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(Hindi) 30th November The Hindu DNA part 1
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

Unacademy user
topics are quiet clr through ur explntn..tysm sir
  1. 30th November 2018 Imran looks for fresh start page 1 Though the article might seem important from International relations point of view,it has nothing significant to note must read the article though because it can guide our own opinion towards foreign policy of india Report cards rankle teachers in Karnataka GS 2 issues relating to Education In KN, teachers will be rated on the basis of the performance of students in board exams.Use this as a reference case study to suggest reforms in education in India."(# Examples for mains) Lahore HC closer than Allahabad High Court page 3 Prelims High court formation procedure, number of high courts in India(24) and latest high court becomes important Tension eases at Ayyappa shrine page 5 Skip sabrimala articles if you already covered the women tempke entry issue in these dimension Arguments for temple entry Arguments against - Final conclusion(your view, but must not contradict SC views)

  2. ISRO puts 'Sharp Eye' into orbit page 7 prelims Hysis-Earth Observation satellite -India's first hyperspectral imaging satellite-well defined images that ca help to identify objects on earth more clearly-usage: Agriculture ,mining, forestry, coastal regulation , and possible anti terrorist operations MeToo: GoM may review law page 7 GSl role of womens GS2 vulnerable section of society .Sexual harasment act 2013(based on Vishakha guidelines) puts more onus on employer- Internal complaints committee is mandated to settle or persecute act of sexual harassment at workplace-But ICC has faults, many a time companies reluctant due to reputation issues-So independent tribunal sought(justice JS verma cimmiittee also suggested it) This can be used as a suggestion in reforming women security related laws in India when a question comes like . Qn Laws against sexual harassment in India are more of a tokenism than real teeth, critically examine

  3. Number theory page 8 editorial Not much for mains,mostly a political issue, However the conclusion given in the article that national GDP data are important for planning and comparison ,so must be apoliticised is important Walking the tightrope page 8 editorial GS2 effect of policies of developed and developing countries on India. Fodder points on India USA relation. India got Iran sanction waiver from USA .But USA wants Indian to buy more oil from didn't wanted to irk India Waiver on Chabahar:To counter china as well as USA see india as a positive multplier in Afghanistan.. Cool it page 8 GS1 geography natural disaster and climate change can be asked in GS3 also 153 billion man hours were lost in 2017 due to rising temperature-Lancet 75 billion manhour lost in India Link to climate change -use these facts to support urgent climate finance and more ambitious treaty than Paris

  4. Jaitley moots new federal bodies GS2 Copperative federalism Like GST , in Agri and healthcare to ensure coordination and eliminate duplication More plausible in health care The silence of law men', does more harm than the violence of lay men"-- Justice Kurian Joseph Govt. to move nearly half of Air India's 55,000cr. debt to SPV GS3 infrastructure Important, but until the detail is out, keep tracking