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Announcement - September 2018- The Hindu Editorial Course
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Subhodeep Das is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Subhodeep Das
VIT University graduate with Mechanical , Appeared in UPSC Mains with Geography Optional . 4+ yr. Teaching Experience

Unacademy user
sir 5 is correct but 26 mai 1st nd 3rd mai doubt hai...bcoz 3rd is more stable i thik huckle rule is applied
Abhishek mittal
4 months ago
listen to the solutions...i have explained it
Sonal Soni
4 months ago
i listen sir..
Sonal Soni
4 months ago
sir usme ans 3 option hona chahiye thaa i think
Sakshi Sharma
4 months ago
huckel rule to 1st aur 3rd dono m satisfied h... but here u can check it with no of resonating structures.. 1st one is having 7 resonating structures and 3rd one having 5... me too did the same question wrong but after having a look on ans I got my mistake...
Sonal Soni
4 months ago
okay I got it ... thanks
Sir When would we get Yojana lessons. Your lessons are really good Sir. Kindly help us with Yojana also
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