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30th December 2018 The Hindu DNA part 1
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
Thanks for making innovation in your videos like adding question at end.
  1. 30th December 2018 Karnataka Assembly Secretary suspended GS2 Parliament Suspended for siphoning of funds allocated for legislative business .Quote this to exemplify the fact that parliament is not performing it function properly Or in questions like- Parliament is not only made up of elected representatives,but also of offices like parliament secretariat. This IPS officer lives on in the hearts of people GS4 Foundational values for civil services Madhukar shetty was IPS Chikamangaluru His efforts cleared enroachment of a rich planter- recovered land allotted to dalit families . . Effectively tackled Naxal problem a Himalayan griffon vulture Prelims IUCN- Not Threatened Diclofenac residues led to their decline+ Himalays and Tibetan plateau region

  2. O Farm loan waiver issue GS3 agricultural issues Arguments against loan waiver Majority of small and marginal farmers doesn't avail themselves of instiitutional loan, thus loan waiver doenst benefit them A NITI aayog study revealed that 75% of loans were used for consumption rather than meeting agricultural needs. loan waiver will become a periodical instrument for temporary relief Way forward As a shortterm measure, farmers need to be freed of the tyranny of the middlemen by reforming the rentseeking, antifarmer commission agent (arthiya) system. The indebtedness In the long run, there's an urgent need for integration of agriculture with industry.

  3. Connecting the dots with AI GS3 robotics, cyber systems Applications Healthcare-A nationwide uniform and centralised data deposition systemg.A person in village uploads image of his eye using smartphone, which can be analyzed by doctor from his clinic in a city and recommend solution. Agriculture-in predicting weather successfully such tools can help farmers monitor soil health, mine historical weather data including satellite imagery, predict the price of agricultural products and maintain supply chain efficiency Al has real potential to aid farmers in selecting the right animals for breeding and, thereby, increasing milk, egg, and meat production Bioplastics: the solution to India's plastic pollution woes?GS3 Synthesised from organic products like feedstocks Biodegradable when processed in bidegrading plants . But isssues- 3 times Costly Food vs fuel debate + not enough processing plants irn India to biodegrade these plastics O Thanjavur Dolls Prelims Terracotta dolls GI tagged Centre of gravity is concntrated at its bottom core to present a dance like continuous movement

  4. D When shipping industry set sail on smooth seas GS3 infrastructure policy interventions like amendment of Model Concession Agreement, revision of tariff guidelines and the various steps taken towards facilitating ease of doing business, India's major ports reported improved performance in terms of capacity addition and efficiency .Sagarmala project is progressing well Inland waterway- Multimodal terminal inaugurated in Varanasi Movement of vessels from kolkata to Varanasi started Cruise tourism boost- Mumbai to Goa .Port handling capacity almost doubled in 3 years .Port modernisation also saw hectic action. Under Project Unnati, global benchmarks were adopted to improve the efficiency and productivity in terms of key performing indicators (KPIs) for 12 major ports Issues-India logistics cost as a percentage of GDP is extremely high, 14% compared to advanced economies (Japan is 10%, U.S. is 9.5% and Germany 8%