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French revolution part-8(in hindi)
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Its discussion of French revolution. What was it. what was its impact etc

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Sunil Singh
History lecturer, Faced UPSC & State PSC interviews.

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  2. ABOUT ME Name- Sunil Kumar Singh JRF, Pursuing research in History Faced UPSC interview in 2015, and 20l6 Taught history for 3 years at University level Follow me at: htps:/

  3. FRENCH REVOLUTION . What was it When did it take place Factor & circumstances of revolution Social factor, Economic factor Role of monarchy Role of ideas, ideology&philosopher Progress of revolution . Consequences & Impact

  4. CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY (1789-92) Bitter struggle over this legal issue finally drove the deputies of the Third Estate to declare themselves the ational Assembly . They threatened to proceed, if necessary, without the other two orders. supported by many of the parish priests, aristocratic upper clergy among the church's deputies.

  5. SECOND PHASE REIGN OF TERROR (1792-94 The darkest period of the French Revolution- lasted from 1793 to 1794 National convention - various group - liberal, radical( Jacobins & Girondists) Robespierre led the National Convention and the Committee of Public Safety

  6. 3RD PHASE - THE DIRECTORY (1794-99) Period of governmental restructuring began, leading to the new Constitution of 1795 A group known as the Directory was formed. Though it had no legislative abilities, the Directory's abuse of power soon came to rival that of any of the tyrannous revolutionaries FranceN had faced.

  7. FOURTH PHASE 1799 ON e French armies- led by Napoleon Bonaparte, were making progress in nearly every direction. Napoleon's forces drove through Italy and reached as far as Egypt before facing a deflating defeat. Having received word of political upheavals in France, Napoleon returned to Paris.

  8. IMPACT On France- . With declaration of human right, the old France was destroyed Destruction of old social order- based on principle of equality Destruction of political order - monarchy to Napoleon Economic reorganisation French revolution spread liberation willingly & nationalism unwillingly in Europe

  9. IMPACT Country of progressive Ideals -Liberty, equality, Fraternity On Europe- Spread of progressive ideals - entered through Napoleon context Inspiration of liberation from ancient regime Libration movement play important role in unification of Germany & Italy Coming of the age of the middle class

  10. 7. No event as encompassing as the French Revolution occurs in an intellectual vacuum 8. The connection between the philosophers and the outbreak of the French Revolution (1789) is somewhat remote and indirect. 9. The French Revolution (1789) really achieved far less than what it intended to effect. Do you agree? 10. The French Revolution (1789) sought to remove both the religious and secular props of the existing social order. Elucidate 11. The French Revolution attacked privileges and not property