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(Hindi) 14th November The hindu DNA part 1
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Mahesh Agarwal
I am a B.Tech graduate from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.I have appeared for UPSC CSE thrice and cleared pre all the time.I have also cleared SSC CGL 20

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  1. MYSELF MAHESH KUMAR AGARWAL B.Tech From IIT ISM Dhanbad .99.9 Percentile in CAT e Cleared SIDBI grade A e Cleared SSC CGL 2016 as GST inspector e Cleared UPSC Prelims thrice in 3 attempts

  2. 14th November 2018 Is govt. crop insurance scheme losing steam page 1 Prelims and Mains GS3 agriculture More than 84 lakh farmers, which is around 15% of the total farmers insured in the first year of the Centre's ambitious Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana in 201617, withdrew themselves from the scheme in 2017-18 PMFBY- Comprehensive insurance coverage against crop loss- Replace MNAIS and NAIS-Also covers post harvest loss apart from yield loss-kharif + Rabi Horticulture covered--open to all farmers-Mandatory for loanee farmer-non mandatory for non loanee farmer No capping in premium and one premium rate on pan-India basis. It is 1.5%, 2% and 5% for all Rabi, Kharif and annual horticultural/ commercial crops, respectively--also covers the localized risks such as hailstorm, landslide, inundation etc.-no cap on Govt subsidy on insurance premium SC refuses to stay Sabarimala ruling page 1 Again ball by ball-learn to skip these kinda news-sabrimala issue important-make notes on anglesof article 19 ,art 14 vs art 25 art 26 Link to role of womens in GS1 society Sri Lanka court stays dissolution, snap elections Not needed, skip

  3. New index to check ease of doing agribusiness prelims page 7 States will be ranked on basis of their performance in encouraging agribusiness, especially with regard to marketing, land and governance reforms. Still to be out .Do it comprehensively when details out. NITI Aayog already brings out a Agricultural Marketing and Farm Friendly Reforms Index, rating States on their implementation of such reforms Avni: 'two chances to tranquillise missed page 7 Many candidates read and note down such news, but details not so important The incident can be quoted as mismanagement in Wildlife conservation and rising man animal conflict questions in Mains GS3 Dabholkar murder: CBI invokes UAPA page 7 Use this article only as a reminder that UAPA is an important anti terrorim and anti violence act, Rather note down important but simple UAPA provisions in your notes, Problem and shortcoming of the act for GS3 internal security and terrorism

  4. Four Corners page 8 editorial GS2 IR Policies of developed and developing countries Quad grouping- India, USA,Japan, Australia Quad is billed as four democracies with a shared objective to ensure and support a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. Grouping formed in 2007 post 2004 Tsunami with objective to better coordinate maritime capabilities for disaster situations But over the years focus shifting..Economic development of region-regional security- broader maritime cooperation-North South cooperation-Shared vision for the world Quote these in potential of Quad However still no common ground among the 4 member-USA see Quad as limiting to indian coasts,while India upto African coasts-countering Chinese top on USA agenda,while not so top on India,s-India reluctant to include Australia in Malabar military exercise India is not a traty member with any other Quad country could act as impediment . Quad needs to be done mostly from India's perspective in Inda pacific.Support India's point of view, Question may not be directly asked on Quad, however role of india in Indo-pacific is very likely Question- Though Quad members still face the challenge of defining the common agenda, the potential the grouping offer for the Indo pacific region is immense.Examine

  5. See Sri Lanka's national crisis for what it is page 8 GS 2 IR India and neighbourhood relations Aspirants might face difficulty comprehending the essence of the article from exam point of view. The artcile is important if writing for Srilankan Public service commission.But when it comes to UPSC,one should only focus on Effect on india of such events..And make a note of those important points only... Read the article twice and you would realise that you face difficulty in articulating fodder points for mains How should you make notes on these- A)Indo Sri lanka Relations .Points of convergences(trade-UNSC-Climate change-India support constitutional reforms in post war Srilanka) Points of divergences(China+Hambantota+Fishermen +Tamil +jaffna+trade agreement) Effect of recent political crisis in Srilanka on Indo -Srilanka reln-write on Rajpakshe is anti india+ Right wing+ Pro chinese+ Xenophopic-Wikramasinghe is pro India and more centrist Trade relation might take a hit-Risk of tamil nationslism rising again(Tamil nadu imp stakeholder) page 8 A meeting of OPEC and its allies in December will decide the future course of oil prices Ignore such oil market related news in your notes.can read for just awareness abiut how oil market function:s

  6. A reality check on cooperative federalism page 8 GS2 issues and challenges pertaining to federal structure Again a difficult article to articulate from exam point of view..Some important information can be quoted to support that cooperative federalism is slowly but steadiy increasing .From 1991 till 2016, there have been 32 instances of the exercise of art 356 compared to 92 instances in the preceding period Supreme court verdict in NCT of Delhi vs Union of India gently tilted the balance of executive power in favour of the Government of the NCT Delhi Real question raised in article is on GST. Central GST is shared among states as per FC recommwndation and not GST council as per ART 270(1A)..S cooperative fed eroded due to this anomaly. Use this info to suggest improvement in coop federalism or GST reform in India U.K., EU agree on Brexit agreement draft page 12 Skip such articles, Brexit ball by ball commentary not needed U.K. urged to give asylum to Asia Bibi page 12 GS4 ethics in internaltion relations Quote as an example to highlight how internation community comes forward with empathy for oppressed After IL&FS, SEBI tightens norms for raters page 13 Not so important from UPSC point of view,technical changes,maybe imp for SEBI grade A