly and gradually evolved to take shape of Judicial Over reach.Critically Analyse Sabarimala, and the quest for equality page 8 GS2 Fundamental Rights issues, Contitutional Underpinnings DY Chandra Chud-"Religion cannot be cover to deny women the right to worship." Quote in support of temple entry Rest of Artcile focus to critices Shashi Throor and Mrs Rao statements. You need to cover Sabarimala issue as I asked earlier ll also attach my own handwritten notes on the same in the last slides of this lecture Searching for an Elusive Peace page 8 GS 2 IR India and its neighbourhood Most part of article gives a historical overview if Afghanistan Situation and What were the policies of Stakeholder countries like USA,Pakistan ,Russia.These are not important from exam point of view. This article was like-Khoja Pahaar,Nikali chuhia. Only last paragraph was important.Author writes that India has supported Afghan led and Afghan owned' peace process, Has opposed talks with Taliban. India accepted very friendly by Afghani people-Social and economic assistance-So india need to be pragmatic to solve Afghan problem, and maintain good relations with Afghanistan

  2. Telecom Secretary. pulls up BSNL, BBNL over Bharat Net prelims and Mains GS 3 Infrastructure Though 1.15 lakhs gram panchayat connected to broad band, in 80-90 % gra mpanchat it is not functional Cite this as example to highlight shortcomings in Bharatnet or Digital India Bharat Net -Renamed version of National Optical Fibre Network-Target-Broadband to 2.5 lk Gram panchayat-Under Ministry Of communication Project funded by USOF(Universal Service Obligation Fund)-Bharat Broadband network Limited is implementing agency for optical fibre networklt is a project Of national Importance Fitch retains rating for India at 'BBB' page 13 GS3 Economic issues E.Survey 17-18 Lashed out at Crating agencies for not upgrading india's Sovereign Ratings.In this backdrop the recent ratings by Fitch which didn't nudged India's Sovereign ratings despite good economic scenario again brings rating agencies into limelight. For that issue make a short note on What is sovereign credit rating-Why India is not rated well-Is their any biases as survey had hinted? PM favours inclusive IndoPacific Page 10 GS2 IR india and neighbourhood 5 th East Asia Summit in Singapore "India is committed to a peaceful and prosperous

  3. East Asia Summit Leaders' summit in Naypyidaw, Myanmar on November 12-13 Russia South Korea Japan US China Vietnam Laos Cambodia Philippines India Myanmar Thailand Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Australia Brunei New Zealand Members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations Sources: Asean/Australia DFAT AFP

  4. India, China agree to expand military ties page 12 GS2 IR india and neighbourhood reln Cadets from Indian and Chinese military academies, as well midlevel officer will meet regularly- add this in ur Indo-china reln notes in convergences section Trade deficit widens to 17.13 bn dollar No need to go through such data from newspapers..when E.survey ill be out,more compressed nd crisp data will be there at one place.Note down from there. SuperEarth' found orbiting Sun's nearest single star page 18 Though looks important for prelims ,but UPSC hasn't asked such astronomy related questions..everyday a new planet is discovered,cost -benefit is low Shh...! S. Korea hushes for crucial examination GS4 moral and political attitude Extra ordinary measures like delaying flights, reshcuduling office timings to ease traffic in morning taken in South Korea so that exam takers don't get disturbed with noise and traffic..Link to moral attitude of the public towards education..How much anation values education

  5. Questions-Peace in Afghanistan has many direct and indirect benefits for india Discuss.Do you think India should be more assertive in its Afghan policy to bring about this elusive peace? MCQ Consider the following about Bharat Net project A)lt was previously known as National optical fibre network B)it is a part of Digital India mission C)Bharat net is being implemented only by Bharat broadband network Limited A)All correct B) Only b correct C) Only A correct D)A,B correct