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American revolution part-5(in hindi)
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Its discussion of American revolution. What was it. What was the reason for it. What was the impact of this revolution etc

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Sunil Singh
History lecturer, Faced UPSC & State PSC interviews.

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kak, maaf aku ingin bertanya, kalau misalkan di ph. neto nya dia tarif pajaknya 25% berarti memang mencarinya harus bertahap dari yang 5% dulu? gak boleh kalau langsung 25% ?
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iya bertahap

  2. About Me Name- Sunil Kumar Singh JRF, Pursuing research in History Faced UPSC interview in 2015, and 2016 Taught History for 3 years at University level . Follow me at:

  3. American Revolution What was it America before Independence British Policy before 1763 (1756-63, seven year war) Reasons in nutshell British policy after 1763 - impact

  4. Steps to Revolution Each step moved us closer to war aration o independence The Stamp Act & The ston Massacre Tea Act The Proclamation The Sugararg f 1763 Townshend Acts e my re- 17631764 1765 1767 1770 1773 776 Colonial Responses do ontinen Congress Boston Committeeof Tea Paty Correspondence SMUGGLING More boycotts & 500 The Stamp Act Congress &Daughters of Libertyr lonists were Smuggling Sons of Liberty arv

  5. Impact Impact on Britain Inspiration for liberation movement Inspiration for political system

  6. Impact on Britain Lost heavily - in terms of colonies & prestige Political - Process of colonisation was checkec Rule of George third came to an end in England New policy towards colonies - political independence Some of the colonies were now given their own legislative assemblies, given responsible government

  7. Impact on Britain Economical Lost America, very good market for her goods Suffered a loss in trade & commerce National debt went up considerably This was amply compensated by the markets of India France got a market for her goods in new independent America

  8. Impact on Britain England realize -principle of free trade & Commercial monopoly were opposed fo each oiher New colonies granted the right to trade freely, freely passed laws to develop their own industries Method of imperial preference was adopted - brought the colonies to the mother country

  9. Inspiration for Liberal Movement Encouraged Ireland to raise her head against British imperialism - inspiration to Ireland to step up her national movement Great source of inspiration for French revolution French army participated in war of independence .soldiers influenced by the ideals of democracy & justice - they though

  10. Inspiration for Liberal Movement If they could fight for America why not for their own rights France had to raise loan - financial bankruptcy- this expedited the process of French revolution French, Dutch got some territories Also inspired the revolutionary movement in South America under the leadership of Simon Boliver

  11. Inspiration for Political System Its success strengthened the concept of natural rights throughout the Western world Furthered the Enlightenment rationalist critique of an old order built around hereditary monarchy and an established church. It was a precursor to the French Revolution, but it lacked the French Revolution's violence and chaoS because it had occurred in a society that was already fundamentally liberal